Europe Summer 2015: What I Ate in Prague

I make my food choices based on what works for me physically and intellectually. I choose to live a mainly gluten free, dairy free and a couple of other things “free” lifestyle for a variety of reasons but on occasion I do eat gluten, dairy, etc and while traveling is sometimes one of those times. Sure I may not feel great but sometimes it is worth the tummy-ache to experience a taste or a flavour or to just not be a pain! While eating out I strive to find the best ingredients but aim for consistency not perfection in order to live my happiest and healthiest life.

There was so much to do in Prague that there wasn’t any time to eat! Okay there is always time to eat but I kept it pretty simple and when I found stuff I liked, I had it a few times.

When it comes to finding places to eat while traveling, I do some research before-hand (mostly on Instagram and travel blogs) and I ask people for recommendations. Otherwise, I just stumble upon places.

Here’s where and what I ate in Prague (all places are linked whenever possible):


BakeshopSuper convenient and tons of fresh options. A bit pricy but worth it for good food. Went a few times as you can see…



Maso a Kobliha: After roaming nearly an hour to find this local, grass fed shop it was totally worth it: corned beef hash with lots of veggies and a fried egg.

Maso a Kobliha

The farmer’s market at Namesti Republiky: This was right by where I was staying so I went a lot for quick meals. I found cured meat (gluten free, no additives) and lots of fresh fruit and unsulphured dried fruit (overdid it a bit on the dried)

Prague Market2 Prague Market1 Prague Market Breakfast

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