Coaching is a Workout: Last Week’s Workouts

Hi guys, I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a lot of sleep and eating to catch up on – this past week really took it out of me. I am still on such a high… so proud of these girls!


As for workouts, well I did not have a lot of energy to do a whole lot… which was totally okay by me. I didn’t want to over-exert myself and yes I totally believe coaching is a workout: two games Monday, two games Tuesday, one Wednesday and one Thursday. I literally sweat buckets.

Amy Coaching

Here’s what last week looked like:


Swim workout.

3 rounds of: 10 lengths, 20 air squats (in the water), 10 tricep presses








5ish mile run.

5 miles

The hotel gave me this map and it actually turned out to be a really nice run.



Quick WOD.

5 rounds of: 400m run, 25 air squats, 10 push-ups




Rest… travel day back to Toronto.




I can’t remember the last time I went to yoga. I went to a 75 minute hot vinyassa class and it was glorious.



10 mile run.

10 miles

This was my longest run in awhileeeee and it overall felt really good. My knee felt a bit sore at times but I hopped on the bike afterwards, stretched and iced.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to Crossfit this week and back to my marathon training schedule.


Questions of the day… 

How often do you take rest days? Do you have same weeks that just feel really “blah”? 


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18 thoughts on “Coaching is a Workout: Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Love the pics of you coaching! Congrats!!
    I also love that the hotel has a Running Map. Such a great idea!
    I take 2 full restdays a week. And oh yes, I have weeks where I feel I can’t do a workout right. That’s a sign for me to take a longer break.

  2. Again, massive congrats on last week! Such an amazing job!
    I always take two rest days a week. But when life gets mental and things get in the way sometimes an extra workout has to give. You have to listen to your body :)

  3. looks like you had a blast coaching!
    I constantly have to remind myself that blah weeks are ok and it’s my body trying to tell me something. also when I get back at it, I usually crush my workouts so that’s always nice!

  4. Awesome job! Congrats coach! I need you to coach me through a wod sometime. I think your intensity would help me PR! And that’s cool that the hotel had a running map, never seen that before but then again I have never asked for one because running is for the birds and gazelles. =)

  5. I adore your coaching intensity!!! I feel you… I tend to lose my voice then pass out on the couch after meets and games. I think it’s great to rest and def to the BLAH days. How was that hot yoga..75 minutes is boss status!

  6. Awesome work. =) The coaching pictures? AMAZING. Love it. And take those rest days! I had a week like that in…July? And I took the break. I actually didn’t look forward to going to the gym — so I didn’t. And when I came back? I felt so so much better. Taking a week off is sometimes good too!

  7. Funny enough last weeks workouts were blah for me too. I didn’t do any routine workout Thursday-Sunday but spent all of those days venturing (re: walking!) everywhere around my city.

    LOVE the candid shots by the way! I need you cheering me on at work for motivation haha! :)

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