Natural Delights Medjool Date Rolls

I don’t buy many products that come “in a package” anymore. Gone are the days of party size bags of Sun Chips, 100 calorie packs and Lean Cuisine dinners…

But as our society begins to embrace whole, natural real food, there are more “packaged products” that find their way into my shopping basket!

I have always had a HUGE sweet tooth and when I first started to focus on my nutrition, I needed to find some sweet alternatives.

My favorite sweet treat? Dates. Oh and chocolate.

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People get super weirded out about dates. Yeah, they are kind of pruney-looking but once you get past that… they are sweet (kinda caramel-like) and delicious!

Medjool dates are my favorite type – they are a tree fruit and can be eaten fresh or dried. They are super sweet and actually have a pretty good nutritional profile (quite a bit of potassium and a good amount of fibre).

When Bard Valley Natural Delights reached out about their date rolls, I was really excited! I love their “regular” fresh medjool dates so was looking forward to trying out their date rolls: almond, coconut and a limited edition seasonal flavor… pecan pumpkin pie spiced! (yes, everyone go pumpkin crazy now)

So now that we know what medjool dates are, what the heck is a date roll?

Well they are basically delicious date/nut energy bites without the hassle of the food processor… Natural Delights does all the work for you! And they go heavy on the date aka sweetness rather than the other ingredients… awesome. The date rolls are chopped, compressed dates rolled in the flavor: coconut, almond or pecan pumpkin pie spiced.

In trying to get Papa Honey Bee to embrace another evening dessert other than his beloved cookie brittle, I gave him a coconut date roll to try. It got a so-so for PHB but me?  Love at first bite. Soft, sweet texture with a hint of nuttiness from the coconut.

I am not being dramatic when I say that each flavor got better and better.

Almond? Delish.

Pecan pumpkin pie spiced? I am not even a pumpkin obsessed foodie and it is hands down my favorite!

The trick with these little rolls of goodness is not eating the whole box (or three) in one sitting.

Two Honey Bee approved thumbs up for these guys.

Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary product but, as always, all opinions are my own. 

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