In a good and busy way, life has been flying by. Nothing really new to report (same old stuff) but all is well, happy and sweaty.






Spinning – 1 hour spin class




I love the class structure and programming at CrossFit Metric: warm-up, strength, WOD. Our warm-up today was mobility and stretching (lying leg swings, lunges, air-squats). Then we did 3×10 bench press and kettle-bell overhead squat.

And then the WOD was:

Darth Vader

I really need to get pull-ups. And string toes-to-bar together. Ugh. The struggle. Anyways, I used 75lbs and got 5 rounds + 2 thrusters and 10 clean & jerks.

I also am trying to start a weekly theme day at the gym: on Wednesdays we wear pink. “Oh my gosh Karen, you can’t just ask people if the even lift.” -Girls Gone WOD

Amy Wednesdays pink



4 miles + 5 x 200m sprints + 15 minute bike

Cortana 4s

I tried out my Cortana 4s for the first time – I think I like the 3s better but we will see.






16 miles (+20 minute bike + stretch + foam roll)

16 miles

So I slept through my alarm on Saturday morning. But no, extra sleep did not mean more energy. I was oddly not at all feeling this run – which is weird after having a really solid race last week. Anyways, I got ready and set out. It was an absolutely gorgeous day (maybe even too hot) but I am certainly not complaining.

I set out to do 18 miles but after 4 miles, I knew that wasn’t going to happen – I felt dead. Well my legs did. So I changed my plan (and route) based on how I was feeling. How spontaneous Amy! I know, I know.

Running is confusing. Last week, 15.5 miles felt easy and fast. This week, 16 miles felt impossible and slow. I really just was over the run and felt exhausted. I don’t even know why but it happens. Consistency not perfection.

Update on my running gear and running fuel: I bought this new little thingy and attached it to my SPIbelt to hold my baby food and it’s perfect. I had 2 pouches of baby food during this run which felt like the right amount. Funny story about the baby food. As I was paying for them at the brand new Whole Foods by my house (!!!!) the lady asked how old my kid was. Then thought I was quite odd for eating baby food while running. Whatevs.



Yoga – 75 minute hot Power Flow class.

After a hefty distance/feeling tired on Saturday and coaching all afternoon yesterday, I knew going to olympic lifting in the morning wasn’t a smart idea. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to yoga so off I went. Oh my gosh: it was friggin hot and hard. But felt really great afterwards.


Questions of the day…

What did you do this weekend? Do you ever have totally different workouts or runs?



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A few months ago, I stumbled down an Instagram rabbit-hole and discovered John Mack. I hit “follow” right away because his food photos were drool-worthy and his transformation was amazing. He followed me back, which I thought was so cool because he is totally an Instagram celebrity! Thanks to this crazy (and cool) social media world, we got to chatting. He inspired me to get creative in the kitchen, give bacon another try, continue to lift heavy things (and feel okay when my clothes no longer fit). I am so glad that we connected and I can’t wait for him to cook for me when I make a trip down to New England! Until then, I’m super happy that he is stopping by today to share his real food story.


Hi, it’s John Mack here of What Would John Mack Eat. I am a 31 year old Paleo blogger from Rhode Island. When I’m not cooking or eating Paleo food you can find me listening to music, crossfitting, riding my motorcycle, spending time with friends and family especially my three nephews,  having a cocktail or two and just trying to enjoy life. I also work on a tugboat for 3 weeks at a time and then I fly back to RI for 3 weeks. I have both arms covered in tattoos; and I am single ;)

So, why did you decide to change your lifestyle?

My lifestyle change started in December 2011 with a very heartfelt email from my good friend Ryan about the Paleo lifestyle.  In his email he went on to discuss how one of his co-workers lost a bunch of weight and felt amazing by following Paleo and reading the book “The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson.

I read the email but put it on the back burner until January 1, 2012 when I was sitting on the tugboat feeling very unhealthy.  I had been overweight my entire 28 years on this planet and it was finally breaking me down both mentally and physically.  I had high blood pressure, the gout, knee pain, back problems, and other various issues involved with being 372 pounds at the ripe age of 28.

I downloaded “The Primal Blueprint” on my Kindle that New Years day and started to read it.  Now when I read books, it takes me weeks and sometimes months, this book took two days.  Front to back I was hooked.  I dove right into the Paleo lifestyle that night at dinner with a NY strip steak and huge salad.  Its funny to think I will always remember that meal and always remember that email from my friend. I haven’t looked back to this day.

John Mack

How did you go about it at first?

My way of sticking to my lifestyle change was to download every Paleo book out there. My kindle was loaded with every Paleo book you can imagine, as well as some other books about eliminating wheat and grains from your diet.  I also found that researching the internet was huge help, if you have a question, chances are there is an answer on a Paleo website.  Joining Instagram as well was a huge help, I first joined to get ideas for meals then I figured it was a great way to hold myself accountable for my meals.

What was the biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle was giving up snacks like chips and crunchy things.  I used to love eating any and all kinds of chips out there.  I was never really a sweets guy, I was an eat all the salty foods guy.  The struggle came when I was bored and wanted to eat, so I would grab an apple or some almonds and snack on them.  It works trust me.

What was the best part or most successful aspect in your life about going Paleo?

The best part about going Paleo was the weight-loss.  Not only did losing weight change how I looked but it changed how I felt.  I would say 3 months into Paleo, my energy sky-rocketed, it has been high ever since.  Losing weight also helped lower my blood pressure, get rid of the gout, and take my knee pain away.  Another side-affect of losing weight was gaining confidence.  I am no longer the big-guy in the room or the guy who has to order clothes online, I can walk into any store and buy clothes that fit, for the most part, Victoria Secret is difficult to find clothes that fit :)

WWJME Transformation

Now what is your food and fitness philosophy?

I am still strict with my food philosophy.  I have been going strong with Paleo for just under 3 years.  I honestly don’t see myself ever not eating Paleo in the future, it just doesn’t make sense to me.  There are times where I miss certain foods but to be honest food tastes better to me now than it has in the past. As far as fitness goes, I go to CrossFit 4-5 per week and I am happy with the results so far.  I really enjoy the weight lifting aspect and building lean muscle. I just need to learn to love cardio and burpees.

Do you ever have something that is not “Paleo”?!

I haven’t strayed from Paleo yet.  No cheats.

What’s your favorite dish or meal to cook?

I really love littleneck clams, by far my favorite meal to cook.  Being from the Ocean State, the fresh seafood is amazing!  Oh yeeeeeeaa, how could I forget BACON…I LOVE BACON!


What advice would you give to someone wanting to make changes to their diet and life – maybe someone who is new to the paleo world?

My advice for someone wanting to make changes to their diet and lifestyle would be to keep it simple.  Don’t overthink things.  Don’t eat “Paleofied” versions of things i.e. brownies, cookies, pizzas, etc.. JUST EAT REAL FOOD!  It will come easy and be worth it in the end.  Remember, what you put in your body is fuel, so put the cleanest, realest food you can into your system. Your health and body will thank you!

Thank you LITTLEHONEYBEE! …and thank you John Mack!

Be sure to connect with John Mack on his blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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At the beginning of every week, I make a (flexible) workout schedule. Planning my workouts is imperative for my life (I’m busy) and my goals (training for a marathon). Every week is a little different based on how my body feels and what I need to accomplish. I knew I had a race on Saturday so I planned last week’s workouts accordingly. I wanted to ensure I was prepared yet still rested. I made sure to go to CrossFit at the beginning of the week, get a short run in, flush out my legs with a spin class, and take two rest days. Here’s what last week’s workouts looked like, a recap of Saturday’s race (plus a lifting PR!)



We warmed up before working on some snatch deadlift. I went really light – worked on my form.

Then the WOD was:


I love being able to do a workout Rx. I got 153 reps, which is the best score I’ve gotten for this workout! (I’ve done it twice before). Still need to work on stringing my toes-to-bar together…



4 miles + 7 x 200m sprints + 15 minute bike

4 miles and sprints






Spinning – 45 minute spin class.






RBC Run for the Kids 25K Race (15.5 miles).

The RBC Run for the Kids is a race supporting mental health and features a 5K, 15K and 25K race. The 15K and 25K race start-times were 7am so I got up at 5:15am to get ready, eat, etc. I had 2 hard-boiled eggs and a banana, wore a new top from Saucony (with a tank top underneath), leggings my shoes and all of my other running essentials. It was the perfect morning: clear and 14C (60-ish F). Mom dropped me off at the start line, I warmed up a bit and then we were off.

RBC Start Line

Since I have been training and thinking in miles, that’s how I paced myself and how I’ll recap this race (your welcome, Americans). I’ve said it a billion times: we just need one system. For reference: 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers.

Anyways, as usual, it took me a few miles to get into the run. For the first few miles, I stayed with the “2 hour and 15 minute” race pace bunny but then I couldn’t keep up. I thought that as long as I saw him ahead then I was in good shape – I know how to pace myself (thank you Garmin) but I like the extra motivation for a race and I wanted to finish in 2 hrs and 20 minutes.

I felt steady until about 8 miles – my legs felt like dead weight. But I pushed through and stayed on pace with this random man a bit ahead of me. When we got to the point when the 15K-ers turned right and the 25K-ers went straight, I really wanted to turn right haha. But I went straight and trucked on. I got a bit of a boost when I saw the pace bunny at 11 miles and realized I was only a few minutes behind. Yay! After the turn-around point there was a big, windy hill that wasn’t very fun. Once I got through the hill, I caught a second wind at 13 miles and started passing peeps – I love that feeling. At the last mile, I picked up my pace.

RBC 25K Time

I finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes – a time I am really happy about and proud of! I get into trouble in my head when I focus too much on my time and speed but I feel like I am in a really good place with that right now: I simply want to do the best that I can. I felt fast and strong during this race. This was also a new distance record for me – I’ve run 14 miles twice before but never this far. As Nicole says: run fast, lift heavy. Yup, I couldn’t agree more!

Amy RBC 25K Race

Once I finally found my mom, I neeeeeeeded electrolytes and food in a bad way. Coconut water, smoothie, a big bowl of turkey, kale and salsa plus a massive sweet potato hit the spot to re-fuel. I cooled down on the bike in the basement, showered, iced my knee (yay for feeling good), watched friends compete in a CrossFit comp, ate, got a pedicure with a friend, ate more, slept. Good day.


I have surprisingly not been that tired or sore on Sundays after a long run so I’ve been consistently going to olympic lifting – also because I love it now.

Yesterday we worked to find our 1 rep match for our snatch and clean and jerk:

Snatch – 55lbs

Clean & Jerk – 85lbs (10 lb PR!)

Then I did the CrossFit foundations class with two friends who were trying out CrossFit. The WOD was:

Sunday Foundations

I used 15lbs for the DB thrusters and subbed 8 “negatives” for the pull-ups – finished in 11:17

After a pretty intense weekend, I am taking a well deserved and necessary rest day today :)

Also, I won’t be posting on Wednesday as I am celebrating Rosh Hashanah with my family. Have a great week (Shana Tova to those celebrating) and speak to you on Friday!


Questions of the day…

Did you race or compete this weekend? Are you working out or resting today?   


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Running seems simple enough: put your shoes on and go. That’s basically why I started running in the first place – I didn’t want to sit on my butt and it’s an easy way to stay active, push yourself and get lost in your thoughts. When I started to race and run longer distances, I realized that you needed more than just shoes. I try to keep it simple but yes: you do need some running gear and stuff. I wrote this post before my first half about all of my goodies but an update is in order since I’m in MARATHON mode now. Woah.

I am by no means an expert and still have a bunch of things to figure out before my marathon (it’s not until December 14th) but this is what I’m using/doing thus far. Hope it helps in your running endeavors – I’d love to hear any tips and running gear/gadgets that you use and love!

Amy Goodlife Half Action Shot - May 2014 copy


I have really fallen in love with Saucony shoes – and no, not just because they are sent to me free of charge. They are seriously a great shoe! I love running in the Cortana 3s: they are super comfortable, pretty but best of all light and supportive. I highly recommend these running shoes – I just got the Cortana 4s so I will be giving those a try soon.


I like to do speed work (or sometimes CrossFit-style workouts) in the Kinvara 5s. I loooove how these shoes look but the heel is a bit thick and I’m not a huge fan of that for longer distances.

Sprints double unders pull ups


I use the Garmin Forerunner 15 to track my distance, time, etc. I really like it. Not only is it pretty, but it is smart. You can read more about my thoughts about the Forerunner 15 here. But the gist is: turn the watch on, click the running button, wait for it to find my location, click the running button again, run. I really only care about my distance (okay and my time a little) and this watch is perfect for that. It has many other features but I rarely use them.

14 miles


I LOVE my SPIbelt – it’s basically a cute fanny pack (I may or may not wear it run errands too). I keep my iPhone and fuel in it while I’m running and strap it right underneath my sports-bra – it doesn’t bounce around and I hate things around my waist when I run. I actually wish it was a bit bigger so I am looking into getting the “plus size SPIbelt” so things aren’t as squishy.


[Image source]


Tunes, Headphones & Podcasts

As I said, I almost always run with my phone. I don’t always run with it for shorter runs, but for safety and because I get bored running alone for so long… I take it. I just use the Apple ear-bud headphones that came with the phone – they work totally fine for me.

I have a random bunch of songs that need to be updated but as you can see below (and from this post) I like teeny-bopper music. Otherwise, these podcasts get me through my long runs:

Amy's Running Playlist


My fuel criteria is as follows: 1) no stomach problems; 2) easy to consume/carry; 3) enough nutrition; 4) real food. The ingredients list on most gels are not okay with me. I first started fueling my long runs with dried cranberries but I didn’t feel it was “enough” and it was kind of a hassle to eat. Then I discovered these awesome Baby Gourmet pouches. I totally love the harvest pear, pumpkin and banana flavor and it hit all my criteria: no tummy ache; super easy to eat and carry in my SPIbelt; provided me with a steady source of sugar and carb; yup, totally real food.

I think fueling is going to be a constant experiment but I am so far really happy with my baby food. Morganne sent me some Pocket Fuel Naturals to try – my only concern is the nuts in them and how I might react so we will see.

I fuel for runs longer than 13 miles. 

Baby food


At this point, I have been using this arm water bottle (or stopping at Starbucks). It only holds about seven ounces but I don’t drink that much water while I run (I guzzle when I get home). I do a mixture of regular water and coconut water and take small sips when I get thirsty. I’ve tried around the waist water thingy but hated it. I might just take this and rely on water stations during the marathon – not 100% sure yet.

I bring hydration with me for runs longer than 6 miles. 

Water bottle

[Image source]


With the colder temps unfortunately upon us, warm clothes are a must. I love running in all the Under Armour cold gear tights and tops. Gloves and headbands (or hats) or also imperative – I have some on the way from Saucony.

Otherwise my favorite running (and workout) gear is from Lululemon and Athleta. Honestly, it is worth the investment. I like to buy a few more expensive, higher quality staple items rather than a billion cheaper items that won’t last as long. From Lulu I love the wunder under pants, run swiftly tech long sleeve, race your pace 1/2 zip and power y tank. Athleta is overall awesome and fits great – especially their tanks and spandex booty shorts.

I also can’t forget about my favorite headband: Sweatybands. They are the only headband that I have found stays in place. I love my black one – I need more.

In Hawaii, I won’t need to wear gloves or a hat (thank goodness). I will likely run the marathon in a pair of Saucony spandex shorts, a Lulu power y tank and a long sleeve I “don’t care about” because I’ll toss it when I get too warm.

Lulu bag


I have been avoiding running in the dark (aka super early morning runs) but when I do, I wear two of these reflective snap bands (one on my arm, one on my leg) praying cars will see me.


[Image source]

So that’s where I’m at with my running gear and other stuff. If things change, or if I discover new awesome gear, I’ll let you know. But, as always, if you have any questions… just ask!

I’m running a 25K Race (the RBC Run for the Kids) tomorrow, which translates to about 15.5 miles… aka my longest run yet. Eek! Here we go… have a great weekend!


Questions of the day…

What shoes do you run in? Favorite gear? 


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If you aren’t sick of me, I thought it would be fun to do a day in my life post. I love creeping on other people’s days (and what they eat) so maybe you’re the same?!

Here’s a look at my day yesterday… ps. thank you for all of your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post!


6:00am: Wake-up, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, splash water on face, drink water, put on running clothes.

6:30am: Eat a hard-boiled egg and drink some more water.

Hard boiled egg

6:45am: 4 mile run + sprints

4 miles and sprints

7:30am: Ride bike in basement.

7:50am: Make and drink post-workout smoothie (1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup coconut water, 1 banana, 2 tbsp protein powder) and work on the Jumble… the last word stumped me.

Smoothie and jumble

8:00am: Take 3g of BCAAs, vitamins, shower and get dressed for the day.

8:30am: Get in the car and drive to doctor’s appt.

9:15am: At the doctor for a knee check-up – things look great!

9:45am: Buy salmon for dinner.

10am: Stop by Mom’s office for a quick visit and to eat some breakfast: chicken breast (just made it in a pan with coconut oil, salt, pepper and paprika) and steamed broccoli.

Chicken and broccoli

10:30am: Catch up on some work and coaching emails.

11:15am: Start studying. I’m working on my vegetarian nutrition course (specifically a chapter on soy protein and soy foods) and eat a snack: a hard-boiled egg with mashed avocado and some pepper slices.

Vegetarian nutrition and snack

1:30pm: Make and eat lunch: ground beef, spaghetti squash, brussels sprouts, kale and tomato sauce. Typical bowl of food… eaten while watching some Breaking Bad.

Beef bowl lunch

2:00pm: Finish soy chapter and complete lesson test.

3:00pm: Basketball practice for my high school team. I put in our man-to-man offense… thrilling, I know.

5:30pm: Home to shower and change clothes/get ready & make and eat dinner: easy baked salmon [recipe] and oven-roasted asparagus (just roasted in olive oil and pepper for about 20 minutes at 400F).

Salmon and asparagus

7:30pm: Celebratory banquet with the team I coached this summer. Love my girls.

9:30pm: Get home, put on PJs, watch Amazing Race Canada with mom and Grandma, eat a sweet potato and drink some tea.

Sweet potato and Amazing Race

10:20pm: Eat an apple.

10:45pm: Brush teeth, wash face, go to the bathroom, take magnesium. Read a few pages of “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”, finish this blog post and go to sleep.

Breaking the vivious cycle


Questions of the day…

Do you enjoy these posts too or should I just stick to the “what I ate” posts?

What did you do yesterday?


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