Consistency, not Perfection.

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Last week, I played basketball for the first time in what felt like forever. It was maybe a couple of months but that feels like forever for me. A bunch of guys were playing pick-up at a nearby court so I decided to join them. It was so much fun to run around again – definitely rusty but held my own. About 30 minutes in to playing, I jumped and landed a bit funny on my knee – the same knee that I hurt when training for my first half and the same knee that I still preventatively rehab. Knees suck. It felt a bit weird and wobbly but not painful so I played for another hour and a half, had fun and knocked down a few jumpers.

I got home, stretched, ate, iced and wore high compression socks to bed – to hopefully bring down any inflammation. Then I slept for 8 hours, got up, did my morning routine and went to CrossFit. I got to CrossFit and tried working on my double-unders. Ouch. That hurt. Then I tried jogging. Nope. Then I tried some kettle-bell swings. Heck no. Then I cried. Yup.

I totally felt like crap. It was one of those days where I just felt defeated. Like I failed myself and others around me because I was not 100%. Thankfully no-one let me cry alone. They re-assured me that it’s okay… these things happen. And they do. We are not perfect. It doesn’t make them less sucky but in the grand scheme of things: my silly knee is nothing in comparison to other problems. Sure it’s my problem but all you need to do is turn on CNN and put things in perspective.


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You know I’m a huge advocate for listening to your body. I am leaps and bounds better at doing this. A year ago, I would have pushed through the skipping or kettlebells. Last week, I did what was right to do and stopped but it is still an emotional struggle: I want to be able to do it all. Maybe I think I am indestructible. Maybe I think I am superhuman. I knew it would be stupid to run or workout while in Chicago so I didn’t pack my sneakers. I know my body needs time to heal but I am antsy. I love the feeling I get when I run or lift something kinda heavy or steal the ball from a guy who is 7 inches taller, 50 lbs heavier and well… a guy. When I see “10 miles” on our training schedule for Saturday July 19, I want to run those 10 miles. But I didn’t. And that’s sometimes hard.

When I cried at CrossFit, Sean gave me a big hug and told me this: consistency, not perfection. And he couldn’t be more right.

Overall, my marathon training has been going great and I have lots of time to prepare for the race. Overall, I eat a very nutritious diet but I eat ice-cream when I feel like it. Overall, I am very happy but sometimes I cry and feel crappy. I’m not perfect. I put a lot of my life out there for who the heck knows to see and read and judge and whatever. It’s sometimes scary and hard. I know you know I’m human and that it’s not always unicorns and rainbows but coming to terms with this myself is possibly the hardest part of it all. Telling the Internet that I’m running a marathon, that I love to eat “healthy”, go to CrossFit, feel comfortable in my own skin… is really scary (and impossible) if I aim for perfection. Because that is unattainable.

Consistency not Perfection

There are going to be bumps in the road and I need to come to terms with these bumps, embrace them, learn from them and move forward.

I have been trying to put a little less pressure on myself. My knee has been feeling a bit better so I’ve gone to CrossFit a few times this week but I have scaled the workouts. I wish I was doing them Rx. I didn’t run yesterday or Tuesday (heck I haven’t run in awhile) and I don’t think I will get my “long run” in this weekend and that’s hard for me to accept. I’m slowly learning to be okay with all of this. I am trying to focus on consistency and limit my negative self talk (one of my goals). I have instead been nourishing my body with delicious food and resting a bit more than usual. I have been trying not to get frustrated because my knee is not “perfect” yet. I know I need to take care of my body and I am trying to do that. I am seeing my doctor on Monday just in case. I need to remind myself that it’s (literally) a marathon and not a sprint.

And I also need to remind myself that I am striving for consistency, not perfection. And I want to remind you of that too.



No questions, just your thoughts. 



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33 thoughts on “Consistency, not Perfection.

  1. This is wonderful Amy. And sooo so right – I keep on beating myself up in a Bodypump class for example, where I wasn’t able to lift as much as the week before, or had to do unweighted lunges although I always did weighted ones. Feeling good about listening to my body has never been a strength sadly.. but at least I try to listen, even if I put myself down for doing it. Consistency is really more important than perfection.. doing something is better than doing nothing.
    I used to have a terrible eating disorder and was having some problems when I moved to Germany. Not at all like it used to be, but I recognized some characteristics that were leading me back down that road. I spoke to my aunt about it, saying I was scared and that I had ruined all the progress I had made, and she said: “No you haven’t. That is life – for every 3 steps you move forward, there will sometimes be one step back. Embrace it as a learning experience, stay strong and move forward…” I felt her words really helped, and wanted to share that with you as it also has to do with consistency :)

  2. This is one of my favorite posts from you recently. Sorry about your knee, but good for you for taking the time you need to rest. I’ve been in a bit of a rut myself with healthy eating…still trying to make small, gradual changes that are still good for me, but I’ve had a couple days where I’ve felt crappy despite eating well, and that sucks. I’ve been feeling frustrated, but this is a great reminder that some days are just better than others. I’ve always had that mentality about runs (sometimes, running just sucks), but it’s also good to remember that some days aren’t great either. And that, in the end, we live in a safe area of the world where we don’t have to constantly worry about the safety of our own lives. So yeah, just thanks in general. Hope your knee feels 100% better very soon!

    1. Yup, sometimes it does. But you are so right about reminding ourselves about what we have to be thankful for and fortunate to have. Bad days and bad runs are a part of it all

  3. I love you. You’re wonderfully consistent, and I admire you after basically every post that I read. I strive for perfection as well, but it’s really not possible, no matter how much you beat yourself up for not attaining it. Injuries happen and knees suck, but I think yours will bounce back since you’re doing just what you’re doing – listening to your body.

  4. Sometimes its so hard for us to not put so much pressure on ourselves… I know I hate when I have something on my workout schedule and I can’t do it becaus I’m sore from another workout, but pushing through isn’t always the best thing. Good for you for realizing that and taking some rest, hope the knee is feeling better soon!

  5. Last year I trained for my first/last half marathon. It was something I wanted to do to prove to myself that I CAN do it. I never liked running; in fact, prior to the training I was a solid runner-hater. And EVERY SINGLE TRAINING RUN I cried. 2 miles. 4 miles. 6 miles. I’d run a mile and cry. I’d get frustrated and upset. I was doing CF at the time and always felt so strong in the box, even when I wasn’t.. but running broke me down. How could I be so strong yet so weak? I am not fast; I’ve never run a 30 minute 5k (though have done two 1:00 10ks). But trying to balance running and crossfit was soooo mentally and emotionally DRAINING. My lifts were suffering. My legs were too tired from running to squat heavy. My endurance was improving, but strength was taking a backseat.

    It is all about finding the balance and understanding that you can’t have it ALL at once.. you have a main goal and that has to be the focus; and let everything else just BE.

    I am doing an Oly lifting program now and my WODs are suffering since it’s all lifting focused and little-metcon focused. So I go into these metcons knowing I’ll likely do worse than if I did them before.. or I’ll scale the weight because it is what makes most sense to me in the present time for my goals right now.

    Crying is totally okay. I’m a fan.. lol. And actually feel much better sometimes after I do it.

    You’re awesome. Keep being awesome. :)

  6. So sorry that you’re not feeling well. I hope you can get where you want to be soon. Thanks for sharing this important message though, everyone needs a reminder!

  7. Great post Amy! So sorry you’ve been feeling badly… you kinda took the words out of my mind with your post title today though, except I was going to write about Paleo Perfectionism & how no one is perfect. Been getting more flack lately for my slip-ups/choices to eat some treats here & there… you said it perfectly – consistency, NOT perfection. No one is perfect. Hang in there girl. Hope the knee gets better soon. Hugs!

    1. I hope you do write the post! I have had one in my drafts for weeks :) I’m so sorry you have been receiving flack – so ridiculous. Everyone needs to do what works for them and stop being so darn nosy! Thanks for the wishes, have a wonderful weekend

  8. TOTALLY on the same page as you on this one. I wrote a similar post about this yesterday, basically focusing on how important consistency is.

  9. Being human isn’t always unicorns and rainbows?? As in… sometimes it is unicorns for you?? If so, then you are the greatest human that has ever lived and I want your life!!

    For real though, you still might be up there on the great ranking of humans. You rock. I like you. And you absolutely cannot steal a basketball from me.

    Take care of that knee yo.

  10. Exactly what I needed to hear right now! I pulled a muscle in my leg doing a conditioning drill a few days ago and have been in pain every time I attempt a workout that involves my legs. I could still easily do core work and some arms-that is, if severe time-of-the-month cramping and pain wasn’t making working out almost unbearable. because of all this I have had to take a few extra days to rest and it is so hard! I can totally relate to wanting to do it all, I keep finding myself mentally criticizing my inability to “just get over” the pain and push through. but I know that would only hurt me more in the long run! thanks for sharing, and I hope you get some comfort in knowing that there are plenty of others out there going through a similar thing! I know I do!!

  11. Much love for you my dear. I gave myself 5 days off from CF, and opted out of doing an in-house comp because I wasn’t feeling 100% mentally, which is pretty important when it comes to throwing around weights. And most of the time, I can’t stay away for more than two days, but it was easier this time. I’m so so glad I took a break and can’t wait to get back to the WODs tomorrow, stronger than before. You are human, and I am too, and that is totally what makes this life worth living.

  12. I really love this post, despite hating the fact that you’re hurting. I’m really anxious to hear what the doctor says today, and am sending you all my positive vibes. Learning to listen to your body is such a life-long journey, but I’m glad you’re doing all the right things. <3

  13. Love this, love you! I am so proud of you for not pushing through the pain and listening to your body. If CrossFit has taught me one thing, it’s not to push through pain and to let your body heal when it needs to. Before CrossFit I would never do that, causing injuries to prolong, but knowing that I have a coach that teaches me better, I just want to make him proud, whether it’s during a WOD, a lift, or in recovery. Keep your head up, you got it! <3

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