Workout Round-up

As you know, since running the marathon, I have been taking it easy workout-wise. At first this was really hard to do. I was so used to waking up, following my training plan, drinking a smoothie, showering, getting ready for the day. This time was also my “me time” – I love moving my body. So it was definitely out of the norm for my life.

But I’ve pretty much adjusted and taking this “break” has been necessary and important for my physical and emotional health. I focus on moving throughout the day, going to yoga a few times per week, CrossFit once or twice and playing basketball sometimes too. When I feel ready to truly “train” again, I will. But until then, I am enjoying this more relaxed workout schedule.

Amy Push Press

I know I haven’t posted a weekly workout recap in awhile (do you want me to starting doing those again?!) but I have been posting many of the workouts I’ve been doing on Instagram and Facebook – so be sure to follow me there.

Last week, I actually went to the gym on my own outside of CrossFit (shocking).

Here’s what I did:

1,000m row (5:08)
Then 5 rounds of:
8 back squats (65#)
12 KB swings (30#)
1 min plank
Ended with some pull-up practice: 4×5 negatives

Here’s a pinn-able image of the workout (with my awkward squat rack selfie)…

Pin away and get moving!

Amy Squat Rack Workout

I went digging in the Honey Bee archives for all types of workouts (from running to CrossFit-style to yoga to doing things while watching TV) to get YOU moving.

Hope you enjoy!



Sprint & Ab Workout: Sprint for 5-8 seconds (about 200 yards) and then do 1 minute of abs. Rest and repeat once = 10 sprints and 8 minutes of abs.

Sprint and ab workout

Victoria Day WOD:

Victoria Day WOD

Labour Day WOD:

Amy Labour Day WOD2


Remember from this post that CrossFit lingo for a workout is a “WOD” = workout of the day.

WOD #1: 10 Rounds for Time: 10 pushups + 10 sit-ups + 10 air squats

“Rounds for time” means you time yourself from beginning to end, completing all the rounds as quickly (but safely) as possible. So for this workout, you are completing 10 rounds of 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups and 10 air squats. Recognize your fitness level. Take breaks when you need to and work as hard as you can.

Crossfit Workout1

WOD #2: For Time: 100 jumping jacks + 75 air squats + 50 pushups + 25 burpees

“For time” is the same idea as “round for time” but in this case you are aiming to complete the exercises as quickly (and safely) as possible. Again, take breaks when needed. By the pushups, I take short rests after each set of 10 pushups.

Crossfit Workout2

WOD #3: 21-15-9 Air squats + pushups: 21 air squats, 21 pushups, 15 air squats, 15 pushups, 9 air squats, 9 pushups. 

“21-15-9″ is a sequence where you complete 21 reps of each exercise, followed by 15 reps of each, finishing off with 9 reps of each. Easy enough right? Just try it…

Crossfit Workout3



Everyday Yoga Series

Yoga feet


Quick Winter Ab Workout

Quick Winter Ab Workout

TV Commercial Workout

TV Commercial Workout

Boxing Workout – this randomly my most pinned thing!

Boxing Workout 1

30-Minute Elliptical Workout

30 Minute Elliptical Workout pink

Exercise Ball Workout

Exercise Ball Workout

The Perfect Summer Workout – for when it finally warms up!

Playground Circuit

Weekly Workout Log

Check out my weekly workouts here for even more ideas!

Amy Frannie2

Questions of the day…

What workout(s) have you been loving lately? 

Food or fitness posts? Or a little of both?!

10 thoughts on “Workout Round-up

  1. I am so proud of you for taking it easy on your body after the marathon and that you are enjoying it!
    I have been loving zumba workouts lately – seriously love that stuff!

  2. I’ve been doing Neghar Fonooni’s Lean and Lovely program and love it! It’s pretty much all Kettlebell work and I’ve noticed a huge growth in my muscle mass over the past few months. I’ll be sharing all about it soon in a workout post but it’s been fun to have a program to follow instead of scouring my archives and Pinterest for workout ideas.

  3. I’ve got a planned deload week for next week and I’m SO looking forward to it! The Open and all it’s craziness has taken its toll on me. Speaking of… I guess you didn’t do the Open this year? Sad!

    1. Yeah… No open for me. I thought about it but I was just going to be so frustrated because I’ve lost so much strength/movements. Boo. The workouts have been intense though!

  4. Hi Amy ! Thank you for blogin’ ! There is so much informations and passion about trainning, food, healthy life habits,etc.. English is my second langage, sorry for the mistakes or my weird sentences :-) !!

    You are taking it easy since your marathon with NBR, you feel that your body needs it ! I didn’t ran a marathon in my life, I am more a 5km to 10km runner, keepeing me happy, healthy and leaving me time to pratice other sports.

    Last fall I was on fire with my trainning : 6 days/week : bodyweighted trainning (1h/day), 2 night/weelk : boxe trainning/ 2x30minutes intervals spinning/week, 1or 2 runs per weekend. WOW, and I have so much energy…..
    and I started feeling pain in my righ knee ( close to knee cap) when I was running since winter 2014, but was not always there.

    It got worst and worst last summer. My last run was in december :3km-of pain. I also had a ACL surgery years ago.
    Now, I am stocked with 2 tendonistis : pattelar tendistis + lateral retinaculum. :-( I kept trainnning, but no legs. In january, I had pain in my elbow and was hoping …..but tennins elbow it is !

    My body didn’t follow all my hard trainnings. I didn’t allow me rest days, I ddn’t need it ! I guess I needed to to hit the wall to understand !

    I don,t konw if I runs will be on my schedule in 2015, but rest days, yoga and stretching WILL for sure !

    Enjoy those moments and appreciate yoga classes and what makes you feel good !

  5. I’m very into running now that the weather is finally getting warmer again! I love these workout round ups… but I also love the food! So I would say a little bit of both :)

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