A Blogging Break

Hi guys, I hope you had a nice weekend!

Okay, I’m just going to cut right to the chase: I need to step away from the blog for a few weeks. Everything is fine, just busy! So rather than trying to do too much, I need/want to focus on the other areas of my life and take a break from the Internet for awhile.

I will still be around social media (maybe a bit less frequently) but I will post meals, workouts (and random life happenings) on Instagram; links and other fun stuff on Facebook and 140-characters-or-less on Twitter.

I am sure I will miss blogging, reading, commenting and interacting with you all but I know this is the right thing to do at this time. I don’t want to put an exact date on when I’ll be back (be sure to subscribe via email or on Bloglovin) but I’m thinking the week of October 20th.

Until then, wishing you all the best with lots of delicious food, sweaty workouts and love – speak to you soon!

Amy Notting Hill
Bye for a bit!


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17 thoughts on “A Blogging Break

  1. Okay, this was the sign I was looking for.

    I’ve been wanting to take a break for a long time, or at least cut down from posting 2x a week until maybe after the big Drama show, aka November, so seeing you finally do this prompted me to make the same decision. Thanks for sort of “nudging” me!

  2. girl, we’ve all been there. I would do so as well if it weren’t part of my job (healthy bites and sizzlefish), but know we will always be here and stalking you on instagram till then! hehe

  3. I did the same thing for 8 weeks. I’m just now getting back to blogging. Its nice to be on a break for bit but ready to blog again! Have a nice break, girl!

  4. Girl – you do what you have to do! And we will be awaiting your arrival back to the blogging world. I know I’ll be looking forward to your Insta posts!

  5. YAY for you. You know what … it’s OK. I’ve been on a long somewhat-break (as evidenced by the fact that it took me 7 days to even realize you’re on a break … oops), and it’s exactly what I need right now. So enjoy it, and you do you. I think you are amazing!!

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