A Day in the Life: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Hi guys! How was your weekend?

Remember when I used to do What I Ate Wednesday posts? I know you like snooping on my weekly eats but it’s been a hot minute (that means awhile) since I’ve shared a day of my plate – and boy how things have changed over the year. It’s crazy to look back on my meals/snacks. A bowl of steamed veggies with some beans for dinner? Oh my gosh, how that sounds unfathomable now… no wonder I was always hungry and nutrient-depleted.

I am constantly experimenting with my diet, my workouts and timing it all – trying to figure out what works best for me and my body. I made a few changes last week and actually found some success! So this is how things have been looking as of late. This is from Thursday.

I wake-up, (usually) eat a hard boiled egg (un-pictured), swallow my BCAAs, workout, swallow more BCAAs, then drink my post-workout smoothie

Post workout smoothie

Shower, get dressed, drive to the office (or study at home) then have breakfast. I have been eliminating my sweet potato at breakfast (to hopefully curb my sugar cravings) and having a bigger tater at dinner… gotta get those carbs in!

Breakfast has been shredded chicken zucchini and salsa all scrambled up….

Chicken zucc salsa

Breakfast part two is a hard boiled egg, baby carrots and broccoli.

Egg broccoli carrots

Then I work away or study or blog until it’s time for lunch: gound beef, egg, spaghetti squash, broccoli, spinach and an avocado.

Beef spag squash avo lunch

I have been having an extra snack (usually featuring protein and veggies) between lunch and dinner to get some more food in me throughout the day and hopefully eliminate my post-dinner snacking… it’s been mostly working! I thought the Epic Bar would be good for this but I really didn’t like the turkey flavor and it turned me off of trying another flavor. I’m sorry but they seriously look/smell like dog food. I’m not a jerky fan so maybe that’s why. Anyways, the smelly but delicious combo of tuna and pickles has been doing the trick.

Tuna and pickles

I drive home (if I’m at the office), relax a bit and make dinner. While I’m making dinner, I often nibble on cut up veggies – but Mom made pea soup (thanks Mom!) so I’ve been enjoyed that. Un-photogenic, but delish.

Pea soup

Dinner consists of meat/fish, green veg and starchy veg. Thursday was baked salmon

, zucchini and sweet potato sauteed in coconut oil. Keep it simple.

Salmon zucc sweet potato

And that does it.

BUT… when I don’t eat enough prior to the evening I legit am hungry at 8 o’clock and cue snack attack. My body says “feed me” because it needs the food! Rather than handful after handful of nuts, seeds, whatever (which unfortunately hurts my stomach) I have been tryinggggg to condition myself to opt for more nutrient dense foods . It’s a work in progress but I’m trying. My biggest advice if you struggle with after-dinner-snacking, is to make sure you are getting what you need during the day.

That’s how things have been looking… but, sometimes (aka last night) my evening looks like this:

BQM Burger and Fries

Pralines and Cream

Burger and sweet potato fries from BQM Burger (delish) and pralines and cream from The Big Chill (also delish… obvs). Hashtag balance.

Here’s what my workouts looked like last week:



It’s been awhile since I’ve done a class at Spynga! I thought it would be a good way to ease back into my workouts after three days off.





This WOD was a little intense. I scaled things back for my knee.

I did pike push-ups on the box for HSPU, the swings at 12kg, deadlifts at 85#, step-ups instead of box jumps and 50 air squats instead of double-unders. See I told you I scaled. Finished in 19:49 and still was drenched and exhausted.




We worked on our dumb-bell snatches… eek they are hard!


Sean lovesssss combining WODs. I got 51 wall balls for the first part. I did a max effort row instead of Annie (knee) and got 1100m in the 6min – not bad! For Cindy, I did pull-ups with my trusty band and got through 6 rounds plus 3 push-ups. Pretty good morning.




My mind (and training plan) said run but my body said spin. I listened to my body.




We did a bunch of body strength and mobility work which was really good for my knee then did Helen.


I feel like I can be really good at Helen once I am a bit stronger and am in full force. I did the kettlebell swings as prescribed (35 lbs) but the pull-ups with a band of course. Finished in 14:04. Happy with that.



Swimming! The exclamation mark is necessary because I’m excited that I got in the water again.



Yesterday I planned on going for a walk but I really felt great so I went to Olympic Lifting.


That’s a lot of numbers right? I know. I went pretty light to work on my form. I also went light for the strength WOD:


This was nasty.

Then I got back in the pool in the afternoon and did some more swimming. Who am I? It’s been helping my knee, I think.

Okay, sorry for the novel of a post. Hope you had a great weekend!


Questions of the day…

What did you do this weekend? Do you prefer a selection of eats or a day?


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28 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. I don’t think I’m partial to a day or a variety. I do just like seeing what you eat every once in a while! I love your attitude of trying new things to figure out what makes you feel best. I’m still trying to figure that out, but your pictures/ideas inspire me! I’m a big fan of bowls of random veggies/protein with salsa. Just the easiest.

  2. Hi Amy! First off, I wanted to say how much I love your blog. I just started Crossfit and I am hooked. It has really helped my in my recovery from disordered eating. I was a self professed cardio addict and restrictor. I am finally at the place in my life where I am working out for me, not how I look, but how it makes me feel and what I can accomplish. I honestly feel like Crossfit is saving me right now. I am going to start dabbling into Olympic lifting in the next couple of weeks after I finish all my fundamentals. I love how balanced you are in your workout plans and you are teaching me how to fuel my body right.

    As far as this weekend, I did a great WOD on Saturday and yesterday was my rest day. I hate rest days haha! Today is Crossfit, tomorrow spin, and we’ll see where the rest of the week takes us! Personally, I like seeing a day of eats! I like seeing how you time your meals, etc. Thanks for having such an awesome blog, IG, etc!

    1. Hi Ashley! So great to hear from you and how CrossFit is affecting you so positively – I am so happy for you! Aren’t great WODs the best feeling? It has taken me awhile to actually enjoy oly lifting but it’s worth it. Your week sounds great! Kick butt at CrossFit today :)

      1. Thanks Amy! We did a great workout. Part of it was TTB which I am not there yet…I tried knees to elbows as my mod. It was still tough. I will get there! I just hate not being able to do everything but small steps! Have a great week!

    1. The pictures from today’s post are either in my kitchen or at the office – both or the wood floors. Plates are from years ago, sorry I don’t remember!

  3. I hate swimming, but it’s definitely so good for rehab – especially for knees!!! YES to the point about late-night snacking often resulting from not getting what you need during the day. As you know, I also think it has a lot to do with stress, emotions, etc. Even though we haven’t checked in in a while, I still think of you when I need a boost :)

  4. haha funny about the Epic bar, because when I did a review for them, I was eating one at my old apartment and my roomie’s dog came pounding into the room begging for it haha. The turkey one I enjoyed, and another one, but the spicy one didn’t do it for me. Last night’s food looks so delish! I need to give myself a sweet but healthy treat in the evening otherwise it will lead to a binge. woof.

    1. Going off of what Lisa said above, I was actually going to ask what about breakfast alternatives aside from chicken? I don’t know if I could stomach chicken that early in the morning!

      1. What are you having for breakfast at the moment? I changed up my breakfasts by having eggs now I can have anything from a burger, to chicken to pancakes (but oddly enough… I rarely crave the pancakes!)

    1. It’s been great! Passed exam #2 yesterday and now starting “Sports Nutrition” (duh, already love it!) I did back off some hours in the office because things have been a bit crazy but finally feeling like I have a good balance :) miss you!

  5. I love getting inspiration from your meals. I am a huge fan of squashes or sweet potato bowls with protein and veggies with salsa or avocado mmm! I know my body now likes 4 meals so that works to keep my snacking away. I followed your whole 30 because you had tons of great meal ideas, during that time I noticed you had nut butters and I was wondering if you have cut back on nut butters to keep from gaining weight or to lose since other snacks may have lots of protein and nutrients but not as many calories?

  6. Your Sunday workout looks awesome! I wish my box would add a strict Oly class.

    And, I’m with Jen! Goliath looks like one heck of a wod. Ouch.

  7. You guys definitely had a week with a lot of the CrossFit ladies! Nice job, too! I totally understand your knee pain – tweaked mine on Monday, rested up Tuesday, and came back Wednesday + Thursday. I’ve been going “easy”, which was recommended by my coach, so that is good as well! The eats? Amazing as usual, lady! =)

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