…and I’m off!

Sorry for the quietness around here as of late! I’ve been quite busy getting things organized and finishing up projects as tomorrow I’m heading to Europe for a month!

I’ve been wanting to take this trip for a long time and couldn’t be more excited: London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Bergen, Prague, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Rome, Santorini… it’s going to be an amazing adventure!

I’m not taking my computer (crazy) but will have my phone and will certainly share parts of my trip as I go. I’ll be touring, hiking, CrossFit-ing, eating, drinking and whatever else comes my way so if you want to stalk Honey Bee happenings, be sure to follow me on Instagram or on Facebook.

I’m going old school and bringing a journal to document everything but actually haven’t decided if I’m going to blog about it – I’ll have to see how I feel :)

Well, not much more to say other than I better go make sure all of my clothes and snacks fit in my backpack!

Europe 2015 snacks with hashtag2

15 thoughts on “…and I’m off!

  1. Safe travels and hope you share a little bit of your experience here when you are back home. I’d love to hear about your international CrossFit adventures. =)

  2. That’s awesome! So jealous!! I am saving up now so hopefully I can do a trip like this by the end of next year. I would love tips from your travels, like if you are staying in hostels along the way and how you traveled around and maybe even packing tips on essentials. Hope you enjoy your time!! Can’t wait to hear on the travels in a month

  3. have fun!! I’m just leaving London on Friday after spending 2 weeks here and in Paris and it’s been as hot and sunny as Canada here. the most beautiful weather!! enjoy your travels amy

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