Real Food Travel: What I Ate in Detroit

Hi guys, so I’m on my way back to Toronto after a crazy week of bball and fun. I am so proud of the team: we went 6-0 in the tournament – winning the gold medal game yesterday! Such an incredible feeling, I can’t even describe it. You can check out a pic of the team here.

I’m exhausted and totally need the weekend to recharge. I’m so glad that I brought lots of food with me on this trip because the options weren’t great and given our schedule it was hard to get away to eat. I often found it hard to eat because I was so nervous before games (like literally not trying to throw up) or after games I was mostly focussing on making sure my team ate, drank water, etc. I really felt the effects of the lack of sleep, lots of stress and proper nutrition – lots of headaches this week and overall exhausting. Anyways, here’s what I prepared/ate.

Before I left to Detroit, I picked up my groceries from The Healthy Butcher.

Detroit Groceries

Then I came home and spent about an hour and a half boiling, grilling, washing, chopping and bagging.

Here’s what I did:

  • Hard boiled 7 eggs [directions]
  • Grilled 4 chicken breasts
  • Grilled 4 beef burgers
  • Washed 4 green apples
  • Washed and cut 1 bag of celery
  • Washed, peeled and cut 1 bag of carrots
  • Washed and cut 6 bell peppers
  • Washed and cut 2 cucumbers

I waited for the eggs to cool before putting them in a tupperware and also waited for the meat to cool before wrapping them in plastic wrap. Then I made 5 baggies of celery and carrots and 5 baggies of cucumber and peppers.

Detroit Food Prep

I wanted to have my post-workout snack, breakfasts, lunches and other emergency snacks taken care of. So this is what I planned:

  • Post-workout snack: hard boiled egg + banana
  • Breakfast: chicken breast + celery and carrots
  • Lunch: beef burger + cucumber and peppers
  • Emergency snacks: apples, eggs, bars, nut butter packs

I packed everything in this cooler bag and threw in a few ice packs to keep the meat, chicken and eggs cold on the drive.

Cooler bag

On the bus I brought an almost empty salsa jar filled with ground beef and zucchini (made the night before).

Beef and zucc

I also chowed down on a chicken breast and some carrots and cucumber.

Chicken and veggies

When we got to the hotel, I put all of my food in the fridge.

Most mornings I woke up and had a piece of fruit (apple or banana) and a hard boiled egg.

Egg and apple

Then I brought the rest of my food for the day in my coaching bag. For breakfast (usually when we got to the gym and were watching other games) I had a beef burger and peppers and cucumber. Sometimes I could only eat half.

Burger and veggies

Then we would play and I would calm down and try to stomach a chicken breast, carrots and celery.

Chicken and veggies2

The afternoons were kind of crazy and my priority was always making sure my team got food, but I would usually have a Larabar and another piece of fruit.


Dinners were supplied by the tournament so I’d eat what was there. Honestly, the meat quality looked so questionable so I was sticking to veggies. I sometimes ate another Larabar and hard boiled egg – definitely not “enough” but it’s what I had to work with. We did go out to a great steakhouse one night – I got the cornish hen, sweet potato and green beans. Too awkward to take a picture so I didn’t

Oh… and then there was some vodka.


You know I’m not a huge drinker at allllll but I have to say: after a long and stressful day, sitting down to a drink (or two) with the other coaches was really enjoyable. Vodka and veggies people :)

So that’s how I prepared and what I have been eating (and drinking) this week. Some of the other coaches totally made fun of me but whatever. It makes it all worth it when I see the girls on the team caring about how they fuel their bodies and telling me that: “instead of a bagel before the game I had eggs just like you recommended!” So proud of my girls for so many reasons – this was such a wonderful experience and I have really fallen in love with coaching.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Questions of the day…

How do you travel healthy?


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20 thoughts on “Real Food Travel: What I Ate in Detroit

  1. First off – Massive congratulations Lady – you are an awesome coach!! You should be so proud of yourself and your girls :)
    Second – Looks like you could be a future coach/team sports nutritionist ;) – Like it!
    Third I am so proud you did what you wanted to do with food despite other coaches making fun – amazing. I am the same and will pack some snacks I know I will eat incase I cannot find anything to eat. I know people say relax and let go but for whole week you need some goodness too :)

  2. Congratulations! Well done! :) Such a fabulous finish to end on, and a great accolade to add to your coaching achievements :) Surely the sign of future success.

    Props not only for food prep, but for recycling the salsa jar. My inner frugal mother is very proud :P

  3. I’m so impressed by your organization! We’re going away next week and although I won’t be able to bring so much for myself, it helps to see your cart so I can get the basics. We’re going to a rented house and need to bring food anyway so it will be A LOT for the whole family. I like the idea of using empty jars because I always seem to run out of containers.

    Also congrats on the win! What an amazing feeling! You’re clearly an awesome coach :)

  4. Congrats on the win!! Looks like you were extremely prepared with food. I am struggling right now with not obsessing over what I eat, because I think THAT’S unhealthy, and also eating more than just all the free food I’ve been getting lately (aka pizza and cold cuts). I’m sure I’ll find a balance soon (at least I hope so)!

  5. This is incredible. Now if only I had a lot of options for what to bring with me on my travels to India… but at least I know I’ll be eating well with you in Toronto ;) I’ll email you this weekend so we can make a plan to meet up over (U.S.) Labor Day Weekend!! xo

  6. That’s awesome that you’re being a role model for your kids! It can be tempting when you’re a kid to just fill up on chips and other fun kid-like snacks, just because it’s convenient and that’s what everyone else seems to be eating. And don’t worry about the other coaches making fun of you… they’re secretly wishing they were as fit and healthy as you :)

  7. Congrats to your team! I still fondly remember my days of high school summer basketball fondly. I travel internationally and domestically a LOT. It’s not easy to travel that much and eat healthy, but I do the best I can. I always pack healthy snacks and I know what sorts of things are easy to find in airports.

  8. Congrats!! I’m glad you’re really loving what you’re doing! You’re such a good role model for those girls too!! Great job with all of the food prep, that is so awesome!!! Dedication. :)

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