Heal Your Gut: Introducing Sprouted

I absolutely love sharing awesome things with you guys on my little corner of the web and hearing that it has helped or bettered you in some way! It was so great to receive messages and feedback that you picked up your own boxes of Natural Delights’ date rolls and are enjoying them as a sweet treat too.

Today, I’m excited to tell you about a wonderful Toronto-based company (sorry international readers!) called Sprouted.


A few weeks ago the founder of Sprouted (the lovely, super smart and talented, Sonya) reached out and introduced me to the work that she is doing here in the city. She started this special meal delivery service to share the benefits of cultured and probiotic foods and to make them easily accessible in order to help others reclaim their health (just like she did).

Okay, so what the heck are cultured and probiotic foods and how can they help YOU and YOUR health?

Well I am not going to get too detailed (you can check out this article and this article for more information) but in short there are trillions of micro-organisms in our intestines and in our body. These “friendly bacteria” actually protect our health and we can help them do so by eating certain foods that nourish them.

Fermented foods (the umbrella term of cultured and probiotic) contain live cultures that add healthy microbes to our intestines. They increase the numbers of beneficial bacteria in our gut as well as reduce the number of harmful bacteria.

Some fermented foods/drinks: sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, water kefir, kombucha.

Here’s where Sprouted comes in: their meals encompass organic cultured foods that are delicious, nutrient packed and support optimal health… and are vegan and gluten free to boot!


I enjoyed the Pad Thai cultured meal and the Fresh & So Green probiotic smoothie.

The Pad Thai was a mix of zucchini, beet, carrot and konaberry kelp noodles topped with avocado, red peppers, spring onion, cilantro, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a creamy pad thai sauce and kimchi. I had never tried konaberry kelp noodles or really recognized how beneficial they are with their high iodine content and level of antioxidants.

The smoothie is full of lemon, green apple, spinach, romaine, cilantro, cucumber, celery, ginger, water kefir and is made with the whole vegetable and fruit – thumbs up for fiber and less of a blood sugar spike!


I was super impressed with not only the nutrient profile (and knowing that I am doing my body and gut good!) but also with the taste and satiety of the meal and drink.

Head on over to Sprouted and use promo code “SPROUTEDAMY” to receive 25% off your first month subscription.


Disclaimer: While I was provided with product free of charge, as always, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Awesome! Wish I lived in Toronto so I could take advantage of that service. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta where there isn’t a single salad bar in the whole city let alone an awesome service like this. >:P

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