VIDEO: Grains, Fruits, Veggies, BCAAs & Workouts {Video Q&A #2}

I love hearing from you and answering your food, fitness, nutrition, health and all other questions! Maybe one day you will actually want to work with me to achieve your health goals :)

Until then, hope you enjoy this Q&A video – sorry, it’s kindaaaa long (check out the questions and time stamps below the video so you can skip around if you want).

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1. Why are grains bad? [0:20 – 3:10]

2. How do you begin eating grain-free? [3:11 – 4:22]

3. What are some grain-free cereal options? [4:24 – 5:12]

4. Can you cut fruit and veggies in advance? [5:25 – 6:45]

5. Is frozen fruit as nutritious as fresh fruit? [6:50 – 7:28]

6. Thoughts on store-bought almond milk? [7:30 – 8:56]

7. What are the best nuts to eat? [9:00 – 10:05]

8. Does roasting nuts change their nutritional value? [10:06 – 10:25]

9. What’s the deal with peanuts? [10:26 – 11:06]

10. BCAA supplementation pre and post workout? [11:15 – 13:28]

11. At-home workout resources [13:30 – 13:48] 

Grain free recipes:


At-home workout resources:


All opinions shared on the Little Honey Bee are my own. I am studying to become a nutritionist but I am not a doctor or personal trainer. My blog posts are based upon my coursework, personal views and experiences. 


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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Grains, Fruits, Veggies, BCAAs & Workouts {Video Q&A #2}

  1. Ah I hate brazil nuts guess I have to try again haha. Love this video! So much info but you speak so well that I found myself listening closely the whole time :)

    1. Thank you! Definitely not cheating – happy to answer. I think 2-5g per “dose” is adequate. Dose would mean pre-workout, mid-workout or post-workout (or whenever else you’d take them). I for sure would not exceed 20g per day. I take approx. 3g pre and post workout – I’m starting to experiment taking them mid-workout. Hope this helps!

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