What I Ate Last Wednesday & Last Week’s Workouts

Hi guys, happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend. Just a head’s up that next week I am going to start splitting these “what I ate” and “weekly workouts” posts into two days: Mondays will be last week’s workouts, Wednesday will be what I ate. Then Fridays will be a recipe, nutrition, or a random ramble. I think this will be a lot better – hope it’s okay with you too :)

Sidenote: I’m totally in love with my recent polish change. The first coat is Essie’s “Marshmallow” and the second coat is OPI’s “Funny Bunny” (then a top coat). Okay, enough girly talk… food time. As per the title, this is what I ate (okay, and did) last Wednesday:

I woke up at 5:30am (I’ve been working from home recently so I’ve sometimes been getting a bit of a later start to my day), got ready, popped some BCAAs, ate a pre-WO hard boiled egg at 6am on my way to 6:30am CrossFit.

Hard boiled egg in car

Then I lifted some heavy things (see below), headed home, swallowed more BCAAs and drank my post-WO smoothie (almond milk, banana, protein powder)

at 8:15am.

Post workout smoothie

Showered, caught up on e-mails, studied and worked a bit before having an actual breakfast at 9:30am: 3 chicken sausages, broccoli and some carrots. Last week, a bunch of you asked me about why I have been splitting my breakfast into two. I gave you pretty crappy answers because I don’t have a good one. I just don’t always feel like eating a ton right away so I sometimes split it up throughout the morning. Today, I just had a “bigger” (relative term) breakfast.

Chicken sausages broccoli carrots

Worked some more but got hungry at 11:30am. I wasn’t ready for “lunch” so had a quick snack plate: 1/2 a red pepper, few slices of cucumber and chopped liver. Chopped liver recipe coming your way… I know you’re excited.

Veggies and chopped liver

Studied for a few hours before sitting down to some lunch at 1:45pm: approx. 1/3 lb ground beef, brussels sprouts, spaghetti squash and tomato sauce

Beef spag squash brussels tomato sauce

Worked throughout the rest of the afternoon and had a sweet potato at 4pm. I knew I was going out for dinner but wanted to make sure I got some more carbs in me – just in case the restaurant didn’t have starchy veggies or other options.

Sweet potato

I went out to dinner with Liz to Tabule. It was absolutely delicious. We both ordered kabobs but split them (beef and chicken) alongside delicious roasted veggies (ate around 7pm). It was really great to catch up with Liz… she’s awesome, a 4x marathoner and really helped alleviate some of my running stresses (thank you all for the kind words on Friday).

Tabule dinner

I wasn’t stuffed when I got home and of course wanted something sweet – a cold, creamy, heavenly (okay blissful) Coconut Bliss bar was the perfect way to end the day (9pm).

Coconut bliss




I did 20 lengths (breast stroke) in the pool. I’m actually a terrible swimmer (I feel like my breast stroke is really like doggy paddle) but I have been loving it as active/”non-pounding” recovery.



Sprints + mini park workout:

Warm-up: 1 mile run

Then… 4 rounds of: 500m sprint, 3 chin-ups, 10 air-squats, 5 “kips”

Cool-down: 1 mile run + 20 minutes on bike

I didn’t bring my watch.




The Metric Tonne.

It’s a 15 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 1 deadlift, 1 backsquat and 1 jerk (from the rack). So you do each of those exercises 5 times over the course of the 15 mins trying to add weight to accumulate as many “tonnes” as possible. 1 lb = 1 point. Your score = the total amount of weight you lift. I’ve done the Metric Tonne twice before – it’s been motivating and frustrating.

Metric Tonne

I totalled 1700. My heaviest deadlift was 185lbs (10lb PR); heaviest backsquat was 135lbs (10lb PR); heaviest split jerk was 85lbs (attempted 90lbs… failed… no PR).



5 (happy) miles. Is it ironic that my 2.5 mile turnaround is at a McDonald’s? I hate smelling hashbrowns while running. I hopped on the bike for a 20 minute cool-down post-run… knee felt good and I was happy.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




20 minutes. Breaststroke. Didn’t count number of lengths.



6 miles.

I ran with a friend along the Beltline – which was a wonderful change in scenery and a beautiful route!

The Beltline

It was great to run with someone – and chat rather than listening to podcasts. I was also super impressed/surprised with our pacing! I don’t remember the last sub-9 minute mile I ran so that felt great. I thought I should have run further but the speedy and enjoyable 6 miles felt just right.

6 miles



Olympic lifting.

Yesterday was a heavy day – lots of reps. But I really like that to work on my technique. I stayed light for the skills and drills.

Oly Skills


Blaise Special

I modified the weight to be 55+65+75. Finished in 11:53… holy cow it was exhausting.

Also snapped a pic in my Fit Girl Clothing tank… #ownthatbutt

Amy Fit Girl Tank

Support their kickstarter here – I cannot wait to try their jeans!


Questions of the day… 

What have your workouts looked like lately? What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?


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27 thoughts on “What I Ate Last Wednesday & Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I love that you got some enjoyable runs in! I split breakfast too! Smoothie at 7am (which I just boshed) then some oats and nut butter around 10am. Just means I can have a later lunch around 1.30pm as I don’t get to eat dinner until around 8pm!
    Best thing I ate this weekend… A delicious brunch of salmon and eggs on Sat! Best workout… Good strength session before said brunch :)

  2. Hell yes for the chopped liver recipe – I’ve made it once, and loved it! So keen to explore more cuts of meat I’ve shied away from now :)

    Your inclusion of raw red pepper (as well as carrot sticks, sliced cucumber and boiled eggs) as part of your eats. It makes me feel like my snacking habits aren’t so weird after all :)

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed the chopped liver recipe! I made a few adjustments to it after making it a few times over the last few weeks (it’s all about the texture!) so look for it Wednesday :) Your snacking habits do not seem weird at all… they seem just perfect! Love raw veggies.

  3. That Sweet POtato looks so perfect. I’m craving this now!

    Good job on the PR?s girl!! Your OH Squat looks great – mine are SO lame, looooots of room for improvement there!!

  4. Yay for fun runs! :-)
    Really looking forward to your liver recipe! I found a good one on Primal Palate but am always looking for more! #liverlove
    I split my breakfasts too – a protein shake after CF and then, a couple of hours later, a breakfast of eggs etc. Works best for me!

  5. Obsessed with your new nails!!! I ate SO much good food yesterday. My best friend threw me a BBQ in honor of the bar being finished and there was so so so much deliciousness. Guacamole, grilled veggie kabobs, cucumber and tomato salad, homemade veggie burgers and so much more. Drooling from the memory. Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

  6. Your meals looks so good! I feel like whenever I go out to eat the food just isn’t nearly as good as home anymore and haven’t found anything great (although I rarely go out!)

    I’m also not a great swimmer and because of that I think swimming winds up being a hard workout! I also feel like I look ridiculous in the pool and I need to get over that. love that outfit in the last picture!

    1. I hardly go out to eat but do enjoy it every once and awhile! I keep a list of restaurants I want to go to so when I do go it is 1) special and 2) delicious. This restaurant was all organic and mostly locally raised meat.

  7. Hey lady! I want to face plant into your food from Tabule. It looks amazing!! Great job on your running game and your cross fit squat pic looks so cool! What kind of knee brace/pads are you wearing? Thinking about getting my own as my squats get heavier… a pair that fit us short people would be ideal! lol Happy Monday mama!

  8. Love the nails! I need to take better care of mine. With two 6 year olds, though, a manicure lasts me all of 15 minutes. My workouts last week were 5 days of CF, 4 days spin, 2 lifting sessions, and a couple of easy cardio days. I need a rest day bad! We tried a new restaurant this weekend–all organic and locally sourced. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to the hype. I’d rather eat at home–especially since I dropped my salary at Whole Foods on Friday.

    1. You should see them now… so chipped and gross! Holding out until the weekend to get them done. Instagram pics may or may not feature my nails until then haha. I meant to thank you for your kind and helpful comment on my post about running – thank you

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