VIDEO: Sweets, Treats, Pull-Ups & PWO Nutrition {Video Q&A #3}

I feel very lucky to say that I love what I do. My days are not the typical 9-to-5 in an office. I’m going to and from clients, sitting in Starbucks studying, sitting in my kitchen (eating) and writing articles on nutrition and health, running to and from gyms coaching. What’s that cliche saying? If you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life? Heck yes, but I’m definitely still working my tush off!

My time writing blog posts and my blogging content has clearly changed since the beginning of this little space. But that’s the wonderful thing about blogging – you grow and change and someone, somewhere will benefit.

So today, I hope you can benefit from this Q&A video answering some questions I’ve received. I am kinda loving the idea of videos so I’m thinking about making this a more regular thing. What do you think?

This week, I’m chatting about how to maintain a healthy yet balanced diet with sweets and treats, my advice for achieving pull-ups and lots of info on post-workout nutrition.

Check out the time stamps below the video so you can skip around as you see fit.



1. How to stay on track & my thoughts on processed treats [0:30 – 2:29]

2. Finding healthy treats [2:30 – 2:44]

3. Having a healthy approach to sweets and treats [2:45 – 3:45]

4. How to work on pull-ups [4:10 – 6:20]

5. Post-workout nutrition: eating after exercise [6:30 – 7:49]

6. Protein post-workout [7:50 – 8:49]

7. Carbs post-workout [8:50 – 9:20]

8. How much to eat post-workout [9:21 – 10:00]

9. On-the-go post-workout [10:01 – 10:34]

10. Byeeeee [10:35 – 11:45]

Blog post on Post-Workout Nutrition:




All opinions shared on the Little Honey Bee are my own. I am a Certified Holistic & Sports Nutritionist but I am not a doctor or personal trainer. My blog posts are based upon my knowledge, continued studies, personal views and experiences. 


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11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sweets, Treats, Pull-Ups & PWO Nutrition {Video Q&A #3}

  1. I struggle a lot with how to eat on days that I don’t workout. I feel like I have to eat less. For example, I may feel like I should only have a yogurt for lunch, instead of just having it alongside my full lunch. know this is incorrect, but do you have any tips? I am very active (too active actually), and I’m trying to challenge the connection I’ve made between exercise and eating full meals.

    1. Hi Emma, thank you for taking the time to reply. I will certainly try to discuss this sometime soon as this is a complex question. What I can tell you is that it is going to take time in order to adjust and heal your mentality towards food and exercise. Try to take small, positive steps as often as you can. Recognize that often on days that you aren’t working out your body might still be recovering from previous workout days so needs ample recovery fuel… food! I can certainly help you more in depth if you’d like to schedule a consult.

  2. I loved the video! I was wondering your view on soy? I don’t consume any dairy but I do love soy milk in my coffee, I’ve tried almond and it just doesn’t do it for me. The brand I like has a minimal amount of tapioca syrup and no other sugars. But I more concerned about the long term effects of soy, I don’t know what to believe. I remember you studying about soy so I hope you can give me your opinion :)

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