Running Fuel Take 2: Last Week’s Workouts

Hi guys, I hope you had a good weekend! It’s starting to feel like fall around these parts. Hello boots and scarves. And runny noses during runs. Yesterday, my favorite room-mate left to London for the year. Exciting for Les, sad for me. Is it time to visit yet? Back to just me and the ‘rentals. Okay, onto a happier topic. Fitness? Yes, I think so.



Spinning – 45 minute spin class.



3 miles + 5 x 200m sprints + 15 minute bike


My legs were feeling pretty tired so I didn’t do my exact speed workout but was happy with this sweat session.






14 miles.

14 miles2

After consulting with my wonderful and amazing coach, I switched my long run to Thursday knowing that my weekend schedule was a bit hectic and the weather forecast didn’t look too promising.

It was hilly, and windy, and I had to pee, and my nose was running but it was an overall good run. My knees still kinda hate the pavement but my body felt really good and my legs had lots of life at the end! (Unlike last week).

I fueled the run with a squeeze pouch of Baby Gourmet and a mix of water/coconut water. I had a few slurps of baby delicious-ness every few miles starting at 7 miles. I felt great – obviously the few dried cranberries last week didn’t cut it (and were kind of a hassle) so I’m glad I that this seems to work for me. I’m writing a post about all of my running gear and stuff so stay tuned.

Baby food



We warmed up and then did a billion front rack lunges (which I hate) and some core work before getting into the WOD:


Looks confusing I know. You have 14 minutes to complete: 33 over-head squats, 10 pull-ups, 33 burpees, 10 pull-ups, 33 shoulder-to-overhead. Then a 3:30 minute AMRAP of clean & jerk.

I did the over-head squats and shoulder-to-overhead at 55lbs and pull-ups with the red-band – completed it all in 10:17. Then did my clean and jerks at 65lbs and got 23 reps of those. 23×65=1,495. I surprisingly had lots of energy and was feeling really good.





Olympic lifting.

We warmed up with a 1km run and mobility. Then we did a bunch of fun stuff:

1) Full snatch – 8 sets x 3 reps (working on different grip distances)

2) WOD #1: 5 minute AMRAP of full snatch (I did 45lbs) + 16 skip lunges everytime you drop the bar (I got 40 reps)

3) Power clean & jerk – 8 sets x 3 reps (working on different grip distances)

4) WOD #2: 5 minute AMRAP of squat clean (I did 55lbs) + 7 burpees everytime you drop the bar (I got 24 reps)

Amy Clean

Have a great day!


Questions of the day…

What was your best or most favorite workout last week? 


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13 thoughts on “Running Fuel Take 2: Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I’ve used baby food squeeze pouches in the past as fuel with pretty good success. Didn’t love how bulky they are though but otherwise good.

    My best run was probably the long run because it just went a lot better than I thought it would. That’s always a nice surprise :)

  2. Good idea re: the baby gourmet! Im training for my first half marathon so appreciate the guidance on during-run fuel. Do you have on the blog/could you have a post on pre run warmups and post run stretches that work for you? I ran a 10k yesterday and my calves are done…i warmed up, cooled down and did a few stretches but would love a second opinion from someone who does long runs regularly, such as yourself :)

    1. So exciting about your first half! My calves definitely get sore too. I try to complete this series after all of my runs: Some other tips: make sure you are hydrated (including electrolytes); I find cooling down on the stationary bike to be really helpful if you have access to that. Another good calf stretch is putting your toe against a wall and leaning forward. Hope this helps… good luck with your training! :)

  3. Awesome workouts! That is a great 14 miler! I think my favorite workout last week was Thursday’s WOD and lifting session–an hour straight of back squats followed by a WOD of farmer’a carries, tire flips, and weighted overhead walking lunges. It was my first Rx+ and have me the mental boost I needed after a rough day!

  4. Looks like a ton of great workouts! I don’t know what kind of grip positioning you’re working on, but I’ve been trying to use hook grip, but it just feels so awkward!

    1. We work working on different positioning on the bar to figure out what felt best (close, far, mid). Oh my gosh, hook grip is sooo awkward! I just ordered wrist wraps finally because my wrists have been bugging me.

  5. 14 miles, that’s awesome! Also, that Baby gourmet stuff looks sweet! I love apple sauce, pumpkin puree, and (most) things mushy (like oatmeal), eeeevennnn though it is similar to baby food. oh well.
    My favourite workout from last week was getting back into teaching spin! I haven’t taught since June, and i missed it!

  6. I’m so impressed you ran 14 miles!! You rock girl, seriously. I couldn’t even imagine and I’m so glad your knee is holding up!! I took a little break last week so sadly no faves of the week. Though I got to catch up on my reading and your vlog post was awesome. Its so nice hearing your opinion on stuff…it’s like coffee talk time! Love!

    Can’t wait to hear what’s going on tomorrow. :)

  7. Ugh, I’ve been trying to work on hook grip too, it’s awful! But everyone says you get used to it…eventually! I need to start dedicating a bit more time to my olympic lifting. I’m crossfitting 5 days a week, but we don’t always spend a lot of time snatch/cleans/jerks and I’m kinda at a stand still! You are amazing for getting in those long runs PLUS lifting!! Good job!!

  8. No good workouts for me last week unfortunately. Actually dancing at the wedding this weekend, does that count? My stress over the race and injuries is bumming me out too much to have good workouts. Womp womp.

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