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Hi guys!

I hope you are all seeing this post and the little changes I made to the Little Honey Bee don’t mess up your Bloglovin or email subscriptions. Fingers crossed so please let me know. Anyways, all I really did was change the homepage from my most recent blog posts to a page that tells you a bit about me, what I do and what you will find on the site. You will now find the new blog posts (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) on the top menu under “BLOG”.

Simple enough right? Right.

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Okay, now that the housekeeping is over… let’s talk about all things sweaty and awesome.







Warm-up: 800m run, 21-15-9 wall balls and double-unders, 800m run

Strength WOD:

Metric Tonne

What I did: 1800lbs (100lb increase from last time)

Heaviest deadlift = 165lbs (hamstring was still sore)

Heaviest back squat = 130lbs

Heaviest rack jerk = 90lbs (5lb PR!)

Really need to work on my split jerk but my double-unders have been on point lately! Good things happen with practice… yes we talkin’ ’bout practice (Anyone? Other than my Dad…)



6 miles (+ 20 minute bike + stretch)

6 miles




Warm-up: 1 mile run (6:40min/mile)

Strength: Squat clean (1 rep EMOM x 12 minutes) What I did: Started at 55lbs. Worked up to 100lbs… triple digits finally! Yay!



What I did: Rx. Omg wall balls kill me. Got 257 reps – finished the round of 21s and got 5 wall balls in the round of 24s.

Cool-down: 1 mile run with the 6:30am class (6:12min/mile)




45 minute spin class.



Rest/Yoga fail… I couldn’t find the yoga studio and was super grumpy but then ended up having the most productive day ever. And it was snowing so there was no way I was running.



15 miles (+ 20 minute bike + stretch)

15 miles

Well I seriously bundled up for this run. When I started out, it was below zero (celsius, so thats about 28F… brrrr). But I knew the hardest part was going to be starting the run so I just sucked it up.

The first few miles were freezing and windy but once I get down onto my new fave trail, the ravine shielded me from the wind and minus the runny nose it was actually quite pleasant.

It was a good run and I felt like I could have gone forever – my stamina feels awesome, my knees are a different story. I have 6 more weeks until the marathon so I feel like now more than ever I really need to listen to my body and possibly rest more often. Almost there… and I’m ready to do this thing!



Questions of the day…

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24 thoughts on “Blog Changes & Last Week’s Workouts

  1. All good! :-)
    We had a 21-15-9 WOD the other day – I think it was Deadlifts, Double Unders and Toes to Bar. Ewwwwwww.
    Good job on the run!! Winter’s not here yet, I hope it will stay away a little longer!!

  2. I follow on bloglovin and no issues here!
    Snow and freezing temps?! Ugh I’m not ready for that!! Its been pretty windy here and the temps have dropped over the past week. I think this morning is supposed to be the coldest yet (40 F) and I feel like I completely forgot how to dress for that kind of running weather!

  3. That’s always how it is for me running in the cold. I love it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dread the first few miles as my body adjusts. Looks like a great week of workouts, I can’t imagine getting snow yet but my daughters been asking for it every day :)

  4. Love the new look! I haaate running in the cold, so I give you tons of credit, it was super windy here yesterday but thinking of all the NY marathoners helped motivated me to finish my much shorter long run.

  5. Your mile times are crazy fast!!!!! I’m hoping this cold snap we’re having (45 degrees is FREEZING in Florida) will put a little more pep in my running step! The blog looks great!!!

    1. I’m hoping Florida warms up for you and for me too!! Heading down to visit friends/family in a few weeks and I was hoping for heat and sun

  6. Feedly worked fine!

    Congrats on the PRs!! And +! to the poster above me about your mile times!!! DANG. I think my fastest ever for one mile is around 8:00! How do your legs go so quickly?? lol

  7. Your training is going so well! Yes- definitely listen to your body. I found when I combine distance running with high impact moves (like burpees) my shins/knees start to let me know it’s more than they can handle. Excited for you!!

  8. All good here! I noticed it looked a bit different, but it is still working for me! NICE JOB on getting those triple digits. Such an amazing feeling. A few of us at my gym are doing the LSUS lifting cycle, and this week started split jerks. I’m so glad because I can finally work on them! =) I’m going to take this week to continue working on my DUs. Such a tricky movement to get.

  9. I remember cleaning 100# for the first time too! Proud, proud moment.
    DUs are totally mental for me! Most of the time they’re not an issue, but when I start getting tangled up and whipping myself it is HARD to get back in the groove.

    Keep up the good work!

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