Half a Nutritionist & a Healing Knee {Goals Check-In}

Hi guys! How is your week going so far? I can’t believe it is almost August. Where did the summer go?! Okay it’s obvs not done yet – I need at least one more scoop of pralines and cream before that happens. So I saw my doctor on Monday and got some really promising news re: my knee. Looks like my rest, swimming and icing worked well :) The inflammation is almost down and I should be back full force soon… yay! I’m going to CrossFit this morning, spinning tomorrow, resting and then testing out a run on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Also on Monday: I completed my second exam and thus my second course in the first part of my program (I’m doing 7 courses in total – but after 4 course I will be a certified nutritionist). I honestly did not love this course (Nutrition Studies and Applications) as the content seemed to be a bit biased but I certainly learned a lot. I’m onto my next course which I am super excited about…

Sports Nutrition Course

After Sports Nutrition, I take Vegetarian Nutrition and once I complete (and pass) those exams I will be done the first part of my program and officially a certified nutritionist. I’m hoping to start seeing clients and getting things up and running at Honey Bee Health and Nutrition in January 2015. Do you like the prospective name? I will still be completing three more courses in order to further my learning and get a higher certification (RNCP) but that’s my plan so stayed tuned! Phew okay, enough nutrition talk.

About a month ago, I posted my new goals and since I have been too busy to photograph a pancake recipe (I’m sorry!) I am checking in about my goals today. I suck. Don’t hate me. Pancakes coming soon.

1. Don’t let the little stuff bother me. I want to start off by saying that some goals aren’t just “tick a box” when complete because they might never actually get “completed” – this goal falls into this category. What I mean to say is that I am certainly progressing in this area. Sure sometimes something as small as chipping a nail bugs me, but making a conscious effort to just “roll with the punches” has been really positive.

2. Compartmentalize. See above.

3. Cook with a new ingredient/food/spice every week. I’ve actually been pretty good at this. I think food variety is important in order to get all of your nutrients in, but you also don’t need to go overboard. YI’m totally okay with eating leftovers, food prepping and eating a ton of zucchini right now because it’s in season. But I’m also always looking to expand my palette.

I am all about coleslaw lately – I buy a pre-shredded package from the Healthy Butcher (yup, the lazy-way-out) and then heat up a mix of apple cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, honey, salt and pepper then pour it on the cabbage mix and stick it in the fridge. Easy, delish and good for digestion. I’ve also been randomly into red onions lately. Ever since grillin’ them on the skewers I’ve discovered a love for these guys. The red onions added some delicious flavor to this bowl of beef bacon, brussels sprouts and clementines. Brussels in bacon fat is heavenly.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

4. Work on my double-unders and pull-ups for 5 minutes, 5-7 days per week. Well maybe 5-7 days per week was a bit ambitious but I have been working on them. A little less so on the double-unders as of late because of my wonky knee, but my pull-ups are getting there. The band is feeling so much easier so I’m working on my kipping motion. Yes I hope to look like a dying fish doing pull-ups.

5. Stand up for myself. I should amend this to say: don’t be a pushover. I’ve had success with this a few different times. It is hard and I hate saying “no” but I’m learning that it’s necessary for my own sanity, well-being and overall health.

6. Eat more before dinner/eat bigger meals. This has actually been overall successful. As you saw on Monday, an extra afternoon snack has been working well to make sure I get enough of what I need and help curb some sugar cravings/night-time snacking. I still enjoy some fruit for dessert (been eating the most delicious raspberries that Lesley hand-picked) but snacking on some fruit is a bit different than feeling starving at 8pm and cue snack attack. I forget what night it was, but I totally demolished fruit nut and seed granola

and five spoonfuls of almond butter while standing in the kitchen.

JK Gourmet

Firstly, my stomach killed. (I friggin love nuts and seeds but the phytic acid in them hates me). Secondly, I went back through what I ate that day and realized it wasn’t enough food. Therefore: eat.all.the.food. I should have had more of dinner but more beef and kale did not sound appetizing. I think (no, I know) that my calorie counting past led me to have a mentality of “saving calories” for dessert later in the day. No, no, no. Eating more food earlier has been soooo much better but obvs still working on this. I also want to work on incorporating/trying some more nutrient-dense foods in general… need to get liver back into the rotation.

7. Practice positive self talk. Definitely another work in progress. But, I think this reminder is fitting.

Consistency not Perfection

8. Find new running routes/running buddy. Since I haven’t really been running, this goal has been sucking a little. I have some new ideas for routes (I want to run along the water while it is still nice out) and I actually connected with another Saucony 26 Strong cadet who is from Toronto! A friend is also training for a marathon so we are going to coordinate some runs in the coming weeks.

9. Swim. Yup! Twice this past weekend is pretty great for me. I plan on getting in the water again on Friday and hopefully Sunday too. Dare I say that I am actually starting to like it… or at least like how it is making me feel. Gosh, my dad is going to have a field day with that comment.

10. Un-plugging. Soooo I haven’t been great at un-plugging. I really need to stop checking my phone before bed and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram. Who cares if I miss what someone ate earlier? Les – hold me to this.
Make it a great one!  


Questions of the day…

How are you doing with some of your goals or intentions?

What’s been the best part of your week so far?


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34 thoughts on “Half a Nutritionist & a Healing Knee {Goals Check-In}

  1. Sounds pretty great to me! Don’t sweat the small stuff is such a good goal to reach for, I always try to see the bigger picture (even if it doesn’t always work ha).
    My big fitness goal at the moment = double unders and handstands. I still can’t do either (I did 3 DUs in Buenos Aires and nothing since) and am starting to get rather pissed off at myself which isn’t helping! Good luck with yours sweetie!

  2. I think you are doing great Amy!
    Goal number 1: It will come naturally, the older you get :-) I know you probably don’t want to wait that long, but it really is something that you get relaxed more and more about with more life experience. I can recommend meditation and Yoga – totally does the trick!
    Number 4: I think DU’s will kick in one day. It was like that for me – I haven’t practised them for weeks lately, but now I can just do them. It’s like it ‘clicked’ and now I manage to jump 25-30 times in a row. Same with Kipping Pull Ups – once you got the movement and the rythm, it comes automatically. I don’t think your strength is an issue, you are strong!!

  3. ‘Positive self-talk’ now that is an area I really need to work on. Sometimes I’ve caught myself in negative self-talk and thought ‘Yikes, that was a bit harsh … would you ever say something like that to a friend? No’

    Soak up the summer while you can … I am not loving the winter in Australia. What I miss most about summer is early morning runs and it is already warm. The. Best :)

    I can’t find the recipe for your chicken liver dip anywhere. Have you posted it before?

  4. Love consistency not perfection! That definitely helps me put things in perspective and focus on the bigger picture with my healthy eating habits (which are still a work in progress, progress is good!) I’m a teacher, so I’m getting ready to go back to school, which for me always feels like the “new year.” I’m looking forward to setting some new goals before getting started.

  5. I love your goals. Very real and attainable–and great outlook on getting there. Number 1 and number 7 are definitely ones I need to adopt! I’m also working on eating more during the day so I don’t get the late night snack attack!! I think it happens to the best of us!! My downfall is nuts and nut butters for sure!! I think I may have to keep them out of the house for a while ha!!! I had a question for you as far as your WODs–when you do a short but intense one, is that all you do for the day as far as your workout or do you do any additional conditioning (runs, spin, etc). I’m struggling with feeling like those short but intense workouts are enough…maybe that should be a goal for me too!!!

    1. I don’t leave anything out in my weekly workouts post on Mondays so definitely check those out! But yes, I don’t usually do anything other than what is programmed at CrossFit. If the WOD is “only” 8 minutes then that’s my workout for the day (plus whatever strength we worked on). This felt a bit weird at first but it has come down to trusting the programming at my gym and recognizing quality over quantity :) I think that would be a great goal!

  6. Hope you make a full recovery for that knee of yours. Looks like it’s heading the right way!

  7. Hi Amy, I was just curious as before when I read your blog I thought you wanted to become a dietitian? Just wondering what kind of courses you’re going through for the certification. (:

          1. Interesting. I read through the website and I personally think their definition of dietitian isn’t full in depth of everything that a dietitian does in his or her practice. It’s disappointing because they go to school to do so much more than what many programs like this describe. Hopefully we continue to grow as a RD profession and change descriptions and ideas such as those.

          2. Sorry Jessi, I’m confused. This program is not a dietetics program – not sure what description you were reading!

          3. No problem, I read your Academy’s description of what a dietitian is. They compare the RNCP to an RD. It’s a disappointing description and these programs tend to frustrate myself and other dietitians who go through our schooling and internships and then some to become credentialed health experts.

          4. I can certainly appreciate the extensive program of dietetics and am aware of RD frustrations with certain programs in the health field. I think this comparison was made by Alive in a marketing effort – albeit ill-advised.

  8. So exciting, I am fascinated by sports nutrition and physical therapy though I have no desire to get certified :) I just read a lot ha! Switching to bigger meals is something I started trying to do over the last year and I really do feel like it’s been helpful for me too with cravings.

  9. I usually have a bowl of fruit before bed, I’ve noticed too many nuts bothers my stomach too so I don’t do too much trail mix like I used to. I also sometimes have coconut butter before bed if I’m still feeling like I need something. Honestly I’m not sure on those days if I’m not eating enough earlier or I just feel like I need a little more but it’s not worth stressing over!

  10. I love that your goals are personal, professional and athletic. I really like the unplugging one and need to incorporate that into my life more!

  11. I actually just re-evaluated a lot of my goals which sometimes you need to do. Changed things up in certain areas, which actually decreased my stress level (which is a goal in itself). Great job working on your goals, nice to see goals in all aspects of your life…so important!

  12. I’ve been trying to get back into meal prepping weekly, which I haven’t done since my last semester ended. Also, I am in the process of moving and starting a new job, so I’ve been trying to keep my stress levels down so I don’t spontaneously combust. I’m taking a sports nutrition class next (hopefully my last) semester, I’m super excited for it!

  13. Glad to hear your knee is healing. Injuries suck! I’m still struggling with my back :-( I typically eat a little something after dinner. Most the time it’s a spoonful of coconut butter but sometimes its frozen bananas and sun butter or watermelon. Lots of watermelon! Although lately I’ve been loving my homemade kombucha jello :-)

  14. Good to hear about your knee! I need to work on #5 too it’s hard to stand up for yourself sometimes. Would you mind telling me where you are getting your nutrition certification? I’ve looked into it before and have been thinking about getting one.

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