RBC 25K Race Recap & Last Week’s Workouts

At the beginning of every week, I make a (flexible) workout schedule. Planning my workouts is imperative for my life (I’m busy) and my goals (training for a marathon). Every week is a little different based on how my body feels and what I need to accomplish. I knew I had a race on Saturday so I planned last week’s workouts accordingly. I wanted to ensure I was prepared yet still rested. I made sure to go to CrossFit at the beginning of the week, get a short run in, flush out my legs with a spin class, and take two rest days. Here’s what last week’s workouts looked like, a recap of Saturday’s race (plus a lifting PR!)



We warmed up before working on some snatch deadlift. I went really light – worked on my form.

Then the WOD was:


I love being able to do a workout Rx. I got 153 reps, which is the best score I’ve gotten for this workout! (I’ve done it twice before). Still need to work on stringing my toes-to-bar together…



4 miles + 7 x 200m sprints + 15 minute bike

4 miles and sprints






Spinning – 45 minute spin class.






RBC Run for the Kids 25K Race (15.5 miles).

The RBC Run for the Kids is a race supporting mental health and features a 5K, 15K and 25K race. The 15K and 25K race start-times were 7am so I got up at 5:15am to get ready, eat, etc. I had 2 hard-boiled eggs and a banana, wore a new top from Saucony (with a tank top underneath), leggings my shoes and all of my other running essentials. It was the perfect morning: clear and 14C (60-ish F). Mom dropped me off at the start line, I warmed up a bit and then we were off.

RBC Start Line

Since I have been training and thinking in miles, that’s how I paced myself and how I’ll recap this race (your welcome, Americans). I’ve said it a billion times: we just need one system. For reference: 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers.

Anyways, as usual, it took me a few miles to get into the run. For the first few miles, I stayed with the “2 hour and 15 minute” race pace bunny but then I couldn’t keep up. I thought that as long as I saw him ahead then I was in good shape – I know how to pace myself (thank you Garmin) but I like the extra motivation for a race and I wanted to finish in 2 hrs and 20 minutes.

I felt steady until about 8 miles – my legs felt like dead weight. But I pushed through and stayed on pace with this random man a bit ahead of me. When we got to the point when the 15K-ers turned right and the 25K-ers went straight, I really wanted to turn right haha. But I went straight and trucked on. I got a bit of a boost when I saw the pace bunny at 11 miles and realized I was only a few minutes behind. Yay! After the turn-around point there was a big, windy hill that wasn’t very fun. Once I got through the hill, I caught a second wind at 13 miles and started passing peeps – I love that feeling. At the last mile, I picked up my pace.

RBC 25K Time

I finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes – a time I am really happy about and proud of! I get into trouble in my head when I focus too much on my time and speed but I feel like I am in a really good place with that right now: I simply want to do the best that I can. I felt fast and strong during this race. This was also a new distance record for me – I’ve run 14 miles twice before but never this far. As Nicole says: run fast, lift heavy. Yup, I couldn’t agree more!

Amy RBC 25K Race

Once I finally found my mom, I neeeeeeeded electrolytes and food in a bad way. Coconut water, smoothie, a big bowl of turkey, kale and salsa plus a massive sweet potato hit the spot to re-fuel. I cooled down on the bike in the basement, showered, iced my knee (yay for feeling good), watched friends compete in a CrossFit comp, ate, got a pedicure with a friend, ate more, slept. Good day.


I have surprisingly not been that tired or sore on Sundays after a long run so I’ve been consistently going to olympic lifting – also because I love it now.

Yesterday we worked to find our 1 rep match for our snatch and clean and jerk:

Snatch – 55lbs

Clean & Jerk – 85lbs (10 lb PR!)

Then I did the CrossFit foundations class with two friends who were trying out CrossFit. The WOD was:

Sunday Foundations

I used 15lbs for the DB thrusters and subbed 8 “negatives” for the pull-ups – finished in 11:17

After a pretty intense weekend, I am taking a well deserved and necessary rest day today :)

Also, I won’t be posting on Wednesday as I am celebrating Rosh Hashanah with my family. Have a great week (Shana Tova to those celebrating) and speak to you on Friday!


Questions of the day…

Did you race or compete this weekend? Are you working out or resting today?   


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26 thoughts on “RBC 25K Race Recap & Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I am enjoying a nice rest day today as well (which is why I’m up early anyway commenting I guess!) Congrats on an amazing race! Somehow there is no better feeling than in the hours after you finish a long/tough race! Even with my not-pleasant run yesterday, at least the rest of the day felt like luxury in comparison! I love your race outfit, that top is so cute :) Can’t wait till it’s REALLY fall running weather over here. And Shana Tova to you as well :) My kids are very thankful that apples and honey are paleo ;)

  2. You are doing SO well in training and it makes me so, so happy. Plus, you’re adorable, and reading your post makes me smile (the “race pace bunny” phrase is just funny!). Way to go!!!

    I raced this weekend, too, and did completely the opposite of a well-executed race strategy. Positive splits like woah. Just goes to show that even if I’m not trying to “race” a race, I still need a strategy! Oops :)

  3. Wow check you out! You laid the smack down on that race. Good stuff! And congrats on the CF success too. That’s super impressive that you’re keeping your strength up in addition to running so much. I bet eating properly helps. =)

    Sadly, I can’t compare to any previous wods now… =( Oh well!

    Happy New Year! (Is that appropriate to say?)

  4. I LOVE your Saturday, what a perfect day and CONGRATS!! Great achievements. And oh, Power Snatch – I love it as long as there is no hang clean squat or whatever that horrible exercise is called added. OH squats – bane of existence.

  5. Your race sounds so fun! Love that second wind feeling. Love passing people even more!! Even if 75% of the race is terrible, we always feel good at the finish line and then sign up for another one and do it all again. Runners are all nuts.

  6. What a great race you had! And followed by PR’s–seriously!! The ambition WOD sounds awesome–great way to practice my OHS. Just learning those and they are tougher than they look with all the balancing!! Have a great week!

    1. Yup… but it is definitely something I can get better at! I cooldown on the bike (helps to release some lactic acid) and then do my best to get a short stretch in. I foam rolled that evening.

  7. I think it’s time for you to get a tattoo that says “Run Fast, Lift Heavy.” Just saying ;) is it bad that I can’t stop looking at your outfit and wondering where I can get every piece? That color looks awesome – and your garmin is adorable too! Mine is broken so I have to decide if I want to shell out the cash for another.

    1. Hahah! If only tattoos didn’t terrify me… Aw, I’m glad you like the outfit! The top is Saucony (so are the shoes) and the pants are Under Armour. Also wearing my favorite headband – Sweatybands.

  8. I’m glad the race went well! I miss running…and doing anything other than spending copious amounts of time on campus. I need to do better with finding a balance! It’s just so hard when so many of my hours are not my own. ANYWAY, I’m sure that your race has you feeling good about marathon training, especially since you rocked this PDR!

  9. I’m just catching up with you and your blog (I disconnected from social media for a while because life was overwhelmingly busy). Congrats on your 25K, that’s awesome :) Wishing you a Shana Tova and have a good time with your family tonight!!

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