Going Nut Free: What I Ate on Labour Day

I’m not eating nuts anymore. Bold statement, I know. No but seriously: me + nuts = no bueno. I know I’ve talked about this a bunch of times before but I’ve kept on eating them “in moderation.” A few cashews here, a bit of hazelnut butter there… Well that has not been doing the trick so I’m going cold turkey. Anytime I eat nuts a) my skin breaks out and b) my stomach feels awfulllll. So I’m going nut free, which kinda sucks because I love nut butter and baking with almond flour. Nuts are also a super easy and energy-dense snack. Oh well. Let’s see how this goes.

This is what I ate on Labour Day Monday…

I woke up, did a quick at-home workout and then chugged some coconut water.

Coconut Water

Yes, straight from the carton. I used to be a total Gatorade-guzzler (orange please) but obvs Gatorade is a total Franken-food. I honestly don’t love the taste of coconut water (sometimes it’s pretty refreshing) but it is a wonderful source of legit natural electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) that we must help our body replenish after sweating in order to keep our cells working properly and to carry electrical impulses.

Then I drank my post-workout smoothie

at 9:15am – which is just a banana, 2 tbsp of my protein blend and almond milk. Oops… I should mention that I am still drinking almond milk. It doesn’t seem to negatively effect me (maybe because the phytates are broken down in the processing?) so I’m rolling with it. So I should say: “nut free plus almond milk.”

Post workout smoothie

I had a more substantial breakfast at 10:30am: 2 eggs, 1 avocado and salsa.

Eggs avocado salsa

For lunch (at 12:45pm) I had a random plate featuring a hefty scoop of chopped liver

with some celery plus a salad of microgreens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper and olive oil.

Chopped liver lunch plate

I got hungry again in the afternoon so around 3pm had a delicious snack of: 1 sliced banana, a splash of coconut milk and a sprinkling of dried blueberries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Yum!

Banana and coconut milk snack

I needed a little something before having an “actual dinner” so ate a hard boiled egg at around 5pm.

Hard boiled egg

Dinner (at 6:30pm) was another bowl of food: ground beef, zucchini and sweet potato.

Beef zucc sweet potato

I ended the day with a little dessert around 8:30pm: 3 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate honey mints (love these – only 3 ingredients!) and some tea. Now who is going to ship me some more TJ’s goodies?!

Dark Choc Honey Mint


Questions of the day…

Is there a food you love that doesn’t love you back? 


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36 thoughts on “Going Nut Free: What I Ate on Labour Day

  1. No nuts? Maybe you can reintroduce them after some time? Keeping my fingers crossed for you because a nut-free life would be impossible for me. I rely on them a lot. Oh, and wait: can you find tigernuts? They aren’t actual nuts but taste similar and are pretty healthy so that could be an option.
    Also, I want those Honey Mints. Or just Trader Joe’s over here in general.

  2. I hope your tummy feels better with no nuts! That is devastating, nuts are amazing. Have you tried activated nuts? They are soooo much better for your digestion, although expensive unless you do it yourself of course :)

  3. I’m having a similar realization with nuts, but I rely on Lara bars for snacks and although I can probably replace other things I’m not sure how to replace the bars! It seems like I can have nuts in small amounts and be okay, but snacking on trail mix is out sadly I think. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and bell peppers are also out now that I connected them to stomach problems. I really don’t want to discover anything else! At least I still have meat and eggs :)

  4. That stinks that you can’t eat nuts anymore! I know you said almond milk doesn’t seem to bother you but you might want to try hemp seed milk just to completely get nuts out of the picture so you are better able to understand your body when you start reintroducing nuts. Also, not sure if Canada has them but the Clif Kit Organic fruit+seed bars are amazzzzzzinnnng and have no nuts! :) the coconut + sesame flavor is to.die.for!

    1. Yes to hemp milk! I haven’t been able to find any recently but thank you for reminding me. I loveeee the Clif Kit seed bars but they are not in Canada yet. I am going to try and make my own… if they are successful I will surely post the recipe(s)

  5. Oh no! Nutfree would suck for me, cause obviously I am addicted to nutbutter.
    Bread is not my friend, but I still eat it sometimes, cause I love it. I don’t know if it is the gluten or not – anyway, I can not eat glutenfree bread, I think it tastes so weird.
    I don’t know if you can find tigernutbutter or tigernutflour (Chufa) there. It is naturally sweet and SO good – and it is not a nut.

  6. Hey hey! Have you every tried Rehydrate during workouts? It is all natural, has the BCAAs you want while you work out, and tastes great. I eat pretty similarly to you, and I loved how I felt adding that into my regimen.

  7. I talked more about this on my blog today! I don’t do great with nuts either. I can really only do a very small amount of they bother my stomach. But nut butters and almond flour I’m fine with. I am also realizing that grains affect my stomach more than I every thought. I don’t think I will cut them out completely but I am trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

  8. I wish I liked coconut water more-on one of my long runs I needed electrolytes so I spiked my water with coconut water-and then had the pleasure of gagging every time I needed water for the next 12 miles…

    1. Oh no! That sounds awful… I definitely enjoy coconut water more than that. Sorry to hear about that experience. Maybe just try adding some sea salt?

  9. That seedy banana bowl looks awesome ! Love that idea and definitely copying :) I can go a little crazy with the nut butter off of a spoon so that has been one of the things I’ve cut back on too, but I still keep almonds at my desk (in little portion sizes) for snacking between meetings in case I’m stuck.

  10. That ground beef, zucchini, sweet potato bowl looks fantastic! I’m lucky in that most things I eat sit well with me, except large quantities of milk (dairy) – but we probably shouldn’t be drinking it anyways AND I don’t like the taste. Almond milk for the win!

  11. I did a nut detox awhile back and felt better after. I just can’t give them up completely! I don’t have much of a reaction to them but do tend to over do it…. Do you ever put your coconut water in your protein smoothie? That’s the only liquid I use in smoothies these days. So good! I also use it to mix with my About Time protein powder. So good!

  12. Oh Amy! I feel your pain. I’m a peanut butter addict…the struggle is real. I admire that your going cold turkey. I’ve tried in the past but have found myself spoon deep in a jar standing in the middle of my kitchen after 2 weeks or so. I’ve found in smaller amounts it’s tolerable but if I go too far peanut butter gives me stomach aches.

    BUT YOU CAN DO THIS! Whatever makes you feel better is so worth it! xoxo

  13. awww girl I feel ya! I had to give up nut butter because I couldn’t eat it in moderation (I really did try!!) and it just wasn’t going well…as much as I love nuts they always make my gut hurt and it soooo easy to overdo it. I can do some things in moderation but not nuts apparently! good luck girl!

  14. Wow, no nuts. I have always thought about trying to eliminate them for a bit to see if I see a difference with anything. I eat them every single day – probably too much! Looking forward to hearing the difference you feel!

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