Back at It: Last Week’s Workouts

As if it is September! Where did the summer go?! So sad. I hate running in the cold. It’s not cold yet but I know it’s going to come eventually. Friggin Canada. I am already annoyed with all things pumpkin. People, it’s not even October. I seriously don’t get the obsession. Yes I eat it on occasion and I do like it but no you will never see me posting a pic of my #PSL – or drinking a PSL (or any latte ever for that matter). I watched the saddest/most wonderful movie last night – The Book Thief. Have you seen it? Oh my gosh. So many tears. Such a wonderful film. I need to start reading again for pleasure and not just nutrition stuff. Anyways, I got back into the swing of my workouts last week. How I missed CrossFit. I’m sorta coming to terms with the fact that I am really not going to improve that much in CrossFit stuff as I am focusing on running/marathon training. Such is life.



We warmed up with some mobility stuff and then did a circuit of front rack lunges, box jumps and hollow rocks.



I switched to using the red band for pull ups because it has less resistance than the one I was previously using… yay! So I seem to actually be getting stronger in this area. I am starting to work on my kipping pull-up motion – it’s so awk. I don’t remember what I got per AMRAP but I totaled 242 reps.



Sprint workout.
Warmup: 1 mile run
7 rounds of: 400m hill sprint + 5 push-ups + 10 tricep dips
Cool down: 10 minute bike

The hill is just at a park by my house – it is not very steep but still offers some resistance.







We worked on our snatch from 3 positions and then did a 14 EMOM of one rep. The heaviest I went was 55lbs. Such an awkward movement but I am getting there. Sean was helping me with my technique – especially my starting position. Stay low, shoulders back, butt down.



Death. I friggin hate double-unders (I have not been practicing). And pull-ups are still my weakness. So I reallyyyy need to work on them. I did 46 wall balls (with a 14lb ball), got through 40 double-unders and 6 rounds plus 1 pull-up of Cindy. Red band for the pull-ups… getting better. 367 reps. Meh.



15 minute bike + afternoon walk.

I really wanted to take it easy today and rest my legs to get ready for long-run-Saturday.



12 miles.

12 miles

Boo yeah! I’ve never run this far in a training run (I only ran up to 10 miles when training for my two halfs) so this was kinda cool. And the best part? It felt awesome and easy! Yes, easy. If I wasn’t meeting Marisa and Noah for brunch, I would have gone longer. But brunch was so delicious and our meet-up was so fun! I love good runs.



Olympic Lifting.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to the Sunday Oly class. We warmed up with a 1km run and then did some mobility. Next, we worked on our squat snatch technique (mine sucks… need to keep the bar closer to my body).

Then we warmed up our power clean, hang squat clean and jerk before doing this EMOM:

Sunday Oly Skills

It looks confusing but basically it is 3 continuous minutes of: 5 power cleans, 3 hang squat cleans, 1 power clean and jerk then 2 minutes rest x3… increasing weight each round. I used 55lbs then 65lbs then 75lbs.

To finish up, we did this WOD:

Sunday Oly Metcon

I used 45lbs for the power snatch complex and finished in 4:53. Yes I was last. With the lightest weight. Yes everyone was still cheering me on. Yay CrossFit.


Questions of the day…

Are you pumpkin obsessed? 


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15 thoughts on “Back at It: Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I don’t even want to think about fall! I just pretend it to be still Summer and I refuse to eat pumpkin for the bext few weeks :-)
    Yay for red band and 40 DU’s – that is great!!
    Oly exercises are so hard, I am having the slowest progress there ever.

  2. I am not pumpkin obsessed at all, but I do like pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup. HOWEVER, pumpkins are so freaking hard to cut and I can never find canned pumpkin, so I either do without or I buy some from the store (gasp, I know, store bought).

  3. I can see where the early pumpkin stuff gets annoying, but, I love pumpkin! I know it coming around in the fall makes it special, but I might be able to have it year round. It does feel better to wait at least until the crazy humidity breaks though. I haven’t gone there yet but I admit I’m excited to make some sort of pumpkin paleo latte thing or something.

    Every time I read about your crossfit workouts I vow I will try crossfit after my marathon! Awesome 12 mile run there too! Nothing better than having a long run feel GOOD for a nice boost in confidence and overall outlook :)

  4. Those are some serious workouts! I don’t do crossfit, but I love reading about another girl lifting :) It’s going into summer down under, so no pumpkin themed stuff here. Plus the Aussies aren’t as excited about pumpkin stuff as Americans. It’s more a savory veggie thing here.

  5. Awesome on the DUs!!! I got 2 last week and almost cried I was so excited ha! I have also come to the realization that I am not going to improve on my strength in crossfit if I don’t cut out some of the endurance. I am not training for a race or anything–mine is just that I am an endurance junkie. Going to try for a week and just see what happens…if I didn’t live in FL I would come run with you haha!

  6. Whew! Looks like a nice round up of workouts!! I’m not super pumpkin crazed, but I do like pumpkin! I’m with you too – lattes are not really my thing. They’re nice once in a while but not really worth the money all the time!

  7. Front rack lunges are the worst! Pumpkin stuff…
    You know, I don’t think anyone really likes the pumpkin. I think it’s the spices and it gets lumped into the “pumpkin” realm. However, I do like the autumn flavors, although it’s still too early. I had my first octoberfest beer this weekend and while it was delicious, it was still too early!

  8. I like pumpkin but I don’t think to the degree that other people love it. I’ve actually never even had a pumpkin spice latte, but I think I will continue to skip the sugar laden dessert drink lol. And honestly, when it comes down to it, hot chocolate with some whipped cream is the key to my heart. I remember when I was living in Canada, I would always go to Second Cup for their hot chocolate – so yum.

  9. I love pumpkin, but people are killing me with jumping the gun. I hate when anything seasonal blows up too early, because by the time the real season hits you’re sick of it. John and I have instituted a “no pumpkin until October” policy because we both feel the same way. Annnnd congrats on your twelve miles!! I’m attempting 11 later today and do not have high hopes since i haven’t ran more than 2 miles in… er… 12 days? Whoops.

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