Girls who Grill {Electric Hibachi by Downtown Grill}

I was terrified of the BBQ. The thought of standing behind coals and fire with meat on it was frightening. I have Papa Honey Bee to thank for getting past my fears and irrational intimidation – he taught me all I know about the ‘que. And let me tell ya, well I actually tell ya in this blog post, it really is not all that bad and just takes a little practice.

When Downtown Grill asked me to try out their Electric Hibachi grill, I was super excited! I could grill in the winter and not freeze my tush off? Amazing.

Electric Hibachi1

The grill comes in a large box with lots of fun bubble wrap to pop. There is a red rubber cover to protect the 19-by-16 inch unit and lots of instructions so you don’t burn down the house. I rarely read instructions but thought I should this time.

Everything was really well explained. From using the grill for the first time to how the technology of the grill works to recommended things to grill and for how long.

The grill uses a heat transfer technology called ThermoCeramixTM  and heats up to 700°F in less than 10 minutes! All you need to do is plug it in and turn it on. Pretty sweet.

Electric Hibachi2

So I read the instructions and got the grill ready to go – you need to have it on for 15 minutes to burn off some stuff from manufacturing the first time. That kind of freaked me out but I still waver on my thoughts on the “healthiness” of the BBQ anyways but I digress.

Anyways, I prepped my veggies (zucchini, red pepper, yellow pepper, sweet potato and red onion) with some olive oil, salt and pepper and chicken breasts (with ghee, salt and pepper) and got to grilling.

I started with the sweet potato slices (which I cut a bit thick, oops) but on half-temperature they cooked nicely in 15 minutes or so – turning every so often.

Sweet potato grilling

Once I got more comfortable using it, I threw some more veggies on (wasn’t ready for the chicken yet) but the kitchen got a bit smokey and the veggies slid off of the grill at times.

The manual advises against using olive oil because it smokes but I am really not a fan of other oils (other than coconut) for grilling. So I just opened the door and it was fine.

The traction of the surface was a bit slippery so some zucchini and red onion kept sliding onto the counter.

Veggies grilling

Once the veggies were done, I got the chicken going and was pleasantly surprised with how well it cooked through. I butterflied the breasts (thinner meat = faster cooking time) but they stuck to the grill a bit. That’s pretty typical of meat on grills though – perhaps I needed a bit more cooking fat!

The smell was pretty amazing and dinner was delicious! I cleaned the grill as per the helpful instructions. Cleaning grills is always annoying but not gonna lie: it’s a bit easier outside rather than on a counter-top.

Overall, the Downtown Grill Electric Hibachi grill is a great product and would be a very useful addition to most kitchens – especially for condo dwellers as long as you have a handy storage space!

I think grilling is one of the easiest cooking methods and requires minimal ingredients, preparation, spices yet still seems pretty fancy! And isn’t just reserved for the male population.

The Grill can be purchased online at or

In Toronto, it is available at Dickson Barbeque Centre and Sobies.

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I was provided with the Electric Hibachi grill from Downtown Grill free of charge but, as always, all opinions are my own. 

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