Another Day of Food & Last Week’s Workouts

Hi guys! I’m honestly struggling with an intro for this post… writer’s block? So other than hoping you had a great weekend let’s get into another day of food, my love for dessert and last week’s workouts. I asked for feedback on my Facebook page and it seems like these “what I ate” and “weekly workouts” posts are popular (and I like writing them!) so here we go again: this is what I ate last Wednesday

I woke up at 4:45am, popped BCAAs, drank some water and went to CrossFit for 5:30am. I actually didn’t eat anything pre-workout (my stomach was kinda bugging me) but I usually eat a hard boiled egg in the car around 5am (you can read more about my thoughts on pre-workout nutrition here). I worked out (see below), popped more BCAAs, drove home, quickly showered, drank my post-workout smoothie 

 at around 7:30am (in my awesome new jar – thanks Les!)

PWO Smoothie

Got ready, drove to the office, worked a bit, had breakfast part one at 9:30am: hard boiled egg

, broccoli and 2 carrots. Newfound love for actual carrots… so much better than baby carrots. And how do they get carrots to be baby ones anyways? It started freaking me out.

Egg brocc carrots

Worked some more before eating breakfast part two at 10:45am: spinach, microgreens, chicken breast

, olive oil. Yup, salad for breakfast. Do it. Rethink breakfast.

Breakfast salad

Lunch at 1pm: ground beef (about 1/3 of a lb), 1 zucchini, salsa and an avocado.

Beef zucc avo salsa lunch

Afternoon snack at 4:30pm before driving home: 1/2 can of wild tuna with a few sliced pickles

Tuna and pickles

Relaxed at home for a little, made my lunch for the next day before making dinner (and then eating it) at 7pm: turkey burger, grilled sweet potato and a spinach, microgreens, seeds and olive oil salad.

Turkey burger salad sweet pot

At around 8:30pm, I had two chocolate chip cookies

 and a cup of tea (David’s Forever Nuts – the best).

Cookies and tea

Delicious day.

I put what I eat out here so I better address my statement from last week when I said I have been eating more during the day and NOT having an after-dinner-snack. Yes, having an extra afternoon snack has been super nourishing and “successful” in that I do not feel like I am starving at 8pm. But I am now recognizing snacking as a choice: I wasn’t hungry but cookies sounded good so I ate them.

Michele wrote a great post about sugar cravings. She really verbalized things beautifully and two aspects really hit home: 1. Being aware of “sugar association” and 2. Understanding the difference between ending sugar cravings to improve health or an attitude of deprivation. For me, sugar at night (and sometimes infront of the TV) seems to be my association. I have clearly ended my Franken-food sugar cravings (no more Twinkies) but a totally-nutritious-yet-treat-worthy-cookie… I’ll take it. Now that I have been better acknowledging this, I have been making my choice – no deprivation, no “” snack attack, just a satisfying dessert.

Okay enough of that. I’ve totally exhausted this subject.





We did a killer abdominal strength workout. 3 rounds of: 1 minute handstand hold, 30 hollow rocks, 30 push sit ups (with a 25lb plate), 30 leg raises. Holy ab burner!


William Wallace

My rowing is getting much better. I did the first 500m in 2:16 and the second in 2:26. I did shoulder to overhead at 65lbs and finished in 11:06. Good day.







I did a 1,000m row to warm-up and then we worked our overhead squats.



I knew this would be tough for me. I used 75 lbs, which was hard but fine for the front squats, but really challenging for my shoulder-to-OH. Got it done (thanks to some awesome encouragement) and finished in 16:24.



Spinning. I went to the 6:15am “endurance cycle” at Spynga.



Swimming. I was in the water for about 30 minutes. I did 30 laps (breast-stroke, 3 sets of 10) with stretching in the water in between each “set.”

Swimming selfie

I love how whenever I post something non-food on Instagram, everyone un-follows. Sorry, I do more than eat.



5 mile run!

5 miles

First run in two weeks… yay. My knee felt a little sore at the beginning of the run but once I got going I felt fine and totally pain-free. I got on the stationary bike after the run to recover. Slowly easing back into marathon training.



Olympic Lifting.

I was really in the mood to lift so I did. We worked on our snatch from 3 positions. I stayed at 55lbs. Then we jerked from the rack. The jumping movement with the barbell terrifies me. I maxed out two reps at 75lbs.

Then we did a really great strength WOD. Here’s how I did it:

9-7-5: Front Squat (75lbs) and V-ups

2 minute rest

9-7-5: Chin-ups and strict press (55lbs)

2 minute rest

9-7-5: Front Squat (75lbs) and V-ups

I think I finished in 17ish minutes but I wasn’t paying the best attention.


P.S. I’m working on compiling a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. I love hearing from you guys and I completely understand that you don’t read every post (and miss things) but I have been receiving the same questions a billion times. I thought an FAQ page would be easiest. I’ll share when it’s ready but let me know what you want to know!


Questions of the day…

When do you “unfollow” people on social media? FAQs? 



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31 thoughts on “Another Day of Food & Last Week’s Workouts

  1. EGGS for energy, s what they say and its so true! Do you like yours still a little runny on the inside?

  2. I went to my first Olympic LIfting Class last week and I loved it! This week I add Powerlifting and Gymnastsics to my all Level classes and Oly Lifting. Love it.
    Glad to hear your knee starts to feel better!

  3. Oh hi friend! I feel soooo behind on your life but it looks like overall you are doing well! I’m happy to hear some anti-deprivation talk, and am super jealous of your swimming skills. I know what you mean about carrots too. I buy baby ones because I am lazy, but I swear they taste different even though babies are just chopped, rounded, and peeled regular carrots. I unfollow on social media for what feels like a billion reasons (even though I don’t do it often), but usually only if someone posts something I strongly don’t support, if I’m just not feeling a connection. Hope things are fabulous lady, I’m excited to be reading regularly again. <3

  4. Love your attitude towards healthy, nutritious dessert! Also, so glad you got to go on a run. Hope you continue to feel better and better! I unfollow people when they post frequent “thinspiration” type photos. It just sends me into a place of comparison, and I don’t want to get stuck comparing myself to someone who isn’t my idea of healthy anyway.

  5. Olympic lifting!! Awesome!! I’m pumped that your knee felt comfortable during your run. As Tiago always tells me, small steps.

    I personally love seeing your IG when it’s you. The food pics are always drool worthy but it’s so nice to know the person behind the pics. People are crazy. Keep doing you lady!!

  6. Awesome WODs this past week – and SO happy your knee is doing better. And with Insta, if people unfollow because they see a post with your beautiful face, they don’t deserve to follow you in the first place. I personally love when people actually show their face..makes me connect more? I usually end up unfollowing people when their posts start to make me have negative feelings.

  7. Seriously? People unfollow you when you posts pictures besides food? I don’t really pay attention to if/when people unfollow me but I’m sure it happens. Ive only unfollowed people a few times when I realize I should have never been following them in the first place! Ha!
    Great week of food and workouts!

  8. Thanks for linking to my sugar post! Even since writing it for me I’ve noticed my own sugar patterns so it’s been helpful. I love all your food pictures and a lot of our meals seem very similar. I have to try micro greens since you make them look so good! I sometimes unfollow people on Instagram for too many obnoxious and pointless selfies or if there’s something offensive I their post. I loved your swim photo though and generally love all your photos. I never want to miss any of them! Also I love the variety in your workouts. Maybe after I get the marathon bug out of my system my schedule will look something more like yours :)

    1. I’m super glad we connected and feel the same way about your Instagram pics! You always remind me to bring plantains back into my life.

  9. I’m loving your jar! :) I unfollow people when I find myself disliking more posts than liking ones. There’s so many different people to follow that it’s not worth having to look at things I don’t like.

  10. I usually unfollow someone when i find that I no longer have the same view points that they have. It takes me along time to unfollow someone because of the simple fact that I try to embrace everyone’s view point.So while I do not consume any meat product I still read your blog because it feels like you are your authentic self and I really like reading about your views on things. Also I believe that Baby carrots are just the larger carrots shaved down into the baby form…but I could be wrong. Hoping you have a wonderful day!

    1. I love your outlook on embracing other’s views – truly amazing and I thank you for sticking around :) Thanks for the info on baby carrots… I did some Google-ing and I think you are right!

  11. Wow, I love reading about your views on balance, moderation and combatting the “eat all the food” snack attacks!! I am totally in limbo right now figuring out how to satisfy my cravings so as not to feel deprived without going wayyy overboard since I’m finally letting up on my restrictions — it’s a tough place to be, but so worth it once you start figuring it out and getting to know your body better. Your day of food looks super duper balanced and delicious. I am so impressed! And those two cookies at the end of the day… yes, please! Xox

    1. Jordan, I love following you on your journey towards balance. I am certainly not 100% there (are we ever?!) but what has really helped me has been to REALLY listen to my body. I used to think I was listening but looking back on it, I wasn’t. I was forcing myself to eat tons of beans and convinced myself I didn’t like meat. But at the end of the day: my body was craving something more than what I was giving it. Same thing with sweets: if I am craving chocolate and I eat an apple, I won’t be satisfied… cue: “eat all the food”. So now I know to simply have a piece of chocolate. Keep doing you and sharing it all along the way :)

  12. Hi Amy! Love your workout and food recap posts (well all of them actually). Question – how did you do your S2O in Monday’s WOD? You said you maxed out at 2 reps jerking 75# from the rack Sunday but did all the S2O on Monday at 75#. Was Sunday just a push jerk and Monday a split? Just curious because I pretty much do the exact same weight as you so I thought there may be a good tip in there somewhere. :)

    1. Hi Lindsay! Totally valid question – my post is a bit mis-leading. I did quite a bit of shoulder-to-OH this past week and my weights varied based on how I was feeling. I was really sore on Monday so did the 10 reps of shoulder-to-OH in the WOD at 65lbs. On Wednesday, I did the 30 reps of shoulder-to-OH in the WOD at 75lbs (some were push, some split). On Sunday (yesterday), I was working the split from the rack because my split isn’t great. I shouldn’t have said “maxed out” at 75lbs because I can do more than that but I ran out of time so that’s what I got to. I hope that makes sense and I’m sorry I don’t have a good tip for you. What I try to remember is to exhale on the effort and make sure I am jumping high enough on the split. Let me know if you have any other questions… glad you enjoy these posts :)

      1. Ahh…gotcha. That makes sense. I’m also totally scared of the jerk (have hit myself a few times in the chin..ouch!). We had to do a bunch of C&J’s in today’s WOD. I used 70# but finished over 2 min before everyone else so my coach said I sandbagged. ;) I should probably practice some from the rack too! Thanks for your reply!

  13. As much as I love salad, I have never had it for breakfast. I need to change that!
    It is the same with me on instagram – I post a lot of food pictures, but any time I post something different a ton of people leave. Oh well, their loss!

  14. I love this post! Thank you for including the times for when you ate each meal/snack. I’m really focusing on making sure I get my pre-and-post workout meals done in a reasonable time this week–especially post workout. If not, I want to eat my entire kitchen later on! I can’t believe people unfollow you because you post a picture on YOUR IG of yourself. I like seeing the people behind the pictures–we are humans, not just pictures of food and workouts! I tend to unfollow people if I find their content to be too triggering for me as far as my disordered eating. If people are constantly posting ab pics or pictures of their booties–it can all be a bit much, in my opinion. But it’s their IG and I can choose to follow or unfollow. Yes, definitely do a FAQ page! They are great!

  15. Tasty looking eats!! Don’t worry, I don’t unfollow as soon as someone shows something other than food. ;) People do it to me too, especially if I have a treat or something non-paleo. LOL

  16. Hi Amy! Love your blog (and IG for that matter)! Quick question: why do you split your breakfast into two parts? Is it just a preference or do you find it helps regulate blood sugar throughout the day, refuel after a workout, etc.? I’m a fellow weight lifter (also from Toronto!), so I am always interested in learning more about eating for sport and performance!

    1. Hey! At this point, it’s mainly personal preference and just going by my hunger. Since my days are rather long, I have been finding it successful to break up my eating throughout the day. Honestly, a big meal in the morning is better when it comes to blood sugar regulation but I wasn’t loving eating a huge meal so early. I’m still figuring this out and playing with my carb timings but this is how things have been looking as of late. I hope this helps! Love that you lift and are from Toronto :)

  17. Really they unfollow? Huh, I guess I haven’t payed attention to that on my Instagram before. I’m so jealous of all your cross fit workouts. My back is worse than it was last week after a few sets of very light back squats today so I’m back to resting :-( So over it!

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