5 Tips to Get Started with Fitness

January. The month of new beginnings. The month of cold and snow (for us Canadians at least). The month of the huge increase in gym memberships worldwide because so many people are committing to exercise.

Last week’s post was all about how to make eating real food attainable. I thought it was only fitting that the post to follow was about activity – the other pretty important piece to living a healthy and well balanced life. Nutrition + exercise + sleep + stress management.

There are many things you can do to live a more active life – like parking in the furthest spot from the entrance; using the stairs rather than the elevator; doing 20 squats while you are on the phone; doing push-ups and sit-ups during commercials. All of these ideas are great but how do we get there? It is first super important to find your whynext plan it into your life, then find what you like to do; and finally: rest and recover.

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1. Find your why.

This is the most important part: why are you getting started? I’ll let you in on a little secret: this reason should be selfish. This reason should be all about you and your health. Maybe that means weight loss. Maybe that means signing up for your first race to show yourself you can. If you don’t find your why, exercise is going to suck. It’s going to feel forced. It’s going to feel like a chore.

I run because it makes me feel unstoppable. I practice yoga because it calms my mind. I do CrossFit because it makes me feel strong. Being active, training and working out gives me joy, confidence and health. I workout for me.

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2. Find your time.

Next, you need to find the time that works best for you and your life to plan and schedule your activity for then. You need to hold yourself accountable to exercise just like an appointment or meeting. If it’s written down, in your phone or on your mind, it is a firm commitment. Whether that is in the morning before you go to work or during your lunch break or in the evenings.

Of course, something might come up and then you adjust – like getting together with a friend or a family commitment. I’m all for getting your workout in but not if it’s taking away from other things in your life.

For me, mornings work best. I love starting my day with a good sweat (I feel super energized to take on the rest of the day) and I can almost always fit it into my schedule – no-one plans a coffee date or meeting for 6am. If the thought of 5am makes you cringe, figure out what time works best for you, your body and your life to exercise.

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3. Find what you like to do.

Now that you have your motivation and time set aside to make it happen, what are you going to do? This certainly takes trial and error and will definitely change over time… but the options are endless! Walking, running, strength training, spinning, dancing, swimming, stretching, playing… classes at gyms like BodyPump, PiYo, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Barre… training for a race… trying out CrossFit… signing up for a sports league (soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball…)

I started with playing all kinds of sports and then falling in love with basketball. Then I become totally obsessed with boxing classes and doing yoga (weird combo I know, but they balanced each other nicely). Then I fell in love with running. Then I discovered CrossFit. What next? Who knows but it certainly keeps life exciting!

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4. Don’t forget about rest.

Being active is awesome but it is counter productive and even dangerous if you are not incorporating rest (and adequate sleep) into your schedule. As much as I love moving, I have learned how important resting is. From injury prevention to your own sanity to actually looking forward to workouts – don’t forget to rest! For some people, that’s one day “off”. For others, it’s three or four. The best indicator of what you should be doing is your body. So listen to it, it’s way smarter than you!

Since my marathon, I have been resting a lot lately. Funny enough, so has my dad. Papa Honey Bee is a very active guy. He said that since he has been resting more frequently he actually looks forward to his workout days. Distance makes the heart grow fonder…

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5. And don’t forget about recovery!

Alongside rest and sleep, recovery is super important. Recovery to me means stretching, adequate nutrition and proper fueling for your activity. Not eating properly can have significant effects to your workouts and performance. Don’t workout if you are hungry – a snack featuring protein and fat pre-workout is ideal. The period after your workout is super important as well. That is the time when your body is actively undergoing repair and recovery. It is your job to help the process by refueling your body with carbohydrates and protein post-workout. Eat a real food diet and nourish your body to help your overall health and fuel your fitness.

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Questions of the day…

Are you enjoying these “how-to” and “tips” posts? Silent readers, I’d love to hear from you and what you want to see on the blog!


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11 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get Started with Fitness

  1. Awesome post lady. I love these posts you are doing. I think they are great for anyone who wants to help themselves with health and fitness and doesn’t know where to begin :)

  2. Yes! I love that your number one is WHY. So so true. I’ve found my why has changed over time but it keeps me happy and motivated. It also helps me from comparing what I’m doing to others. If what I’m doing is in line with my goals then I feel successful no matter what.

  3. Rest is something that so many people have a hard time with. I did at first too until I became injured. It’s hard though when you are seeing results, you just want to keep going. Rest days have become my best friend and I have learned to embrace them…fully.

  4. Silent reader here, totally guilty! I love your blog and since you called me out…felt the need to answer. I think the how-to and tips are super helpful! My favorite posts are the ones about nutrition and training. I found your blog because I was into cross-fit, I since have moved on to some other exercises instead. Now I am running my first half marathon in May, so reading back to some of your running posts as well. They are inspiring. Thank you!

    I always love to see more recipes! I think I might buy that running watch you recommend too!

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you so much for answering :) So excited to hear about your first half-marathon! I am glad some of my older running posts have been helpful. I have some nutrition posts in the works but have been kindaaaa slacking with my creativity in the kitchen – hopefully some recipes will be back soon. Really appreciate your reply… have a great day!

  5. I laughed when I saw that the first picture was of you doing a pullup because that’s my fitness goal for the new year! I’ve been working towards it gradually and reminding myself of my “why” every day! Love this post!

    Have you ever listened to the motivational speaker Eric Thomas? I feel like you might like him! He’s a bit crazy at times but he’s huge on this whole idea of “find your why”

    Keep up the tips posts I love them! :)

    1. Keep working on those pull-ups! I have been slacking on mine. I have actually listened to him before – you’re right, I do enjoy his talks :)

  6. I have such a hard time working out if I don’t do it in the morning. Which is funny because when I was teaching I would go to the gm after work everyday! Family time is just so much more important these days :-)

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