Running is Confusing: Last Week’s Workouts

In a good and busy way, life has been flying by. Nothing really new to report (same old stuff) but all is well, happy and sweaty.






Spinning – 1 hour spin class




I love the class structure and programming at CrossFit Metric: warm-up, strength, WOD. Our warm-up today was mobility and stretching (lying leg swings, lunges, air-squats). Then we did 3×10 bench press and kettle-bell overhead squat.

And then the WOD was:

Darth Vader

I really need to get pull-ups. And string toes-to-bar together. Ugh. The struggle. Anyways, I used 75lbs and got 5 rounds + 2 thrusters and 10 clean & jerks.

I also am trying to start a weekly theme day at the gym: on Wednesdays we wear pink. “Oh my gosh Karen, you can’t just ask people if the even lift.” -Girls Gone WOD

Amy Wednesdays pink



4 miles + 5 x 200m sprints + 15 minute bike

Cortana 4s

I tried out my Cortana 4s for the first time – I think I like the 3s better but we will see.






16 miles (+20 minute bike + stretch + foam roll)

16 miles

So I slept through my alarm on Saturday morning. But no, extra sleep did not mean more energy. I was oddly not at all feeling this run – which is weird after having a really solid race last week. Anyways, I got ready and set out. It was an absolutely gorgeous day (maybe even too hot) but I am certainly not complaining.

I set out to do 18 miles but after 4 miles, I knew that wasn’t going to happen – I felt dead. Well my legs did. So I changed my plan (and route) based on how I was feeling. How spontaneous Amy! I know, I know.

Running is confusing. Last week, 15.5 miles felt easy and fast. This week, 16 miles felt impossible and slow. I really just was over the run and felt exhausted. I don’t even know why but it happens. Consistency not perfection.

Update on my running gear and running fuel: I bought this new little thingy and attached it to my SPIbelt to hold my baby food and it’s perfect. I had 2 pouches of baby food during this run which felt like the right amount. Funny story about the baby food. As I was paying for them at the brand new Whole Foods by my house (!!!!) the lady asked how old my kid was. Then thought I was quite odd for eating baby food while running. Whatevs.



Yoga – 75 minute hot Power Flow class.

After a hefty distance/feeling tired on Saturday and coaching all afternoon yesterday, I knew going to olympic lifting in the morning wasn’t a smart idea. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to yoga so off I went. Oh my gosh: it was friggin hot and hard. But felt really great afterwards.


Questions of the day…

What did you do this weekend? Do you ever have totally different workouts or runs?



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21 thoughts on “Running is Confusing: Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Agree that running can be really unpredictable! I’d like to say I’m mostly surprised in a good way, but getting a bad surprise always throws me off and shakes my confidence. I know logically that there are so many factors that go into running and that it all can’t be amazing, but bad runs still get me nervous and doubting myself. The good part is most of the time the bad is followed by good.

  2. Haha, I laughed out loud at when the woman asked how old your kid was :) Those things aren’t that weird for adults to eat imo. It’s not like it’s a jar of mashed peas or something.

    I usually have an idea of the workouts I want to do in a week and then just do what I feel like doing day by day. It’s helpful because if I’m really not feeling a speed workout or long run, I can run easy and do it the next day.

  3. Haha I feel like the cashier would have thought that you were very innovative if you explained that you were using them for running. People who don’t run think that runners are hardcore. People who do run understand the need for fuel. In fact, because of you, I checked out some baby food pouches when I was in Target the other day. I thought about buying some of the apple sauce ones for easy snacks in class, but then I realized that slurping apple sauce in the middle of class probably wouldn’t be the best impression to make.

  4. Man isn’t the truth? Some days weights feel 20 lbs heavier than they really are. What is that about? But look at you, “only” 16 miles instead of 18… I think you still got in a good distance! Maybe your body is saying to rest even more? I dunno. I’ve given myself a fair amount of rest lately, mostly because work has occupied ALL my time lately. One day I’ll get back to blogging I hope! I love your consistency not perfection mantra. And you look good in pink.

    1. Definitely feel ya on the weight thing too! It just gets to be one of those days. I think I am going to take 2 days off and switch up my run schedule a bit. Tomorrow, we wear pink again!

  5. Running is always unpredictable. Even after a couple marathons, LR days can still swing from amazing to terrible. Sometimes that even happens through the course of one Saturday morning!

    I’ve had questions about unusual things I buy at WF too. And sometimes I just don’t want to get into a 5 minute long conversation about what I’m making. Like trying to explain meatza to the guy at the meat counter.

  6. I feel the same way about biking that you do about running. I love love love getting out on my bike, but some days, those longer rides just aren’t happening. It’s a good practice in listening to our bodies, accepting what it can do in the moment, and hoping for better next time!

    I’ve started incorporating hot yoga 1-2 per week lately, and after just 3 weeks, I’m feeling so amazing!!

    1. I love your mentality, especially what you said about accepting and moving on to the next time. Hoping your next ride (and my next run) is an awesome one

  7. I totally hear ya girl. This happens to me on all my runs…I never know how they’ll go! There’s SO many variables it’s virtually impossible to set myself up for a good run…it just depends on how everything goes and whether the stars align I guess!

  8. Some days you can run like cheetah running, and then like a turtle others. So I agree, running can be deceptive like that.

    And speaking of deceptive, I have to google and convert miles to kilometers and pounds to kilos when I read your posts. When I hear sixteen miles I looks deceptively easy, and then after converting it my eyes nearly popped out of my head: 25km?! You’re running like a boss!

    It sounds like CrossFit Metric has the same structure as the one I’m attending, and I have to agree that I really like the structure of it :)

    1. Haha thanks Mitchell! Training for the marathon with Americans has totally converted me to “their” system – I was so confused at first but now I think in miles rather than kilometers… totally being a traitor to our metric system and Canada :) I’m so glad you are enjoying the structure of your CrossFit gym! It seems like a really balanced approach for both of us and gives the best of everything.

  9. I’ve been balancing running,yoga sculpt/weights, spin and regular yoga – shaking it up during the week is key to keeping to a fitness schedule, I think. I love your “on Wednesdays we wear pink” reference haha. That makes me miss Crossfit…maybe I’ll get into it again. I just need to find a coach who will tell me when I’m squatting wrong so I don’t hurt my lower back again!

    1. So many activities in your schedule… love it! Definitely finding a good CrossFit coach (one that you connect with and is knowledgable) is sooo important. So sorry to hear about your lower back!

  10. I hear ya! I’m in Week 3 of a 12 week half-marathon training plan (my first!!!). Two weeks ago I woke up with a sore throat and forced myself to run, and so far that’s been my fastest run of the past 3 weeks. Last Friday my long run was 5 miles, and it felt so easy that I did 6.5 miles instead (my longest run ever). But then Sunday 3 miles felt like an eternity!

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