Yesterday: A Day in My Life

I thought it would be fun to do a day in my life post. I love creeping on other people’s days (and what they eat) so maybe you’re the same?!

Here’s a look at my day yesterday…


6:00am: Wake-up, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, splash water on face, drink water, put on running clothes.

6:30am: Eat a hard-boiled egg and drink some more water.

Hard boiled egg

6:45am: 4 mile run + sprints

4 miles and sprints

7:30am: Ride bike in basement.

7:50am: Make and drink post-workout smoothie (1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup coconut water, 1 banana, 2 tbsp protein powder) and work on the Jumble… the last word stumped me.

Smoothie and jumble

8:00am: Take 3g of BCAAs, vitamins, shower and get dressed for the day.

8:30am: Get in the car and drive to doctor’s appt.

9:15am: At the doctor for a knee check-up – things look great!

9:45am: Buy salmon for dinner.

10am: Stop by Mom’s office for a quick visit and to eat some breakfast: chicken breast (just made it in a pan with coconut oil, salt, pepper and paprika) and steamed broccoli.

Chicken and broccoli

10:30am: Catch up on some work and coaching emails.

11:15am: Start studying. I’m working on my vegetarian nutrition course (specifically a chapter on soy protein and soy foods) and eat a snack: a hard-boiled egg with mashed avocado and some pepper slices.

Vegetarian nutrition and snack

1:30pm: Make and eat lunch: ground beef, spaghetti squash, brussels sprouts, kale and tomato sauce. Typical bowl of food… eaten while watching some Breaking Bad.

Beef bowl lunch

2:00pm: Finish soy chapter and complete lesson test.

3:00pm: Basketball practice for my high school team. I put in our man-to-man offense… thrilling, I know.

5:30pm: Home to shower and change clothes/get ready & make and eat dinner: easy baked salmon and oven-roasted asparagus (just roasted in olive oil and pepper for about 20 minutes at 400F).

Salmon and asparagus

7:30pm: Celebratory banquet with the team I coached this summer. Love my girls.

9:30pm: Get home, put on PJs, watch Amazing Race Canada with mom and Grandma, eat a sweet potato and drink some tea.

Sweet potato and Amazing Race

10:20pm: Eat an apple.

10:45pm: Brush teeth, wash face, go to the bathroom, take magnesium. Read a few pages of “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”, finish this blog post and go to sleep.

Breaking the vivious cycle


Questions of the day…

Do you enjoy these posts too or should I just stick to the “what I ate” posts?

What did you do yesterday?


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25 thoughts on “Yesterday: A Day in My Life

  1. Hard boiled eggs and avocado are the bomb :)

    Your level of activity puts me to shame! that I can’t believe on top of all of this you blog. I’m beginning to suspect you have an identical twin … maybe.

    I like your blogging schedule as it is reliable (if that doesn’t sound weird) but I’ve enjoyed to extra posts :)

  2. I like this post! It’s fun to see how other people structure their day! And I love jumble! By Friday’s paper it can be so hard though!

  3. I love these kind of posts. My readers requested the same, so I guess I will copy you soon :-)
    It sounds weird, but sometimes I would love to go back studying. I loved to be home and work!

  4. Love day in the life posts! In answer to your question, I don’t know how often you could do day in the life types of posts without them being repetitive in a way that food/workout posts are not, but I think changing it up sometimes is good!

    1. This is actually my second time reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle and I am finding it more helpful this time around – I better understand the more scientific concepts. The SCD diet is quite specific and not sure if it is necessary for everyone but I definitely recommend the read (and there are great recipes!)

    1. I have read Breaking the Vicious Cycle once before but I am finding it more helpful this time around – I better understand the more scientific concepts. The SCD diet is quite specific and not sure if it is necessary for everyone but I definitely recommend the read (and there are great recipes!)

  5. I really enjoy these posts!! Gives a little more than the traditional “what I ate”.
    Also I have started “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”, but do you have any other recommendations for good books about healing with food and/or how eating “real food” affects our bodies?

    1. Hope you are enjoying the book so far! Other recommendations: “It Starts With Food”; “Grain Brain”; “Eat the Yolks”; “The Primal Blueprint”; “Good Calories Bad Calories”

  6. I love day in the life posts! I actually think I like them way better than strictly what I ate posts. It’s so easy for me to get in my routine of daily life and I like to see other people “normal” day.
    I’ve got breaking the vicious cycle on hold at the library but apparently the person who has it is being greedy mcgreederson and not returning it. ever. Boooo.

  7. I didn’t have a chance to read your post form yesterday, but I just did and it was fantastic. Such a great story of inspiration and I love all the before and after photos. As for today’s, I enjoyed the play by play take on WIAW. You really are a busy bee!

  8. You have a similar schedule to my coach–he wakes up and I’m pretty sure he runs(though his preworkout is a cliff bar and his lunch is typically salad) and then after school he coaches us for an hour or so. Your eats look a lot better, though!

  9. I really love a day-in-the-life posts… actually a lot more than WIAW posts so keep ’em coming :) Although all of your food looks delicious! And it reminds me a lot of Whole Foods, so now I may be going to the WF hot bar for lunch, hehe :)

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