St. Louis & Rock n Roll Half Marathon Recap

Are you there Internet? It’s me, Amy.

Hello, hello! My break from blog-land has been quite nice (and necessary). I am glad to be back and hope to post regularly (Mon, Wed, Fri) again – obvs things may come up so don’t worry if I disappear (not like you’d worry anyways). My little break got me thinking a lot about the direction I want to take the blog in my nutrition practice – but I will leave that for another day. Until then, I’d love to get back to recapping some workouts (and races!), sharing some yummy kitchen creations (stay tuned!) and whatever else in honey bee land.

So let’s get to it – starting with this past weekend hanging and running in St. Louis with Morganne!

Amy Morganne Finish3

Eeeeek it was so awesome/weird/amazing/awesome to finally meet! It’s crazy feeling like you know someone before even meeting them in the flesh.

Anyways… once I landed on Friday, I hopped on the MetroLink to the hospital where Morganne works. I enjoyed the weather, did some work/studying and ate some food while Morganne was doing her pharmacy thing. I joined Morganne for her smarty-pants pharmacy seminar later in the day. I tried my best to follow along but when the title of the presentation has the word “hypogammaglobulinemia” in it… well it’s a bit tough.

Then we headed to pick up some essentials: a Trader Joe’s, Target and Whole Foods run. I stocked up on dark chocolate honey mints and fruit bars from TJs, picked up some Larabar Renola from Target (can’t wait to try it!) and got food for the weekend/dinner from Whole Foods (plus a bunch of Larabars and Kit’s seed bars).

How I wish we had these goodies in the great white north – Applegate meat products are so legit!

St. Louis Food Collage

WF Dinner

On Saturday morning (after a delicious breakfast – Instapic here) we headed to yoga. The instructor was great and a stretch sesh was a good idea! Then we walked around Forest Park – a lovely area for running and all around activities. We popped into the Missouri museum and saw an exhibit celebrating St. Louis’ 250 years. Plus a little photoshoot at the steps of Washington University at St. Louis.

Amy Morganne Washington U

Morganne Wash U

Amy Wash U

Then we headed downtown to the race Expo to pick up our bibs. Morganne’s room-mate and friend from pharmacy school were also racing, which was super nice! I bought two headbands at the Expo because a girl can never have enough headbands.

My lovely tour guides also took me to see The Arch (the gateway to the West) and the Mississippi River.



Then it was back to the apartment for a delicious dinner and some relaxing before race day!

Pre-race dinner

Yesterday morning we were up bright dark and early to get ready for the 7am start time. I ate my usual pre-race meal (hard boiled eggs and banana) and bundled up (tank top, long sleeve x2, leggings) for the early morning weather – it turned into a beautiful running day but of course my nose still ran like crazy. Then the four girls were off to race!


Girls at the Start

The first 6 miles were easy and fun. It was my first time racing without headphones/music/podcasts and I actually loved it! I was really able to get into the race spirit with all the spectators. And it was super fun to run with Morganne and her friends. It was a great tour of St. Louis – albeit a little hilly. Even with the hills, we were running at a solid pace (8:35 miles) and I was in a really good mood.

Busch Stadium

Then miles 7-10 sucked. I ate my baby food (which made me happier) but Morganne calls those miles “the dark period”. Yup. All I kept thinking about was “how the heck am I going to run 26.2 miles?!” But I didn’t let my mind get the best of me, my knee felt fine so pushed through and we crossed the finish line together in 1:54:53.

Amy Morganne Finish2

It was my slowest half time but a) I love my extra CrossFit muscle and it keeps me healthy and b) it was definitely my most memorable race. I am so glad that Morganne stuck with me and coached me through this race with our sights set on our 26.2 in less than two months!

We found everyone (we didn’t all stay together for the whole race) before heading to brunch.

Girls Finish2

I had a banana and Larabar before digging into my meal at The Corner Cup. Full disclosure that I sent my first plate back because it was legit drowning in maple syrup. Sugar headache, no thank you. But the eggs, bacon and sweet potato hash hit the spot.

The Corner Cup

The rest of the day was spent recovering (stretching, water), eating, relaxing and shopping.

And now it’s back to Toronto for me – I can’t thank Morganne enough for a truly great weekend! Okay sorry for the novel but I guess with a few weeks off I had a lot to say. Honolulu… we’re coming for you.


Questions of the day…
Have you been to St. Louis? What have I missed in blog-land?! Fill me in on your life!


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35 thoughts on “St. Louis & Rock n Roll Half Marathon Recap

  1. Loved reading the recap! Miles 7-10 have always been the worst mentally for every half I’ve done regardless of finish time. I always eat a Lara bar and banana on the way home from a race to hold me over.

    If you ever come to the ny area I’d love to meet up!

  2. Congrats on a great race! I agree, miles 7-10 are the worst. With marathon training I feel like after 10 miles everything (ironically) gets a little easier…mentally at least!

  3. Congrats, you did it! You’re back! I also know morganne(online, not in person) and I find it so cool when bloggers I follow do something together and then blog about it. Glad that you’re back Amy. I was just thinking of you the other day.

  4. Congrats!! I think this is a great time!
    And you all look happy and had fun, that’s the main thing anyway, right?
    I am SO jealous of Whole Foods. I can not wait to be back in the US – I guess I will camp in there!

  5. Congrats on the race and for pushing through. Also, I am so excited for you and Morganne to finally meet; you two seem like such sweet friends!

    Welcome back to the blog! I have missed reading your posts and look forward to reading them again :)

    p.s. next time you go to St. Louis you have to try going up in the Arch! Yes, it is a little freaky and when you’re up there you can kind of feel the whole thing shake… But the views are incredible!

  6. Congrats on an amazing race!!! During a half I always hit a low at mile 9. At the NYC half this year I was really tempted to jump off the course at mile 9! You are more ready for a marathon than you know. And I’m so happy you ran without music! Soon you’ll never want to run with music again. Congrats again! You crushed it!!

  7. So proud of you girl! And yes! You better love those CF muscles – I know I love mine. =) I can’t imagine running a longer distance race again, but I feel like it might happen! I am thinking it would be fun to do it with a whole bunch of my gym girls…maybe!

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