Pull-ups, Running & Breakouts: Last Week’s Workouts

It’s been awhile since I’ve recapped a week of workouts and surprisingly these posts have become some of my favorite to write. I always learn the most from my endeavors as an athlete – so it’s nice to reflect on these ups and downs. And I can ramble and be totally random.



Rest/travel day back to Toronto.




Warm-up: Leg swings, 3 min deep squat hold, air squats, lying leg sweeps.

Strength: 3x10r box step up, 3x15r seated dumb-bell french press, 3x15r seated Zottmans bicep curl


Rise and Shine

What I did: Rx (yay!) – 2 rounds + 145 reps. I got through 1 round + 50 double-unders and then 1 round + 15 lunges, which was a 100 rep improvement from the last time I did this workout. Really good workout to come back to after taking some CrossFit time off to focus on the race.




Warm-up: 10 Rx+ wall ball EMOM x 10 minutes

Strength: Bench press (5x5r) What I did: 55lbs 5x5r



What I did: 55lbs for thrusters, red band for pull-ups. Finished in 18:33 (Sean extended the time cap to 21 minutes). Oh my gosh I was sooo happy with this! This was a huuuuge improvement from the last time I did this workout.

Amy Frannie

After telling Michelle I have been using the red band to do my pull-ups for workouts, she told me to ditch it. She said that this particular band offers so little resistance that I could do a pull-up.

I almost didn’t believe her…

Amy first pull-up3

OMG… yayyyy! Seeeeee yaaaaa latahhhhhh bands. Can you tell that I’m kinda happy? I am going to start doing strict pull-ups in WODs (and work on my kip) no matter how long it takes me to finish the workout.

Outfit: Cool racerback tank (in pink) from Lululemon – Triangular Be Free tights (in deep garnet red) from Athleta






45 minute spin class.

It legit crawled by…



10 miles. (+15 minute bike & lots of stretching)

10 miles

I finally pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and went on a run through a park. This has been a goal of mine for awhile but I was honestly scared/nervous. I think I watch too many TV shows where bad things happen to girls running alone through parks – so until this weekend, I had stuck to the busy streets.

But oh my gosh: I wish I didn’t wait this long because Saturday’s run was seriously amazing. I had no idea this gorgeousness was so close to my house! And I didn’t care one bit that I was “slow” (for me) and running 10 minute miles because I enjoyed every moment of this run… and that’s what’s most important.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Mentally (and stamina wise) I felt like I could run forever but physically my knees were bugging me. And my right hamstring has been acting up lately. Neither of these things are painful just nagging and sore. And annoying.

Earl Bales



5 miles (+10 minute bike) & yoga class with Mama Honey Bee

5 miles

I truly believe our skin is the mirror to our health. I healed my acne this past year through eating real food and natural skincare but while training for the marathon, my skin has hated me. Now I am not just attributing it to running as there are many things that seem to affect my skin (like nuts). But I have now been experiencing “hormonal breakouts” (jaw-line and neck). It totally sucks and I’m doing everything I can to calm it down – my usual skincare routine and started using this face mask. It’s just the way it goes: running stress results in changes in hormonal levels, which (for me) results in crappy skin. And it totally sucks.

I even Tweeted to my skin idol for some words of encouragement.

Liz Wolfe Tweet

Such is life so I’m just going to try and focus on my gorgeous fall runs and banging out pull-ups instead.

Happy Monday!


Questions of the day…

How do you step outside your comfort zone?

How do you track your training progress? 



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27 thoughts on “Pull-ups, Running & Breakouts: Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I have been getting se jawline breakouts while marathon training this time around and I do think there’s something to it, and for those who are sensitive to hormonal shifts it’s probably not uncommon. It hasn’t been terrible for me but it’s a noticeable difference. Glad you felt mostly good on your run! Nice weather makes everything much better.

  2. Congrats on the pullups! That is so awesome!! I graduated from the green band to the blue last week. Can’t wait until I get completely done!! You’re doing awesome on your runs!

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pull-ups!! That’s awesome! Good for you! Just wait, getting all your multiples and kip will come so quickly now! That’s great news!

    Way better news than Frannie. Ugh. That is a wretched, evil looking WOD.

  4. Congratulations on your pull-ups!!!! That is super exciting. :) I dealt with breakouts the greater part of my adolescents and in my early twenties. I even contemplated taking Accutance, but I was super scaled of the health risks, so I opted for Spironolactone instead. It’s works great, especially for hormonal changes. My skin has been free and clear of breakouts for years now and I couldn’t be happier. Wish I didn’t have to take anything, but that’s just not the case. Hang in there girl, I know how frustrating it can be.

  5. I’ve been stepping out o fmy comfort zone with running lately. Actually sprinting! Pushing to a certain time point when I’d normally stop because I’m tired. It’s making me faster!!

  6. You absolutely ROCKED your WODs. #proudCFbuddy
    I need to start spending more time on strict pull-ups, but it is a relief to have the kipping ones… I was so happy to be done with bands. Still need to get on those DU…big mental block!

  7. I’m having breakout problems lately too….too many workouts, too much sweat. I don’t know. It’s just my chin and jaw line but it’s soooo annoying! I’m almost 32! Ughhh. Great job on your WODs. I’ve been killin’ it lately too, lots of big improvements! So, at least there’s that! Clear skin or gains..hmmmm?! ;)

  8. Congrats on the pull up!! So proud of you for going to yoga haha. You still have to come to a class with me some time :) So sorry to hear about your skin issues making a return. Have you ever been to Pure + Simple? They have some good stuff there and they have aestheticians on staff who can make specific recos. Their facials are awesome, but facials and their products are really expensive so definitely a splurge. Maybe worth looking into though? I also really love Consonant. Their face wash is good for breakouts and they have a really good mask too. Just some ideas to help in the mean time (I know how much it sucks to deal with acne) but I’m sure your skin will improve once your hormones balance out post race.

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I have seen Pure + Simple and may just need to treat myself :) please drag my butt to yoga… my body needs it!

  9. Congrats on band free pull ups! Such a fantastic accomplishment :D

    I’m ‘this’ close to getting my chin over the bar unassisted, but it just escapes me. When confronted with pull ups, I secretly say to myself ‘You are my Everest’


  10. I feel for you with the breakouts. My jawline is an absolute mess at the moment, and my forehead is so bumpy! I hate hormones! It’s so hard to reduce the stress too, as they just make me feel even more stressful! I was very interested to hear that you use coconut oil? I’m petrified it would break me out as it is ‘comedogenic’

  11. Amy, I have been following your blog for awhile and you keep me motivated on staying on track with my fuel (did the Whole30 and now I am 90% paleo) and being patient with myself on getting stronger at Crossfit. I wanted to let you know that I have been using a red band for my pull ups for awhile now and after this post I just went for it. I was able to do 45 unassisted pull ups in two work outs this week! Thanks for the motivation and keep up the great work!

    1. Oh my gosh!! That is amazing! YOU are amazing! Can you tell I’m a little bit excited for you?! :) That must have felt awesome! So happy to hear you are making a paleo lifestyle work for you and that you are being patient with your CrossFit progress. Have a great weekend!

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