Amy Sherman is a Certified Holistic & Sports Nutritionist and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in Toronto, Canada.

Amy provides individual and group consulting and training as well as a highly popular meal service.

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Amy’s Story (in her own words)

It wasn’t too long ago that my breakfast was a bowl of Lucky Charms, lunch was a plate of pasta and dinner was a few slices of pizza followed by a row of Oreos while watching TV. It was a good thing I was active, playing basketball at Emerson College in Boston, because my diet was far from healthy. The endless selection of fast food and convenient options on campus had me frequenting the pasta bar more often than the salad bar and drinking more beer than water. The pounds started to creep up and my health started to inch down.

Little Amy Dad bball

Once I moved off-campus and into my first apartment, I started going grocery shopping, cooking for myself and learning a lot more about food and nutrition. I started making some better choices (thumbs up for fruits and veggies!) but found it difficult to navigate the media messaging about what we should be eating. I ate more real, whole foods but was also eating a lot of “diet and health food”: 100 calorie packs, frozen dinners, protein bars, and fat-free everything. I started counting my calories and stopped eating meat. Even though I was losing weight, I did not have a positive relationship with food and my body.

Amy bball 2013-2

I graduated with a B.Sc. in Communications & Journalism and a newfound passion for nutrition and fitness. I moved back to Toronto and began navigating my life in the “real world” – working a few jobs and also writing my blog to share my experiences in living a healthier life.

I ate a mainly plant-based diet and fell in love with running but was still blinded by conventional wisdom: eat less, low calorie foods, do lots of cardio, fit into the skinniest jeans, meat will give you heart disease, salt is bad for you, cholesterol will kill you. Well, that wasn’t working: I lost more weight, had bad skin, digestive issues, developed many food sensitivities and hurt my knee as I was training for my first half-marathon.

So, it was time to make some changes.

I began reading, researching, learning (and ultimately going back to school) to better understand food and our bodies. I started eating (properly raised) meat, eggs (the yolks!) and fat. I picked up a barbell and lifted some weights (and I’m not bulky). I began to take ‘rest days’ when I was tired and sleep-in!

Through eating and loving real food (you know, the food that’s always been food… none of that chemical filled stuff), training smart, sleeping more and stressing less, I have regained my health and so much happiness.

I love to cook simple and delicious meals (bowls of food for the win), run (one marathon in the books), go to CrossFit (squats are my thing), do yoga (pigeon pose is my fave) and travel the world!



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