How to Find Workout Motivation (While Injured)

After I broke my wrist (thank you for your kind words), I did not do anything active for two full weeks. I was in pain and knew that my body needed down time in order to heal properly. But I also knew that there was no way that I would stop being active. No way.

I of course spoke with my doctors about what I should definitely not be doing (and urge you to do the same as I am NOT a doctor) but did want to share what worked for me to stay motivated to move my body in the ways that I could in order to make me feel good.

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Focus on what you CAN do.

There are almost always alternative ways to exercise your body when faced with an injury. Bad knees from running? Perhaps cycling might work. Shoulder injury? Box jumps might do.

I knew that with this injury my focus would have to be my lower body (and maybe my left arm sometimes) and core so I then made a list of a bunch of exercises: air dyne, lunges, squats, pistols, core work, box jumps, step-ups one-armed kettlebell swings, deadlifts, presses – that’s what I could work with!

Sure these same things got a little boring but I varied the rep scheme, added some weight and strengthened these areas to the best of my ability.

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Listen to your body.

At times I set out with a workout plan and it just didn’t feel good or quite “right” so I backed off and adjusted. Injury and injury recovery is certainly not a time to “push it.” As much as I wanted to sweat more and be more active, and you might want to, acknowledging the body’s cues is so important. It is just not worth risking worsening an injury (or creating another) just to do something for your ego.

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Celebrate ALL of your improvements and achievements.

Increase your dumb-bell weight? Amazing. Do something a little faster? Awesome. Celebrate it all. Even the little things that would seem so insignificant without an injury.

Tying my shoes on my own was a celebration. Putting up my own hair was another celebration. Finally running on a treadmill with no pain was the greatest celebration!

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Focus on yourself BUT surround yourself with others.

It’s not easy to look around and see other people doing stuff you wish you could be doing. But by focussing on your own workouts, achievements and goals coupled with the support of people around you truly makes a world of difference.

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Wear workout gear that makes you feel awesome. 

You guys already know that I am a confessed workout-clothes-a-holic. And when you are down is probably the most important time as any to wear clothes that fit and flatter you because they have the ability to make you feel confident and wonderful!

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Here I chose a SuperDry Sport jacket and leggings with fun splashes of neon.

I can’t wait to ditch this splint to put both hands in the thumb holes!

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Disclaimer: I was provided SuperDry Sport products free of charge. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

5 thoughts on “How to Find Workout Motivation (While Injured)

  1. Hope your recovery is going well! I had knee surgery in the fall and it forced me to take time off, which was really hard for me, but I learned how to listen to my body and understand how much is too much–definitely helped in the long run! I also got a pretty strong core because I felt like ab exercised where the only things I could do–always gotta find the silver lining!

  2. Working out whilst injured is so tough. I dealt with IT band issues for quite a lot of last year and at times I was so frustrated at it all. Whilst I could do other things (and needed to to get my blood flowing as I was also dealing with circulation issues!), sometimes I felt like calling it quits altogether because I was too focused on what I COULDN’T do than what I could do. I wanted to run and walk and hike – not ride the stationary bike that I found so ridiculously boring…. but I sucked it up, learnt that I could use my bike time to catch up on the tv/movies Jesse didn’t want to watch AND now I actually include bike time within my regular workouts as it’s a good way to break things up!

  3. Amy, I know you know, but I am super proud of how you have handled all of this with so much grace especially when movement is such a huge part of your life. These are great tips for anyone who is struggling with an injury at the moment. :)

  4. This must be so hard for you! Great job for handling it the way you are. I know it’s so hard to love one type of workout and be forced to think outside the box, especially when you’re used to getting specific results from your workouts. Focusing on what you CAN do is definitely #1!

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