Europe Summer 2015: What I Ate in Croatia

I make my food choices based on what works for me physically and intellectually. I choose to live a mainly gluten free, dairy free and a couple of other things “free” lifestyle for a variety of reasons but on occasion I do eat gluten, dairy, etc and while traveling is sometimes one of those times. Sure I may not feel great but sometimes it is worth the tummy-ache to experience a taste or a flavour or to just not be a pain! While eating out I strive to find the best ingredients but aim for consistency not perfection in order to live my happiest and healthiest life.

When it comes to travel eating, I do some research before-hand (mostly on Instagram and travel blogs) and I ask people for recommendations. Otherwise, I just stumble upon places.

I was seriously impressed with what I found and ate in Croatia! Everything was super fresh and almost always delicious.

Zagreb, Croatia

Dolac Market: Markets are an amazing option while travelling and the Dolac Market in Zagreb was by far my favorite market. Outside is all of the produce (with some cheese), and downstairs (kind of underground) is all of the meats.

I found the BEST prosciutto, which paired well with just about all of the produce I could find.

Dolac Market1 Dolac Market2

Vincek: Given the heat, I was so excited to stumble upon some dairy and gluten free ice cream. I don’t even remember what flavors I got but I devoured this in 2.5 seconds (also so it didn’t melt).


Mixer: And when I finished eating ice-cream and needed more liquid (because I was sweating so much) I went to Mixer for smoothies – just fruit and veg and ice.


Hansel & Gretel: I shared this delicious meat plate – I don’t even remember what everything was.

Hansel & Gretel

I wish I could remember the name of this place but we sat here for hours because there were water spraying things to cool us down and this delicious tuna salad.

Zagreb Salad

Split, Croatia

I am sucking at remembering names of places (I even checked my travel journal but clearly didn’t document every detail) but I had the grilled calamari and roasted veggies here.

BUT… the calamari might have made me sick. Or something at this meal. I will save you the details.

Fish and Veggies


Hvar, Croatia

Leporini: I remembered the name! Insanely delicious meat skewer (chicken wrapped in bacon, beef and pork) with veggies plus another side of roasted veggies (because you can never have enough veggies).


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubravanka 1863: Just a simple chicken salad for a random 3pm meal.


Taj Mahal: Really lovely Bosnian restaurant (however, terribly slow service). Another skewer of meat skewer (on a salad) but could have used a bigger portion…

Taj Mahal

Nishta: As much as I love my meat, arguably my favorite meal in Croatia was vegan. I was so excited to come across Nishta (I’d actually read about it, thanks Rick Steve’s!) and it was amazing. We all thought so…


I got zucchini noodles with avocado and lime sauce; the flax seed crust with sun dried tomato sauce, rocket, avocado and almond cheese plus a side of sweet potato fries. Yes, I was hungry. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Ice-cream: So I had “dairy free” ice-cream twice in Dubrovnik. That’s what they told me: the fruit flavours were dairy free and gluten free. The consistency seemed too good to be true but whatever. It was delicious. And I felt fine – hard to tell if it bothered my skin as there were lots of factors in play. 

Ice Cream

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