I’ve Never Run That Far & Marathon Fuel: Last Week’s Workouts

Today is Papa Honey Bee’s birthday. I’m pretty sure his “what I ate Wednesday” post is still the most popular post on this blog. I definitely don’t want to get too sappy (I’ve saved that for his card) but wanted to wish my dad, the original grill-master, and #1 Honey Bee supporter a very wonderful day!

Thank you for putting a ball in my hand before I could even walk, giving me my love for sports, my competitiveness, my type-A-ness, my love for the grill and for always supporting me in all that I do every step of the way.

Little Amy Dad bball

Love you Daddy!

Amy and Dad

Okay, that was still a little sappy :)


At-home WOD.

Labour Day WOD

CrossFit was closed but I texted Sean and asked if he could post a Labour Day WOD. He’s the best, so he did :) I finished in 24:26 (first part was 12:58; second part was 9:28).

Then I hopped on the bike for 15 minutes to cool down.



Sprint workout. Basement workout.

Thanks to a terrible night sleep on Monday, I slept in and planned to do my run in the afternoon instead. Thanks to the torrential downpour in the afternoon, my run didn’t happen. So into the basement it was:

Warmup: 15 minute bike
10 rounds of: 10 double unders, 10 air squats, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups
Cool down: 15 minute bike

I didn’t time it but was inspired by this workout below:

Crossfit Workout1




Warmup: Burpees to “Roxanne” – you do a burpee everytime the Police sing Roxanne… it really only gets hard at the end.

Skills and drills:

A1) 4x16r Single Arm Kettlebell OH Squat
A2) 4x9r Box Dips / Ring Dips
A3) 4xMax Push Ups to failure



I used the red band for my pull-ups, 135lbs for my deadlift, and did the hand-stand-push-ups to two ab-mats. I was really happy with my movements, how I felt and how I did. Finished in 14:36.



45 minute spin class at Spynga. I love when spin classes seem to fly by. I enjoy spinning but honestly, sitting there for 45 minutes can feel like foreverrrrr. So to my surprise I was just riding along and then the instructor said “one more working song!” Heck yes.






14 miles.

14 miles

So thankfully (another) torrential downpour cleared up for my run. It always takes me like 20 minutes to get into a run but once I got going it felt really solid. I started out a bit quick (sub 9 minute miles) so slowed down and was really happy with my pace.

At 9.5ish miles, I ran into Starbucks and asked for half a cup of water. I chugged the water along with a handful of dried cranberries. This was my first experience with “training fuel” but it actually felt good. No stomach upset and I didn’t mind stopping for 2 minutes to chew and sip.

Dried cran and water

Then I carried on. Running, listening to my podcasts, running some more. Running alone for that long gets really boring so I listened to these podcasts:

And then a crappy music playlist. Song suggestions?!

My legs felt really tired at 12.5 miles so I think I need to eat more and drink some electrolytes. I will experiment next week and keep you posted.

I got home, cooled down on the bike, chugged coconut water, stretched, ate. Long run done. Yay!


Olympic lifting.

We warmed up with a 1km run plus mobility.

First we did a 21 minute power clean complex: 1 power clean + 1 hang squat clean + jerk x15 rounds, increasing weight every 5 rounds (and resting). I did 55lbs, 65lbs and 70lbs.

Next we did a 21 minute snatch complex: 1 power snatch + 1 hang squat snatch + 1 overhead squat – same format as the clean complex. I suck at snatching so worked light and technical. Baby bar, bar and then 45lbs.

Then we finished up with a partner WOD:

Oly Partner WOD

I still get nervous doing partner WODs because I don’t want to slow anyone down! I scaled the snatch weight to 45lbs and we finished 7 rounds and 43 reps – my double-unders were quite good!



Questions of the day…

Any running/workout song recommendations? What did you do this weekend?


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23 thoughts on “I’ve Never Run That Far & Marathon Fuel: Last Week’s Workouts

    1. I am sooo not excited for it to get cold! PS. I didn’t get around to picking up flank steak yet… will let you know when I make your recipe.

  1. Happy birthday Papa Bee!! So proud of you, listening to your body during the week, and powering through some tough workouts! Amazing job on your run, too! You certainly don’t need me as a coach :) Remind me Thursday to send you a list of good running songs!! Have a great week my love!

  2. Yeah running for that long needs a lot more fuel. I recommend Gu gels (salted caramel is insanely delicious) at 45mins in. Zero electrolytes are also incredibly effective. You can carry the little tab with you and pop it into a water halfway.

  3. Congrats on 14 miles!!! I did a warm up once to “Can’t Touch This” where you do a burpee every time MC Hammer says it. Since that happens to be a favorite song of mine, I kind of loved it, even though it got hard at the end too. :)

  4. Have you ever thought about trying the Advocare Rehydrate during your runs? That is what I use when I do longer CrossFit workouts or long runs, and it works SO well. There is also another product (both all natural) called O2 gold that helps with getting more oxygen to your blood for longer endurance during runs. If you could like to try either one, I would love to help!

  5. It always takes me a long time to get into a run too! When I was training for my half, it took about 4 miles to really loosen up.

  6. You ran 11 more miles than I did this weekend. Haha nice work! I don’t think I could run and listen to podcasts, but maybe zoning out to coversation would help the time and miles go by? I could give you what I listen to (mostly rap) if that’s what you’re in to. I must say, I think I’ve got some pretty motivating songs on my playlist! Great job again, oly work too!

    1. Haha! Great job on your miles too! I listen to anything and everything… maybe you can incorporate some workout songs into your blog-post-writing-block :)

  7. Great run! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has a tough time getting into a run! It definitely takes me a good 20 mins to get into it, I usually hit a wall around 40 mins, but if I push past that it’s like I can just keep going and going. Weird! Same thing with spin–I have one instructor who takes the clock down and it helps so much! If you get a good playlist please share! I usually just so Pandora. It’s not the greatest but at least you can switch between stations and keep it fresh!!! Have a great week!

  8. Yes! Happy birthday to Mr. Fresh! :):) way to go on your long run! I love the Roxanne burpees. Well I love the concept hahaha but I think I’m gonna have to try it sometime! Love you lady!!!!!

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