Europe Summer 2015: What I Ate in Rome & Santorini, Greece

I make my food choices based on what works for me physically and intellectually. I choose to live a mainly gluten free, dairy free and a couple of other things “free” lifestyle for a variety of reasons but on occasion I do eat gluten, dairy, etc and while traveling is sometimes one of those times. Sure I may not feel great but sometimes it is worth the tummy-ache to experience a taste or a flavour or to just not be a pain! While eating out I strive to find the best ingredients but aim for consistency not perfection in order to live my happiest and healthiest life.

By the time I got to Greece (with a quick stop in Rome), I think I was so sick of eating. And I didn’t want anything hot.

When it comes to finding places to eat while traveling, I do some research before-hand (mostly on Instagram and travel blogs) and I ask people for recommendations. Otherwise, I just stumble upon places.

Here’s where and what I ate (places are linked whenever possible):

Rome, Italy

I was only in Rome for a day and obvs ate more than gelato but it was really the only notable “eat”…

Fatamorgana: This was legit the best gelato ever. I was super impressed with how allergen friendly this place was too! They had picture labels for gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, nut free, etc. I got 3 scoops: almond apple cinnamon (actually amazing), lemon and strawberry (gluten free and dairy free).


Santorini, Greece

Breakfast at Smaragdi HotelSo I kind of splurged and had my hotel breakfast buffet nearly everyday because it was a) awesome and b) I needed to fuel up for the day (I did a lot of walking/hiking)

Smaragdi Breakfast3 Smaragdi Breakfast2 Smaragdi Breakfast1

Skiza: Really the only good thing about this place is the view…

I stopped here (in Oia) after I did the 3 hour hike from Fira. The salad was tiny so I guess I was really paying for the incredible view.


Kouzina: Really cute place on Perissa Beach. Delicious Greek salad – so cliche but had to do it. Oh and definitely didn’t go dairy free.

I ate a lot of salads in Greece…

Greek Salad

Blue Sky: I also ate a lot of fruit. Apricots, plums, nectarines, bananas. I got this fruit salad in Oia when I wanted to use their WiFi.


Tranquilo Bar: Okay, I saved the best for last.

I owe a huge thank you to Lindsay for this recommendation. Tranquil Bar is seriously incredible! Their salads are “XL” size and range from 8-11 euros… trust me, so worth it. I think I went 3 or 4 times but my two favorites were the chicken mango (got it twice) and the quinoa (lettuce, avocado, orange, cucumber, cabbage).

I got two salads in one sitting and they thought I was crazy but I almost finished them…


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