My (Almost) Natural Skin & Body Care Routine

If you’re new around here (hello, so glad to have ya!) you may have missed reading about my story (and struggle) I’ve had with my skin. In case you want to catch up on all the blackheads, whiteheads, Accutane, low-self-esteem… you can read that post here. But long story short: I tried it all and still struggled with acne. It wasn’t until ditching birth control and all my lotions and potions to instead focusing on nourishing my body with nutrient-dense, real food as well as using more gentle, natural remedies that I’ve actually found sustained success and confidence with my skin and in my skin. Phew, that’s a mouthful.

My skin is still not “perfect” in my eyes, but on more days than not, I am very happy (ahem, consistency not perfection). Sometimes I get some pimples around my mouth or on my jaw line or even on my chest… but I can usually attribute this to things that I know don’t agree with my body: running (yup, the added stress and change in hormones), alcohol, ice-cream, beans, stress, sugar and even nuts/seeds. I can also attribute them to my wandering, “picking” hands. Ew, gross. As if I talk about this! I used to be sooo ashamed of my skin. It truly effected me and I bet you’d probably tell me it wasn’t even ever “that bad. Maybe not, but learning to embrace it because it is a part of what makes me, me has been important. I’m hoping blogging about it might help you.

I have previously mentioned about my attempts with “natural” beauty products – I use natural loosely because the word is not a regulated term so really anyone can slap a natural label on their product and call it a day. But I have gotten a few emails and questions about what products I use and my “skincare routine” so I thought this post is fitting.

This is what I am doing as of right now. As usual, I am always experimenting to see what works best for me – I encourage you to do the same… and don’t give up… it takes time to figure things out and I am not “done” figuring it out either.

Amy skin Aug 2014
Last week… post run… no filter/edits… no face makeup (leftover eyeliner)

Face: I love Skin Essence products – they are full of wonderful oils. Putting oil on my face used to scare me but it works wonders! I just splash my face with warm water when I wake up then wash my face twice a day (in the shower in the morning, before bed in the evening) with warm water and this facewash. After washing (I do not dry my face), I mix a bit of apple cider vinegar (this one) with water and use a cotton pad to dab it on my face and chest (Edited in 2015: I have found the ACV to be a bit too harsh so am rarely using it). Then I use a few drops of this oil to moisturize.

Face products

Body: I wash my body with a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap. I use coconut oil to moisturize my body but I rarely remember to moisturize. I use a deodorant by Jason – ingredients seem legit and I don’t smell.

Hair: The “no-poo” method did not go well for me. (No-poo = baking soda and apple cider vinegar). I tried. For my hair, I also use Jason products: just a basic shampoo and conditioner. As I said, Jason products seem pretty legit and they do the trick: clean, nice-smelling hair.

Other: I still use “conventional” drugstore makeup (eyeliner, mascara) and regular nail polish. Oops. I take off my eye makeup with grapeseed oil. I rarely use face makeup (only when I’m “going out”). When I do, I use a minimal amount of MAC foundation/concealer if I need to cover something up and NARS bronzer if I look pale.

Vitamins/Minerals: Refer to this post – it outlines what supplements I am currently taking.

Hair and body products

I hope this is helpful – let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer them!


Questions of the day…

What are some of your favorite skin/body/beauty products? 



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18 thoughts on “My (Almost) Natural Skin & Body Care Routine

  1. I’m so much more cautious of what I put on my skin now that I know my liver has to take it aol in and detox the bad. :(

  2. I love the leftover eye makeup comment ;) I ALWAYS end up having “leftovers” in the morning, haha! I also love the Jason brand. My dad got me hooked on the tea tree oil for it’s natural anti-microbial agents and I try to use it as a body wash most days.

  3. Great tips, Amy! There are a lot of good natural products out there. Some essential oils are great for skin, too (on my brain since I was posting about them today). Your skin is beautiful – looks like what you’re doing is working!

  4. Amy thanks for this! It couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I’m currently trying to figure out a skin care routine that’s more “natural” but haven’t figured out how to keep my skin clear that way. I’ve always had a small amount of acne that definitely seems to be connected to hormones, but it can also be unpredictable. Initially paleo really helped with my skin (like no breakouts for months) but over the summer (and perhaps since putting on a little muscle?) it’s gotten oilier with clogged pores. It seems like we might have similar skin (just by looking, it looks familiar!) so I’m happy to get your recommendations!

  5. I’ve always had acne prone skin as well. Some of my favorite natural skin care products are just plain old coconut oil to remove make-up and I also use it as a moisturizer in the evening. I also like the Jason products and the shampoo/conditioner from Dessert Essence.

  6. I love Dr. Bronners soap! I recently started using it as bodywash (I use the liquid). Also started using bar-Bronners to make DIY laundry soap!
    I tried the no-poo; I loved the idea, but my hair just felt weak.. I didn’t have the patience to wait it out or try and perfect it. I use a sulfate-free shampoo now by Loreal but only was about once a week. If it’s feeling grungy, sometimes I’ll do a rinse with Dr. Bronners. :) Miracle stuff!

    I’ll have to look at those face products; I’ve been using Lush moisturizer and really like that. When you use coconut oil, do you just do it straight up? I feel it would be really greasy?

  7. You are bloody beautiful without make up anyway girl! Skin is looking great!
    I love the Jason range. I especially love their toothpaste haha.
    I have an awesome deodorant and moisturiser by Dr Organic (a range in a health shop here), that I love.
    I am yet to find a decent natural mascara and don’t bother with face makeup either unless I am going aaaat out ;) !

  8. Thanks for this post, Amy! I just ordered three items from Skin Essence. :) I’ve been meaning to switch to more natural products for awhile, and your beautiful skin convinced me!

  9. When you struggle with acne it can be daunting to switch you routine in case you break out! I love the Malki mudd mask soap (i stock up on it in the uk) and i love a good clay mask!

  10. I like the Jason products too… I’ve used their shampoo before & it’s pretty good. I also think it was a pretty good seller at the nutrition store I used to work at. There’s also another brand… Giovani, I think, that a lot of people really liked for hair. Personally, I’m too chicken to try the no-poo method… just been trying to cut back on my washings, but not look like a grease ball. lol ;)

  11. Uhm your skin… FLAWLESS. I also want your tan but with my pasty blonde haired self that ain’t gonna happen.
    I was so skeptical of the whole “natural” products thing. I’ve used Olay for 12 years (since sixth grade!! whaaa?) but I ran out one night and I had read that raw honey could be a face wash so I said screw it lets give it a try. Haven’t looked back since. My face has seriously never been this clear since I was a kid. Now the question is, how do I clear up these darn acne scars… I want to try the coconut oil moisturizing but I’m afraid it’ll be greasy and won’t absorb.. :/

  12. You are beautiful and I really appreciate this post! I experimented with one natural brand that didn’t work for me recently, and I’m seriously considering getting this Skin Essence stuff per your recommendation … free shipping to all of North America if >$50! Thank you!!

  13. So glad you are still feeling happier in your skin! You are positively glowing in your post-run pic (and I love your “leftover eyeliner” reference, that’s me every day lol).

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