Eating Out: Toronto Restaurants Part 1

While I enjoy the comfort of my own kitchen, I love trying new restaurants and places to eat. I have a big list on my computer, by city, of all the restaurants I’ve tried and want to try. It’s fun, social and nice to have someone else cook!

The majority of the time, I maintain my food philosophy when dining out because it is not hard to do and, for me, is delicious and makes me feel good. Way back when, I wrote a blog post called “How Not to Be a Food Snob” (aka how to maintain your food choices and philosophy without people hating you) but the gist of how I eat out is this:

  • Know the foods that I most often want to avoid (the foods that make me feel crappy)
  • Ask a few questions
  • If necessary, make a few substitutions
  • Make the best choices that I can and not strive for perfection

Toronto is a huge city with many diverse cuisines. I have many more spots to tick off my list but wanted to share some of my favorites in the hope that these restaurants and choices help you enjoy eating out too! (I genuinely enjoy each of these places and in no way am being paid  to write this).

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Bareburger – Arguably my favorite spot in the city because it has incredible versions of some of my favorite things: pickles, burgers and sweet potato fries. All organic and meats are grass-fed/pastured raised/organic. There are options for all: vegan, paleo, gluten free…

The burger wrapped in collard greens is absolutely delish. The sweet ‘tater fries cannot be passed up.

Psst… Bareburger has many locations worldwide!

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Tabule – A great mid-town (and downtown spot) for Mediterranean/Middle Eastern fare of quality meats and fresh ingredients. Gluten free options are also identified.

I typically go for the chicken or beef with veggies – and if I’m really hungry, the flash fried cauliflower.

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Flock – A quick spot for juicy rotisserie chicken (hormone and antibiotic free) and greens.  The options are endless and they are very accommodating to “make your own.” One of my go-to’s when I am running around downtown and need food ASAP.

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Wilbur Mexicana – Fun, quick place on King Street for delicious Mexican. There is a huge salsa bar to top your meal with.

I got the “Cali Bowl” (steak, sweet potato, lettuce, rice, no cheese) and added lots of pineapple salsa and a side of guac.

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Miss Thing’s – “A pan-Asian, Polynesian-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar”… with delicious food and even better drinks.

There aren’t a ton of allergy friendly options but just get the “Loco Moco”:  flank steak, coconut rice, leeks, mushrooms, topped with fried duck egg.  Just do it.

Oh and then get the drink “Adrian Made Me Do It” because it’s incredible.

Miss Thing's Loco Moco

Miss Thing's Drink

La Cubana – Cuban food.

I got the achiote roasted chicken with slaw and tostones (no beans). Not gonna lie, I think the oil used did not sit right but it was worth it.

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Bang Bang Ice Cream – Really no explanation required other than that it is worth the wait. There are plentyyyy of gluten-filled cookies and dairy-filled ice-creams but there are always gluten free and vegan options that are amazing.

I go for the classic gluten free and vegan cookie with coconut milk based ice-cream… I totally forget the flavors but I’ve had a few and all are amazing.

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Sweet Jesus – Continuing on the ice-cream theme… Sweet Jesus is the new “it” ice-cream shop. You can really do some damage here but I’m pretty sure my stomach could not handle that so I stuck with an almond milk based frozen yogurt: pumpkin spice.

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Bunner’s Bake Shop – Go here now. Totally vegan and gluten free and 100% delicious.

You’re welcome.

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Toronto readers – what are some of your favorites?! 

Wherever you are from – what restaurant should I go to in your city?!

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