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My name is Amy and I am the writer and nutritionist behind The Little Honey Bee. I am a former NCAA athlete, Twinkie eater and calorie counter. Now, I’m a Certified Holistic & Sports Nutritionist (C.H.N. & C.S.N.), CrossFit athlete, runner and real food advocate in Toronto, Canada.

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Nutrition along with exercise, sleep and stress management are essential for our health and athletic performance. I keep things simple, emphasize being prepared, sensibly balancing choices and doing the best that you can in order to live your happiest and healthiest life. I believe in fueling our bodies with real, nutrient-dense food (none of that chemical filled stuff).

Coming from the girl who ate Lucky Charms for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pizza for dinner and Twinkies for dessert… trust me: you can do it. I never thought I’d actually want to eat brussels sprouts instead of Oreos, but I do – and have never felt better! You can get to know me and read more about my journey to health here.

I hope that I can help in your journey to become your best and healthiest self – get started by contacting me here.

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Here are some resources to get you started:

Food Prep & Planning

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Prepping food on the weekend plays a major part in my ability to eat healthy during the week. Like you, I’m busy. But I don’t let life, travel or excuses get in the way of maintaining a healthy and happy life. Keep things simple, be prepared and start where you can, when you can and do the best you can. I prep ingredients for the week and make a flexible menu. I also make a flexible workout plan so I can fit it into my schedule.

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Travel & Being On-the-Go

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More often than not, we are on-the-go and don’t always have access to our fridge and pantry. I love to travel but I balance my food choices, prep food and plan ahead. Pack snacks and invest in some good Tupperware.

Check out these posts on eating well while you are traveling and on-the-go:

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Real Food Travel

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“Just eat real food.” Simple enough right? Well, it’s easier said than done. 

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More Tips

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