Europe Summer 2015: What I Ate in Belgium, the Netherlands & Norway

I make my food choices based on what works for me physically and intellectually. I choose to live a mainly gluten free, dairy free and a couple of other things “free” lifestyle for a variety of reasons but on occasion I do eat gluten, dairy, etc and while traveling is sometimes one of those times. Sure I may not feel great but sometimes it is worth the tummy-ache to experience a taste or a flavour or to just not be a pain! While eating out I strive to find the best ingredients but aim for consistency not perfection in order to live my happiest and healthiest life.

When it comes to finding places to eat while traveling, I do some research before-hand (mostly on Instagram and travel blogs) and I ask people (like my Amsterdam bike tour guide) for recommendations. Other times, I just stumble upon places.

Here’s where and what I ate in Belgium, Amsterdam and Bergen (all restaurants are linked whenever possible):


EXKi!: I had one good lunch here but otherwise it didn’t have many other options: tuna salad, lentil thing and some fruit.


I don’t remember the name of this place but it was kinda meh anyways: mussels and fries (the fries were so disappointing) but I really wanted to eat “mussels in Brussels.”


Ellis Gourmet Burger: The meat was okay but the fries were delicious.


Henri & Agnes: This place was amazing. Organic and locally sources buffet style. This was bowl 1 of 2 – loaded up on some more potatoes and other veggies. So. Good.

Henri & Agnes

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wagamama: I was starving when I arrived so played it safe and went with a chain restaurant. I had their chicken salad with a side of white rice (that I ended up dumping on top of the salad)


Greenwood’s Tearoom: I went twice for the same brunch – the full English breakfast (no beans or toast, sub avocado). Delicious.


Lombardo’s: I also went here twice (sometimes it is just too much effort to find places to eat): chicken salad for lunch, burger salad for dinner – organic chicken and pasture raised beef.



STACH: Cute little shop where I got this yummy drink – coconut, berries, acai.


Bergen, Norway

I was a bit nervous about the food options in Bergen (and the expensive prices) so I stocked up from Borough Market in London before I went and brought a bunch of snacks that I packed with me previously.

Borough Haul

I prepped what I bought in my sister’s flat which had me set for my breakfasts and lunches so just went out to eat for dinner.

Borough Food Prep

I had an amazing dinner at the fish market: arguably the best salmon ever with delicious roast potatoes and a bit of salad. I could have eaten triple this.

Fish Market Dinner

Nama: This place was also insanely delicious… and insanely expensive. I got the salmon maki and veggie maki plus roasted sweet potatoes on the side.


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