Happy Runs & Pretty Watches: Last Week’s Workouts

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Hope you are soaking up the last bit of summer (sad face).

I’m actually in Detroit as you are reading this (arrived yesterday) and will be here all week coaching my girlies at our tournament – wish us luck! The week is pretty jam packed – we have 5-6 games and a bunch of other activities (community service, evening programs). I am super nervous but trying to stay positive and confident. I mean, I’ve played enough games but coaching feels totally different.

Anyways, here’s a quick recap of last week’s workouts:


CrossFit x2 – 6:30am & 7:30am Foundations class

Warm-up was a 1,000m run (aka 1km)

Found a heavy 20 rep back squat max… 85 lbs for me.



My knees hate pistols so I did them holding onto a pole of the rig. I also really need to work on keeping the bar closer to my body (and hitting my quads) on my cleans. Got 3 rounds + 28 reps… two toes to bar short of 4 rounds… grrrr!

After the WOD I ate a bit, caught my breath and then did the Foundations class with my friend who was trying CrossFit for the first time. Started off with a 800m run, 2 minute max effort skip, leg and shoulder mobility. Then we did an 8 minute EMOM of strict press with the bar and goblet squats with a dumb-bell.

The Foundations WOD was a modification of Cindy:


I subbed chin-ups for the pull-ups. 5 rounds + 5 chin-ups.



Speed + park workout

I almost got rained out but thankfully mother nature cooperated. Here’s what I did:

Warm-up: 1 mile run

Then… 5 rounds of: 500m sprint, 5 pull-ups, 10 air-squats, 5 pull-ups (pull-ups done with band)

Cool-down: 1 mile run + 20 minutes on bike

I didn’t bring my watch. Speed work is turning into my favorite way to run/train!




We warmed up (deep squat hold + burpees) and then did a ton of front rack lunges (I used 65lbs) and hollow rocks.



Worst. The class was pretty full so there weren’t enough rowers so I had to flip the row and the run. I ran the mile (in like 6 minutes), nearly cried through the pull-ups (using the band obvs), did the snatch at 45lbs (that was too light), then rowed 1,000m (in 5:06). Holy hell my legs were on fire. Finished the whole WOD in 20:06.

I stayed afterwards to work on my pull-ups and the kip. I want to get pull-ups so badly.



Rest. My legs were dead.



8 miles + cool-down on bike

8 miles
Garmin Forerunner15

I switched my schedule around because Saturday called for thunderstorms so I ran Friday morning. This run made me really happy… it just felt good!



4 miles + cool-down on bike

4 miles
Garmin Forerunner 10

Well, it didn’t rain! So I ran a few shake-out miles.

As much as I love to hate running with my Garmin watch(es), they are truly a great product. More often than not, I need to know my distance and I couldn’t do that without a running watch. I’ve tried apps on my phone and I just don’t find them to be as accurate. As long as I don’t obsess over my time/speed, me + my Garmin(s) have a happy relationship.

I bought the Garmin Forerunner 10 (the pink watch) when training for my first half marathon and other than it sometimes taking forever to find my location, I have loved using it. But lately I have been running with the Garmin Forerunner 15 (the teal watch) and I absolutely love it! The GPS is super quick, it tracks steps, energy and looks adorable. I even use the stopwatch function when coaching. It’s more of an overall fitness watch than “just” for running. I highly recommend it and the colors are super cute!



Rest… aka sat on a bus with 45 kids on the five hour drive to Detroit.


Phew okay gotta run, food party coming your way on Wednesday!


Disclaimer: Garmin sent me the Forerunner 15 free of charge, however (as always), all opinions are my own. 


Questions of the day… 

What’s up in your fitness world? Anything new and exciting?!  


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20 thoughts on “Happy Runs & Pretty Watches: Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Love the WOD’s!! My big goal are the butterfly pull ups – still such a long way to go.
    Happy that you are happier with your running again!
    Good luck with the tournaments and have fun!!

  2. What!!! You’re in the D!!?? Stop by Windsor and visit me! I read your blog everyday!! Well,….whenever there’s a new post :)

  3. Good luck to you and your girls!! I’ve never owned a watch like that before, I could imagine how much it helps! I love the fact that it’s more than a running watch since I’m not a big runner. :)

  4. Good luck in the tourney! I am super jealous of your Garmins! I’ve been wanting one so badly. Carrying my iPhone gets so annoying and mapmyrun can be glitchy (I mean, it’s free, so I get what I pay for right?). My fitness world is feeling very up in the air right now. Obviously I’m training for the half, but with a month left, I’m starting to think a lot about what’s next and realizing I have NO idea!

  5. Ahh my knees have been hating pistol squats too! One of the trainers at the gym I’ve been going to suggested that I start using a suspension trainer so that I am more stable when I try them.
    Also, love your Garmin! I’ve had some issues with mine for the past couple years, and fortunately MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) has replaced it under warranty. The heart rate monitor has also been acting up, either reading my HR to be 90 or 210 when I’m running, which is most definitely NOT right…

  6. Glad to hear that you’re having some good runs, lately! Both of those watches are so cute, I would never be able to decide between the colours. I think there’s a purple one too, that I just love! I’m surprised that you think it’s more accurate than using your phone, though. Are you on an iPhone? I find that the iPhone is better at picking up a GPS signal right away, and I’ve actually run with both – my phone and my Garmin at the the same time and found that they were pretty much bang on (I like doing experiments like that…haha). My biggest hesitation with running with my phone was not wanting to carry it around, but I was starting to take it with me on runs anyway for emergencies and photo taking duties :) So once I got used to that, I actually find myself preferring it to my Garmin.

  7. As always great workouts! Good luck in Detroit! I just got a new heart rate monitor from Blogfest that sinks to an app on my iPhone. It’s pretty cool but I need to get used to using it. I forgot it yesterday after I got all excited to use it! Oops!

  8. That teal watch is adorable! My Garmin is like the first version ever made so it’s big, dark, and clunky. And finding a 20 rep max back squat sounds terrible..I would not be able to walk after that!

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