Boston & the 2015 Boston Marathon

This weekend taught me many things. But mainly that Moms are always right. I’m only half-kidding.

I was kinda (okay, more than kinda) stressing about my weekend in Boston… and I wasn’t even running the 26.2 miles! I was annoyed at the flights I booked and that some plans weren’t falling into place. I was anxious that I was taking time off from work and my studies. But mainly I was worried that the city I love and had some of the best times in while in college, wouldn’t feel the same way.

Boy, was I wrong and feel like this was a big kick in the pants. I am so fortunate and allowing myself to stress and project into the future is silly and unhealthy. No, this won’t happen overnight but typing the words and having them on the interweb seems like a good way to keep myself accountable towards this goal.

Gosh, whatever happened to good ole private diaries. So the 1990s.

Boston travel snacks

I arrived in Boston on Saturday night, got ready with some cheap wine and my fave 6-foot baller. A few vodka-sodas later, a cliche trip to Allston and an unexpected Emerson Basketball reunion… a blast in a glass! I don’t remember the last time my head pounded on a Sunday morning but it was so worth it.

It wasn’t the best idea to head to The Paramount for brunch at 11am on a sunny Sunday morning – on one of the busiest weekends in the city! Yes, Paramount is well worth the line but not an hour and a half when you’re starving. So we went elsewhere and had a pretty hilariously bad brunch instead… the company more than made up for it.

Then, I took advantage of the gorgeous day and strolled (and shopped) through the city.

Public Garden

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Marathon weekend is such an amazing environment in Boston: the people, the energy! It made up for the fact that I was a bit saddened to walk by and see that some of my old favorite places have closed – I guess some things do change.

Finish line

In the evening, I met my aunt and uncle and we enjoyed a deeeelish meal at Zaftig’s. Cobb salad (no cheese) and an un-pictured sour pickle.  I was absolutely starving and it totally hit the spot.

Zaftig Dinner

The next morning was the big day! I fueled up for my cheering and spectating with eggs, banana, mango and a Larabar.


Then, hopped on the T and headed towards the finish line.

I haven’t spectated in Boston since the events of 2013 so I didn’t know what to expect with navigating the route. I was so used to going wherever, without any security, but things are different now. I was so glad to meet up with Georgie (she’s awesome!) and navigate our way towards the 26th mile marker to cheer and wait for Morganne.

Amy and Georgie

I was tracking a few people on the Boston Marathon app (when I had WiFi… Canadian problems) so when the rain started to come down kinda hard we sought refuge in Starbucks and had lunch at Sweetgreen before heading back out to watch and support.

Lunch at Sweetgreen

I was so nervous we were going to miss Morganne – thankfully, she only missed seeing us!

When I saw her coming down Boylston I started screaming and crying and all of the emotions came over me. I remembered what it felt like running together just a short time ago and I couldn’t have been happier, more excited or prouder seeing my coach and friend looking strong and determined passing the Pru with 0.2 miles left to go.


Almost there Nut Butter Runner!


I said bye to Georgie and ran to our designated meeting spot only to find out we were changing the meeting spot so I ran there too. Soaked and out of breath (I think it’s the most I’ve ran since my marathon) I found Morganne and her family! Hugs all around. It was so great to see my fellow pint sized Nutty Honey runner.

Like so many, Marathon Monday will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember standing on the sidelines wishing and hoping I could  run that far one day. I feel lucky and proud to say that I have and even though I have taken a little break from running, I love it and get such joy seeing others accomplish such a feat.

As I stood on the sidelines watching the runners come by, occasional tears streamed down my face. Maybe because I now know what it takes to conquer 26.2 and have a greater appreciation for the sport and accomplishment.

I am so proud of all of the runners who endured the less-than-ideal weather, the tough course, the mental battles, the physical struggles to persevere and run Boston Strong.

I hope to do that one day too.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The rest of the trip was spent eating and catching up on some work and studies… no complaints there :)

Whole Foods dinner

Banana and berries



And now I’m back in Toronto after a few wonderful days in the city that I still very much love.

Moral of the story: don’t stress because things have a way of working themselves out and life is pretty friggin awesome.

Marathon Monday collage

7 thoughts on “Boston & the 2015 Boston Marathon

  1. Ahh I can so relate to that feeling of stress before an adventure. Routines can be awesome and a great way to crush big goals but once you shake things up and go a little out of your comfort zone you remember how important letting go of some control is.
    I had such a nice time meeting you and cheering on Morganne! While I haven’t yet conquered the big 26.2 I have so much respect for runners and love the inspiration and motivation that comes from watching such an epic race.

  2. Ahhh so glad you got to go back to Boston for the marathon. It’s such a special city- but even more so during Marathon Weekend. One day we’ll cross that finish line.

  3. Amazing!!! I love the photos, I love that you were cheering on a blogging buddy WITH a blogging buddy, and I love your support for all those runners :) I can’t even imagine how awesome the weekend must have been!

  4. Hi Amy! A lot of good food on your trip, and how nice of you to cheer on NBR in the race! It’s weird to visit places from the past, I know. I loved to California from Florida two-and-a-half years ago and I LOVE to go home, but always get a little nostalgic! Happy Monday to you! :)

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