What I Ate on Monday

I wonder if I’m going to get tired of taking pictures of my food? Until then, let’s do this. What I ate on Monday. Hardly exciting but everyone is nosy and likes to know what other people eat. That’s cool. I like sharing what I eat because I know it gives you wonderful people ideas. Yes? Yes. So let’s get to it.

My stomach has not been wanting food in the mornings so I didn’t eat anything before CrossFit. Not the end of the world. After the workout, I obvs was starving so drank my post-workout smoothie

when I got home at around 8am.

Post workout smoothie

Then I made a more substantial breakfast at around 9am: shredded chicken

, zucchini and salsa.

Chicken zucc salsa

I was still kinda hungry so about an hour later had a Larabar for a little snack.


I studied the rest of the morning before having lunch at around 1pm: leftover beef burger, 2 sunny-side-up eggs and a green apple. Random and lacking veggies but it worked.

Eggs burger apple

I did some writing in the afternoon and snacked on some cashews.


Then I fell asleep. True story: I passed out for like 20 minutes before dinner. I ate a few baby carrots while I was making dinner and then sat down to a bowl of ground beef, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and salsa at around 6pm.

Beef peppers mushroom spinach salsa

Chilled at night, watched some Emmy’s red carpet and ate a sweet potato while watching MasterChef. I’m loving my sweet potato in the evening. Sorry for the terrible lighting.

Sweet potato

And that did it. I also seem to be back on the “What I Ate Wednesday” bandwagon so back to linking up with Jenn and her food party!

Questions of the day…

What’s your favorite evening snack?


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26 thoughts on “What I Ate on Monday

  1. You know that I love your brownies as my evening snack! but I’ve also been loving your almond flour cookies this week! Um my husband and I ate the whole batch already since Sunday and he is requesting more…so you know they’re good! But when I’m not eating baked stuff like that I love eating cherries as an evening snack!

  2. Favorite evening snack…hmm not sure! It’s not really a snack, but I honestly love curling up and relaxing with a hot mug of herbal tea. It’s totally satisfying and makes me ready for bed!!

  3. I can’t keep Larabars in my house!! Way too addicting and they set off my sweet tooth!! But my husband loves them and I’m trying to make sure he stays on the healthy train! I wanted to see what your thoughts are on zone blocks with Paleo and Crossfit. Have you ever tried it or heard any feedback???

    1. I’ve never tried Zone but have definitely heard a lot about it. I think that it could be a good starting point for figuring out food quantity. While it is much better than counting calories or Weight Watcher’s points, it still reminds me of it and I think doing a Whole 30 or something along those lines might be a more positive experience in figuring out your body’s needs. But… everyone is different and I know people who have done Zone and found success!

  4. I like that your still keeping your breakfast savory. Looks tasty. I love Masterchef btw! It’s kind of addicting. MMMMM..yogurt has been my evening snack of choice, sometimes with some pretzels. :)

    Keep the food pics coming!

  5. Yummmm this all looks super good. Did I mention I just started eating a bit of beef again? After TEN YEARS of not eating it at all. Oh yeah, finding my balance again big time. So the fact that your day included a burger annnnd ground beef actually looks amazingly yummy to me. Burger + eggs = yes, please!

  6. I’m not a huge evening snacker because I go to bed so early (grandma status). But when I am up a little later, I love a little spoonful of PB :)

  7. Amy those eggs look like absolute perfection. Yolk porn right there.
    I tried larabars once and I loved them! I would love to get my hands on a carrot cake number right now!
    You know my love for cashews… I think I need a cashew ban, I get through them at a ridiculous rate ;)

  8. All of your meals look fantastic! I’m definitely checking out the shredded chicken recipe :) And sweet potatoes for dessert? Brilliant! I need to get a whole bunch this weekend and will be doing that asap!

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