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So this post is kind of a cop out. I’m sorry. I had good intentions to do a “Back to School Real Food” post but that didn’t happen. Things have been busy. Like really busy. I know, I know: everyone is busy. Yes that’s true. But blogging is my hobby and I definitely don’t want to disappear (don’t worry) but I’ve had to prioritize a few things ahead of the Little Honey Bee: school (because I need/want to study, pass my exams and become legit); work (because I need/want to make some money); and life (because I need/want to have some friends, a social life and explore some new opportunities… like some more coaching!) Forgive me and my lack of recipes and creativity.

Anyways, I’ve finally compiled a list of frequently asked questions (because I swear, I get the same questions five billion times) and wanted to share them with you today. Seriously. Love ya but come onnnnnnn. I’m working on updating my about page because it needs a facelift – it’s almost done. So that’s what I got today. But if you want back to school tips check out this post from last year (it’s kinda funny re-reading old posts and seeing how I have changed). Otherwise here we go… your need-to-know Little Honey Bee questions… kidding.

1. Who came up with your blog name and what does it mean?

My friend Ruby helped me come up with the name! I wanted my blog’s name to represent me:

Little: I am five feet small tall.

Honey: I have a bit of a sweet tooth but honey is my ‘sugar’ of choice.

Bee: I don’t sting, but I’m pretty busy.


2. When do you post?

I post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As much as I would love to blog more often, this is what my schedule allows.


3. Why did you start blogging? 

I started The Little Honey Bee in May 2013 when I graduated from Emerson College and moved back home to Toronto. They say to start new hobbies when you undergo change, so that’s just what I did! I started blogging so I could share my experiences in healthy living (and discover my definition of health), get creative in the kitchen (and post the successful creations), get sweaty (and recap those adventures), share my story (and figure out life in the process). I was still figuring out a lot of this “healthy stuff” but wanted to share my healthy living story and passion for fitness and nutrition so I started to write. Through many trials and changes, I think I’ve got it figured out now: I have discovered the power of nourishing my body with real food and exercising to find strength and confidence.


4. What camera do you use?

I take pictures with my iPhone 5. I edit photos using the VSCO Cam app and PicMonkey.

Posts about food photography:

Grain Free Pancakes2


5. What nutrition program are you in and where are you completing it? What will be your certification? What will you do upon completion? 

I am completing the Nutritional Consulting program with Alive Academy. The program has two parts. I will be a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) after the first part but when I graduate the entire program, I will be a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP). 

Upon certification, I will open my own private practice called Honey Bee Health & Nutrition and work with clients in order to help them achieve their nutrition and health goals. I also hope to work in the sports nutrition field – working with athletes. Stay tuned for more information about Honey Bee Health & Nutrition – coming January 2015!

6. Can you make me a meal plan?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Once I am certified, of course! Stay tuned for January 2015.

Posts about nutrition consulting:

Sports Nutrition Course


7. What is your approach to eating and what do you eat? 

I believe in eating real food – you know, the food that’s always been food (none of that chemical filled stuff). Food should be nutritious and eaten in order to fuel our body and better our health. My diet consists of: lots of organic fruits and veggies, organic chicken, wild fish, properly raised meat, organic free-range eggs, nuts, seeds, oils; properly prepared grains, beans and legumes; and lots of dark chocolate. I have eliminated processed foods and added sugars from my diet. I am mainly gluten free and dairy free – I do enjoy a cinnamon bun or ice-cream every now and again! I make my food choices based on what feels best for my body and what works for me physically and intellectually.

Once a week, I typically post a “what I ate” post featuring a selection of recent eats or a day of food.

Posts about my food philosophy and what I eat:

What I Ate Collage

8. When do you workout and how often do you workout? What do you do? 

I typically workout in the morning (anywhere from 5:30am to 9am – depending on my schedule) six days per week. My favorite ways to stay in shape are through CrossFitrunning and yoga. I also like to go to spinning classes and I’m always discovering new ways to have fun and stay active. I believe that moving our bodies is imperative to our physical and emotional health. I have found strength, confidence and joy in working out. 

Posts about my workouts and getting started with fitness:


Workouts Collage June 2014.jpg

9. What do you eat before a workout?

Before CrossFit, I typically eat a hard boiled egg and some cashews. Before a run (depending on the length), I eat 1-2 eggs, 1/2-1 avocado and 1/2 a sweet potato.


10. What do you eat after a workout?

I drink a smoothie with almond milk, a banana and protein powder 

 after my workout and then 1-2 hours later have a full meal consisting of lean protein, vegetables and (depending on the workout) more starchy carbs.

PWO Smoothie


11. What are some of your favorite snacks?

Just to name a few: hard boiled eggs, bananas, homemade energy bites, tuna and pickles, avocado, apple with almond butter… check out this post for lots more on snacking.

Posts about snacking and snack ideas:

Snack Collage


12. What skin and beauty products do you use? 

I strive to use as natural products as possible (coconut and grapeseed oil, apple cider vinegar, etc). My current skin and body routine is all outlined in this post.

Posts about my skin:


13. What is food prep? 

Food prep means cooking/preparing food in advance. On the weekend, I always prepare food like my pre/post workout snacks, lunches, veggies and other things for quick n easy meals. Healthy eating really comes down to being prepared.

Posts about food prep:

 Food prep May 31, 2014.jpg


Have a great weekend!


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  1. I love this FAQ, it has helped me grow a little bit closer to you :) This is a short comment because I don’t have much to say but rest assured I still enjoyed this post a lot.

  2. This was a great post and you should give yourself credit for doing all that you are! I love looking at all your good photos and will look at some of your tips for photography since I really need some help with it. I love your balanced and natural but not obsessive approach to food and exercise. Plus it’s great to hear about how you manage your blog along with everything else in your life.

  3. I enjoyed this post for the link back to your photography tips. I can’t always have recipes about bacon (which sell themselves) so I better do better! =)

    With that said, what camera do you use again?

  4. Such an amazing post. Definitely something to remember to reference if a question comes up that I know you’ve answered. =) Can’t wait for your Honey Bee business to start. I’ll be the first in line. =)

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