Hi guys! Hope you are having a good week. Did you enter Monday’s giveaway? Don’t forget :)

So I know it’s Wednesday but I’ve yet to blog about my weekend in Chicago… and it was a good one! So here we go. I booked my flight to Chicago awhile ago to visit my friend Bonnie. Bonnie and I actually went to high school together but we didn’t actually become friends until college. Bonnie went to Emerson for grad school, I was there for undergrad. Yup, two girls from Toronto end up at the same small school and become friends in Boston. Lesley wanted to come to Chicago too so she came. Oh: this weekend was the first time Bonnie and Les met. Now they’re besties. I doubt you cared about any of that.

Bonnie picked us up from the airport on Friday afternoon and we got settled before heading downtown to Navy Pier. The pier is adorable. Yes tourist-y but amazing views of the city and of course the water.

Amy Les Navy Pier

Amy Bonnie Navy Pier

Amy Navy Pier Insta

We walked around for a bit before having dinner at City Porch (on the pier). It was yummy, the service was questionable, the company was wonderful. I got the chicken BLT (sans the bun) add sweet potato fries. Always add sweet potato fries.

City Porch Dinner

Then we went on Bonnie’s favorite attraction… the ferris wheel! Sooo fun. Loved it.

Ferris Wheel

We capped off the evening with a fabulous Architecture Boat Tour. It was amazing to see the city at night and we learned so much. Our tour guide was super knowledgable and even sounded like Richard Gere… kinda looked like him too.

Boat Tour1

Boat Tour2

Gorgeous views.

We made a delicious breakfast on Saturday morning at Bonnie’s apartment: scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, watermelon, berries… perfection.

Saturday Breakfast

After breakfast, we hopped on the bus down Lakeshore Drive to Michigan Avenue. I couldn’t believe how BIG everything was. I felt tiny up against all of the huge buildings. I guess I didn’t expect Chicago to be that big. We walked down to Millenium Park to of course see the Bean! Really trippy. Really cool.

Amy Les Bean1

Les Bonnie Bean

Amy Wrigley Seats

Amy Les Bridge

After seeing a few sights, Les and Bonnie went to get deep dish pizza and I met Becky at Whole Foods - worked out perfectly. Yes, a blogger meet-up at Whole Foods is so cliche but Becky was kind enough to agree to it so I could shop for some “American products” I’ve been wanting to try.

Amy and Becky

We had a great time chatting, talking about marathon training – I know that if I lived in Chicago we’d run a lot and shop a lot together. I didn’t find everything I was looking for but did find Epic Bars (excited to try them!) and enjoyed a delish lunch from the hot bar.

Whole Foods Lunch

So great to meet you Becky :)

The rest of the day featured lots of shopping down Michigan Avenue. I didn’t buy anything… go me! Go budget!

For dinner, we got salads from Beezees.

Beezees Salad

But the real highlight was dessert.

Jeni's Ice Cream1

Jeni’s Ice Cream for a bit of a treat. I got “Brambleberry Crisp” on the top and “Brown Butter Almond Brittle” on the bottom. It was delicious. My stomach kinda hated me for it but oh well… so worth it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sunday started off with an insane brunch at Avec. I’m so glad my sister is a foodie.


Like insane. If you are going to Chicago: go to Avec (and Jeni’s) fo sho.

Les got the breakfast pizza and Bonnie got the french toast.


I got the butcher’s steak with leeks, kale and a fried egg plus a side of papas bravas (fried potatoes).



We walked on Southport Ave in the afternoon (really cute street!) and also met up with our cousins. Oh and remember that budget? Yeah, that didn’t happen as I did some damage at Athleta and found some really cute pieces at Francesca’s. Oops.

Amy Les Chicago   Amy Bonnie Chicago

Amy Les Wrigley

We were pretty exhausted and didn’t feel like doing much on our last night but hanging out. I somehow convinced Bonnie and Les that dinner at Whole Foods was a genius idea. Obvs it is so that’s what we did.

Whole Foods Dinner

Yum. Bonnie and Les also had round two at Jeni’s but I stuck to fruit from WF. 

Then it was off to the airport the next morning and back home.

Airport Breakfast

I didn’t workout and didn’t eat a ton of vegetables or grass-fed meat. I stayed up late and enjoyed every moment. I ate gluten, dairy and sugar. I’m alive, well and had a blast with two of my favorite people! And now I’m ready for some veggies, bowls of food and sweaty workouts.


Questions of the day…

Have you ever been to Chicago? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?! 



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I’m heading back to Toronto today after a fabulous weekend in Chicago – I’ll tell you all about it on Wednesday. But until then, how does a giveaway (and a quick chat about supplements) sound? Good? Yes I thought so too.

So I used to take a multi-vitamin everyday with breakfast. I didn’t really know much about vitamins or minerals back in the day, I just took it because I was too old for Flinstone chewables and thought I needed a little extra yabba-dabba-doo. Okay I’m totally kidding – I just thought popping a pill packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals was a good thing to do, ya know? And it is. But last year I looked at the ingredients list of my multi: hydrogenated oils, artificial colors… say what?! In my multi-VITAMIN. Little did I know that many commercial vitamins contain all this added junk: colorants for a more appealing look, coatings for easier swallowing. No thank you. So I ditched my multi and yup, you guessed it: got to learning.


I did some research online (which taught me a bit) but have since learned a tonnnnnn about vitamins, minerals and other supplements since beginning my program. I’ve already read hundreds of pages, studies, articles on the subject and to be honest it is the most challenging area for me: remembering the names, knowing the difference in functions and knowing how we put them into practice in our everyday lives. It’s confusing and a lot of information – but I love it nonetheless. Among many things, I have learned that legit vitamins (without any junk) do exist and I’m excited to partner up with Swanson Health Products today for a chance to get your hands on some legit goodies.

I think you know that I don’t undertake any changes (be it food, fitness or otherwise) without doing my research. I questioned the paleo diet; I questioned CrossFit; I questioned long distance running; the list can go on. So I took the same approach with incorporating vitamins, minerals and supplements into my life but have since incorporated all three.

Of course I aim to get everything I need from real food but with the processing of our food and our modern ways, nutrients are lost and I need a little extra help in order to feel and perform my best. More often than not, I believe the right kind of supplementation is a really beneficial thing.


Vitamins: I currently take a B complex (this one) at breakfast and dinner. B vitamins play an important role in our cell metabolism and many bodily functions. B vitamins are most abundant in animal products.

Minerals: I also take 30 mg of zinc (this one) in the morning and 270 mg of magnesium (this one) every evening before bed. Zinc is a trace mineral with many functions (athletic performance, skin, energy). Magnesium is a soothing mineral (helpful before bed) and also helps treat inflammation. I also use magnesium oil on my knees (darn running) and take baths in epsom salt (which is also a magnesium derivative) to keep inflammation down.

Supplements: I use protein powder in my post-workout smoothie almost daily - it has certainly helped with my muscle recovery and it is delicious. I also recently started taking 2 to 3 grams of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) pre and post workout. I believe the BCAAs (I take these) are further aiding in my muscle recovery, growth and repair. They are also a lot more practical (and budget friendly) than devouring a steak.


So that’s what I have been taking/doing at this point in time (it might change) and what I am doing might not work for you. Please consult with a practitioner before making changes in order to determine what works for you and your body. But when it comes time for you to buy some vitamins, minerals, supplements, natural body care products, essential oils, herbs… Swanson has got you covered!

To celebrate Swanson Health Products‘ 45th anniversary, they are offering one Little Honey Bee reader a $45 gift certificate to shop til ya drop – well, until you spend $45. Swanson features thousands of health products and the giveaway is open worldwide until Thursday evening. Please enter using the Rafflecopter below.

Good luck and I’ll announce the winner on Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to keep in touch with Swanson on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram for lots of sweet deals, recipe ideas and updates.




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Living at home is the new norm of this generation. You go away to college, graduate, and more often than not… return to the nest. Yup, it’s what I did. It’s what most of my friend’s did. There are pros and there are cons, but we learn to adjust and re-learn to live with each other. I’m very lucky that my parents are okay with me returning to the nest.

My family is also really supportive of my lifestyle. Whether they are waiting for me at the finish line, listening to me ramble about a WOD or trying hard not to roll their eyes as I make yet another mess in the kitchen… I am grateful for their support.

Bike tour

I can’t believe I have been back living at home for over a year. Craziness. When I moved off campus and began my “health kick” in my junior year, I started to figure out how the heck to buy groceries and then what to do with them. I kept it even more painfully simple than I do now: I chopped some veggies, made some chicken and ate a whole lot of 100-calorie-packs and Lean Cuisine dinners.

When I moved back home, I knew Mom and Dad weren’t going to be packing me lunches to take to work and I didn’t expect dinner to be on the table waiting for me when I got home. And I didn’t want that. Just as I was growing up, my kitchen endeavors and food philosophy needed to grow with me. Sure, Dad grills (and it’s delicious) but it’s “every man for themselves” in my house (The Hunger Games in a literal sense) and it is for the best. 

Amy Archery

I eat “differently” than my parents and they eat “differently” than me. As I said, we do enjoy some meals together but 90% of the time… I am Katniss. When I first moved home, I was eating lots of protein pancakes with “weird” ingredients while Mom preferred pancakes from the Aunt Jemima box. I ate tons of beans and veggies for dinner while Dad usually grilled rib-eyes. Now I eat tons of meat, but if it’s not grass-fed/antibiotic free/hormone free/yadda/yadda, I don’t eat what my Dad grills. Gosh, I say all this yet I still believe that I am not a food snob.

Do what works for you

So how does it work? We live in the same house, share the same kitchen space, fridge and pantry yet we do our own thing – while still all sitting down to enjoy meals together. This works for us. Sure, the kitchen gets a bit squishy (there are literally too many cooks in the kitchen), my tupperware takes over the fridge and I have my own space in the pantry… but it works because we are respectful of each other’s choices. Whether you are living with your parents, room-mates or a significant other, your eating habits may not be the same.

I don’t have a magical solution for you in your quest to figuring this out. It just sorta happens and falls into place – and it is something that I continue to work on. But my biggest piece of advice: focus on you. 

I haven’t always been a shining example of this.

Sometimes I lecture my dad on how bad canola oil is for you. Sometimes I give my sister “a look” when she eats something. Sometimes I get “angry” at my mom for eating crackers and jam for dinner… because she isn’t “nourishing her body.” Shut. Up. Amy. No-one asked you. These are their choices, not mine. Because you know what? More often than not, my dad eats a huge bowl of berries and shows me his bowl of fruit because he is proud. More often than not, my mom preps her veggies for the week and tells me how helpful it is. More often than not, Lesley sends me pictures of her delicious looking breakfasts – smoked salmon, avocado and strawberries… mmm.

Yes, everyone needs to find their own healthy balance and figure out what works for them. Of course I wish my family ate all organic, grass-fed, used coconut oil and ghee, but that’s not my place. I can only focus on me. More often than not, my habits rub off on the people around me without shoving it in their face.

What I am trying to say is that I truly believe that the best leaders lead by example. I want to be a good leader. I don’t want to be someone who imposes their thoughts and beliefs on someone else. If someone asks, tell. If they don’t… well sometimes you just gotta shut-up and let the ones you love live their lives.

Family in Jamaica

And I love them. Aren’t we cute? Awwww.

Lesley and I are heading to Chicago today… I obviously won’t be eating “my way” 100% of the time and that’s cool. I am pretty happy with how I balance my eating while traveling. I’ll be sure to fill you in on our adventures next week! But don’t miss a sweet giveaway happening on Monday… it’s open worldwide, yay!

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine and remember to focus on you. 


Questions of the day…

Do you live with other people? How do you handle your health choices? 


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I love going grocery shopping. Loooove it. There’s something about finding local produce, discovering a new product and coming home with a car-full of food… that I love. It’s probably because I love food. Have I said love enough? Okay good.

I oddly miss my grocery shopping experience (yes, it was an experience) when I was away at school and living on my own in Boston. I used my “granny cart” and dragged myself to Trader Joe’s for staples, Whole Foods (or the farmer’s market) for produce and Shaw’s for sales. My arm nearly felt like it was going to fall off pulling all that stuff and my toes froze in the winter but it was an activity I looked forward to every week. I wish I could say going grocery shopping in Toronto is as fun but it’s not. See, in Toronto there’s this whole thing called traffic. Which sucks. I don’t live close enough to where I shop to walk so I am constantly driving, getting better at parallel parking and filling up with gas. First world problems? Yes.

I shop at The Healthy Butcher, Coppa’s and Whole Foods – but I’m partial to The HB. I typically do one big grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday, and pick up extra bananas or something if/when I run out during the week. But sometimes my week is crazy and my weekend is crazier and finding time to get to the store is just not going to happen. Take-out? Fast-food? I don’t think so.

Real food please.

Amy Real Food Toronto box

That’s where Real Food Toronto comes in. I don’t even know how I discovered them but I am so glad I did: they source all of their food from The Healthy Butcher and then DELIVER IT TO YOUR DOOR. That’s right. To your door. For like 5 bucks. That’s right again. Not a billion dollars. That’s basically what I pay for parking and definitely for gas so there is no excuse for me not to eat real food. Organic, grass-fed, crap-free, delicious, real, food.

When RFT contacted me about collaborating for a real food recipe, I knew I wanted to do something summer-y. And since I am all about grillin’ as of late, the BBQ was my go-to. I am so glad I am not scared of the BBQ anymore (it’s only taken a year of learning from the grill master) but I am actually prettyyyy good now.

BBQ Beef and Veggie Skewers1

And kind of obsessed.

What I have learned about BBQ-ing: skewers aint easy. Nope. Why? Because everything on the skewer takes a different amount of time to cook. Sure you can put all of the meat on one skewer, all of the peppers on another and all of the zucchini on another… but then it’s not pretty. And food should be pretty. So you gotta be a bit patient and be okay with your onions getting a little more grilled so your zucchini can be perfect and your peppers being nicely grilled so your meat can cook through.

There are worse problems to have in the world. Again: first world problems.

BBQ Beef and Veggie Skewers3

Regardless of the varying cooking times, everything still turns out delicious. And that’s the hardest part of this recipe. The idea of marinading meat was annoying to me but it’s quite easy to do on a Sunday afternoon a few hours before dinner. It’s so worth it too: the meat is super juicy and the veggies taste delish. If you’re like me and have a tendency to overcook things (so I’ve been told) marinade is your best friend to maintain juicy-ness.

Ladies, get grillin. Fellas, grill for your ladies. And Prince Charming, come grill for me. Just kidding, I clearly don’t need you. If any man is going to grill for me, it will be the grill master.

BBQ Beef and Veggie Skewers4


BBQ Beef & Veggie Skewers

Ingredients (Makes 4 large skewers – 2 to 4 servings)

  • 1 lb grass-fed clodhammer steak (from Real Food Toronto!)
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp. oregano
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. paprika
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. chilli powder
  • wood or metal skewers (If using wood skewers, make sure to soak for at least 30 minutes in cold water before grilling).


1. Cut the steak into 1-inch thick cubes and set aside.

2. In a large bowl, combine olive oil, garlic and the spices.

3. Add steak pieces to the bowl, cover and allow to marinate for 4-5 hours.

4. Once the steak has marinated, cut your veggies to be around the same size as the meat. Cut the bell peppers and onion into squares; cut the zucchini into circular discs.

5. Next, add the cut veggies to the meat and marinade and mix to coat the veggies with the marinade.

6. Load up your skewers with the meat and veggies; alternating to your liking. Important: if you are using wooden skewers (rather than metal) be sure to soak them for at least 30 minutes in cold water before assembling.

7. Turn your grill on to high heat and once hot place your skewers on the grill.

8. Grill, turning every few minutes, until the meat is done to your liking. For medium-rare, cook for approx. 10-14 minutes. For medium, cook for 16-20 minutes.

9. Serve and enjoy!


I was compensated for this post but, as always, all opinions are my own. 


Questions of the day…

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? Do you go to more than one place? 

What’s your favorite thing to grill? Pineapples!


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Hi guys! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. In typical Monday fashion, I have lots to tell ya!

Firstly, let me tell you about CrossFit. Well actually this two minute video is going to tell you.



Did you watch it? I really hope you did. That’s what CrossFit is for me. As I’ve saidI don’t care if you don’t CrossFit. Find something you love to do and do it. Find your healthy and happy. Find your community. Find your happy place. Find your support system. Okay get the idea? Good. Mini-rant #3873847124783 about CrossFit over.

So anyways, as per the title of this post, I headed a few hours north of Toronto this weekend with the CrossFit Metric crew for Beach WOD – a CrossFit competition, yup you guessed it, on the beach.

After navigating through lots of Friday traffic, we got to the house we rented at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, claimed our rooms and got to cooking. A bunch of athletes after a few hours in the car = a hungry bunch. It was definitely a perk to spend the weekend with like-minded eaters. We all packed our own food (except I shared the cookies – thank for making them Les!). This is what I brought:

Food for Beach WOD

Bananas, baby carrots, grilled chicken [recipe], bison burgers, beef burgers, chocolate chip cookies [recipe], broccoli, avocados, hard boiled eggs [recipe], sweet potato [recipe], Larabars, a Chia Bar and a PocketFuel. Perfection.

We ate, hung out and got some sleep before Saturday’s competition… and my long run – I wasn’t competing, just being a good cheerleader and hanging with everyone! Oh and getting a tan.

Obstacle Course

Clean Complex

I should have brought my running shoes to the beach because the first WOD (which was the unannounced WOD) was a 5K run… darn!

5k Run

After the run, there were three WODs (workouts). One called “Bounce Balls Deep” with toes to bar, pull ups, dumb-bell snatches, an ox pull and burpees in the water.

Sean Pull Up

Chippy Ox Walk

Another WOD was an obstacle course with an under, over, balance beam and a rope climb.

Chippy rope climb

And finally a clean complex with double-unders then shoulder to overhead.

Sean killing it!

Sean Clean Complex

The day was gorgeous (maybe tooooo much sun) and watching all of the athletes was absolutely amazing. I totally wish I competed (there was an amateur division) so I definitely will be competing next year!

Amy Beach WOD

Sarah and I were really good cheerleaders and photographers… if I do say so myself! Oversized headbands = instantly good hair.

Sarah and Amy

My friends are kinda ripped…

Amy Michelle's Julian Sean Val

Amy and Chippy

Sarah Chippy Amy Val

It was a fabulously exhausting day. But it was the best kind of tired: laughing, sun, sweating, eating.

Now that’s love…

Julian Michelle Piggyback

Yesterday morning no-one felt like cooking… okay correction: no-one felt like cleaning so we went out for breakfast. I had a 3 egg veggie omelette with greens, hashbrowns and lots of ketchup. Oddly enough I like sweet potatoes better than regular potatoes but I looooove ketchup. Yes ketchup has sugar (for the person who called me out on Facebook). I eat it like never.


So that was the weekend. Oh and on the subject of food, here are some more good eats from last week… I think it’s safe to say I am slightlyyyyy obsessed with the BBQ. Don’t worry, I’ll share the love with a grillin’ recipe on Wednesday.


Chicken sausages, kale, zucchini and sweet potato (after my post-workout smoothie of course)

Chicken sausage zucc kale sweet potato

Beef, brussels sprouts, kale and salsa bowl with almond milk, banana and protein powder smoothie [recipe]

Beef bowl and smoothie


Leftover beef and veggie skewers (recipe on Wednesday!), grilled sweet potato, coleslaw, 1/2 an avocado and a pickle. Delish.

Beef skewer slaw avo sweet potato

Beef burger, hard boiled egg, broccoli, peppers, beets and an avocado

Beef burger lunch


Beef burger with grilled zucchini, sweet potato, coleslaw and avocado-salsa mash

Beef burger coleslaw and grilled veggies

Grilled chicken [recipe], zucchini, sweet potato and pineapple – plus avocado… because, always avocado. And always grill.

Grilled chicken dinner

Beef burger with coleslaw, grilled zucchini, sweet potato and a nectarine

Grill dinner


Apple and grain-free granola [fruit, nut and seed granola recipe] 

Apple and granola

Square of dark chocolate… this has been really perfect after dinner! My new go-to for my ever annoying sweet tooth.

Chocolate square

Let’s talk marathon training. Last week, was a heavy week of workouts. I’m sad to say that come August, I am cutting back to CrossFit 2x per week in order to best focus on marathon training. Ugh this makes me sad. But with 3 days per week of running, I’m tired. Check out this post from Amanda (another Saucony coach and Honolulu runner) about the plan Morganne and I are using. Keep reading and I’ll explain each day.



What do you get when you merge Fran and Annie? Death by WOD… aka Frannie.


Oh my.

I was determined to do double-unders no matter how long it took me so I did them. But I scaled the thrusters to 45lbs and obvs did my pull-ups with a band. It. Was. Hard.

Sean pushed the time cap to 21 minutes (it took us longer than he thought) so I finished in 19:49. Then collapsed.



Speed work + double-unders and pull-ups practice.

Sprints double unders pull ups

Tuesdays are designated as speed work days as part of our marathon training. Remember how I said I was feeling “slow”? Well incorporating sprints and tempo runs is an awesome way to work on this. I love that I am more muscular and can lift heavy-ish things, but the added mass has contributed to my slower pace.

I warmed up on the bike (we have one in our basement) and then did 3 x 1600 meter “sprints” with 800 meter “jogs” in-between each sprint. I actually did this around my block… it was a good make-shift track.

3.6 miles speed work

Then headed to the park to work on my double-unders and pull-ups. I did 5 rounds of: 15 double-unders + 10 pull-ups.




It was a heavy day with two WODs. First, a strength WOD:

Strength WOD

The complex was a good one and it was also good double-unders practice. My heaviest was 75lbs… and I was happy with that.


Rise and Shine

Death. By. Double. Unders. UGH.

I got through 1 round and then 19 RKBs swings and then 1 round and 28 KB clean and jerks. Total: 2 rounds, 47 reps. Yay Rx :)



5 miles.

5 miles

Thursdays are tempo run days. It’s a one mile warm-up then run at tempo pace and a one mile cool down. 





I stupidly did strict chin-ups for the first round and then started failing so I (of course) switched to banded pull-ups. Ugh it sucked and took forever. I got 5 shoulder-to-OH at 75 lbs. I’ve had better days.



(almost) 10 miles.

10 miles

I woke up superrrrr early before Beach WOD (read: 4:30am ON A SATURDAY) to get my weekend long run in. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I kinda miscalculated the distance so fell short 0.2 of a mile but no big deal. It got done.




Of course, our days are flexible. If I can’t do speed-work on Tuesday, I move it to Wednesday. Maybe I’m tired Saturday and do the long run on Sunday. It’s all about adjusting but still putting the work in, getting the miles up and of course listening to our bodies and resting when we need to.

And that is what has been going on with me!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday.


Questions of the day…

Have you ever watched a CrossFit competition? How do you schedule your workouts or training?  



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