BBQ Beef & Veggie Skewers {paleo}

I love going grocery shopping. Loooove it. There’s something about finding local produce, discovering a new product and coming home with a car-full of food… that I love. It’s probably because I love food. Have I said love enough? Okay good.

I oddly miss my grocery shopping experience (yes, it was an experience) when I was away at school and living on my own in Boston. I used my “granny cart” and dragged myself to Trader Joe’s for staples, Whole Foods (or the farmer’s market) for produce and Shaw’s for sales. My arm nearly felt like it was going to fall off pulling all that stuff and my toes froze in the winter but it was an activity I looked forward to every week. I wish I could say going grocery shopping in Toronto is as fun but it’s not. See, in Toronto there’s this whole thing called traffic. Which sucks. I don’t live close enough to where I shop to walk so I am constantly driving, getting better at parallel parking and filling up with gas. First world problems? Yes.

I shop at The Healthy Butcher, Coppa’s and Whole Foods – but I’m partial to The HB. I typically do one big grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday, and pick up extra bananas or something if/when I run out during the week. But sometimes my week is crazy and my weekend is crazier and finding time to get to the store is just not going to happen. Take-out? Fast-food? I don’t think so.

Real food please.

Amy Real Food Toronto box

That’s where Real Food Toronto comes in. I don’t even know how I discovered them but I am so glad I did: they source all of their food from The Healthy Butcher and then DELIVER IT TO YOUR DOOR. That’s right. To your door. For like 5 bucks. That’s right again. Not a billion dollars. That’s basically what I pay for parking and definitely for gas so there is no excuse for me not to eat real food. Organic, grass-fed, crap-free, delicious, real, food.

When RFT contacted me about collaborating for a real food recipe, I knew I wanted to do something summer-y. And since I am all about grillin’ as of late, the BBQ was my go-to. I am so glad I am not scared of the BBQ anymore (it’s only taken a year of learning from the grill master) but I am actually prettyyyy good now.

BBQ Beef and Veggie Skewers1

And kind of obsessed.

What I have learned about BBQ-ing: skewers aint easy. Nope. Why? Because everything on the skewer takes a different amount of time to cook. Sure you can put all of the meat on one skewer, all of the peppers on another and all of the zucchini on another… but then it’s not pretty. And food should be pretty. So you gotta be a bit patient and be okay with your onions getting a little more grilled so your zucchini can be perfect and your peppers being nicely grilled so your meat can cook through.

There are worse problems to have in the world. Again: first world problems.

BBQ Beef and Veggie Skewers3

Regardless of the varying cooking times, everything still turns out delicious. And that’s the hardest part of this recipe. The idea of marinading meat was annoying to me but it’s quite easy to do on a Sunday afternoon a few hours before dinner. It’s so worth it too: the meat is super juicy and the veggies taste delish. If you’re like me and have a tendency to overcook things (so I’ve been told) marinade is your best friend to maintain juicy-ness.

Ladies, get grillin. Fellas, grill for your ladies. And Prince Charming, come grill for me. Just kidding, I clearly don’t need you. If any man is going to grill for me, it will be the grill master.

BBQ Beef and Veggie Skewers4


BBQ Beef & Veggie Skewers

Ingredients (Makes 4 large skewers – 2 to 4 servings)

  • 1 lb grass-fed clodhammer steak (from Real Food Toronto!)
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp. oregano
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. paprika
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. chilli powder
  • wood or metal skewers (If using wood skewers, make sure to soak for at least 30 minutes in cold water before grilling).


1. Cut the steak into 1-inch thick cubes and set aside.

2. In a large bowl, combine olive oil, garlic and the spices.

3. Add steak pieces to the bowl, cover and allow to marinate for 4-5 hours.

4. Once the steak has marinated, cut your veggies to be around the same size as the meat. Cut the bell peppers and onion into squares; cut the zucchini into circular discs.

5. Next, add the cut veggies to the meat and marinade and mix to coat the veggies with the marinade.

6. Load up your skewers with the meat and veggies; alternating to your liking. Important: if you are using wooden skewers (rather than metal) be sure to soak them for at least 30 minutes in cold water before assembling.

7. Turn your grill on to high heat and once hot place your skewers on the grill.

8. Grill, turning every few minutes, until the meat is done to your liking. For medium-rare, cook for approx. 10-14 minutes. For medium, cook for 16-20 minutes.

9. Serve and enjoy!


I was compensated for this post but, as always, all opinions are my own. 


Questions of the day…

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? Do you go to more than one place? 

What’s your favorite thing to grill? Pineapples!


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23 thoughts on “BBQ Beef & Veggie Skewers {paleo}

  1. I LOVE going food shopping. Me and Johnny are so sad but it is so fun haha.
    These look great and the real food Toronto is a life saver for you! A little tip from the J man with skewers is to use metal ones as they cook from the inside too!
    Best thing to grill is Halloumi or Prawns – so good!

  2. These look awesome!! I tend to hit Trader Joes and the Farmers Market. Does mom’s house count too as a shopping stop?? lol Onions on the grill are my absolute favorite..BUT Lets talk about those gunz in the picture!! Woooohoooo!!

  3. Yummy yummy! Wish we had something like that in Scotland!

    I too love food shopping! I guess I take it for granted that I can walk to the store (smaller ones not WF or supermarkets). I actually have the nicest organic grocer round the corner from my apartment – such lovely produce!

  4. My mouth is watering and I want a skewer regardless of the time! Also enjoy this post because my main man Coach S is mentioned not once… but TWICE. Love, love, LOVE!

  5. Those look delicious!!

    I’ve been going to a really great Kroger by my new house. I hear there is a good farmers market nearby too, which I really need to check out!

  6. Wow that service sounds incredible! Exactly up your alley and the food you love! I am very jealous and this will definitely save you some necessary time that you can then spend grilling.

    Also… “And Prince Charming, come grill for me. Just kidding, I clearly don’t need you.” HAHAHA I seriously laughed out loud. You are awesome, lady.

  7. Yes I love grocery shopping. We go to a bunch of places: Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and even Super Target has some decent things at great prices.

  8. A handful of Trader Joe’s opened in Denver this year, which has been a huge plus, but, I need a RFT here, stat! I’ll pay a $5 delivery fee all day long for that service.

  9. It must be a sign (or maybe it’s just summer) but everyone seems to be making skewers/kabobs lately…and now I really want to break out the grill and do the same. I don’t eat beef but I would totally replace it with chicken or shrimp and eat like eight of those. They look incredible and so, so simply.

  10. I do enjoy grocery shopping! I stick to Trader Joe’s and the farmers market in the neighborhood of my apartment here in Arlington, VA. I get a lot of inspiration from walking around both.

    Grilling has to be one of my favorite cooking related techniques and most often in the summer. I love grilling vegetables especially sweet onions, asparagus, eggplant, as well as sweet potatoes! Pineapple is great to grill too for dessert.

  11. That recipe looks so good and I’d love to try it – pretty food it is! I don’t like grocery shopping mainly because I need so much stuff all the time for my big family and it takes a lot of time and the $ stresses me out! So i have to be strategic about getting the best for my $ and it feels like a lot of work. I don’t hate it, just don’t love it.

  12. Mmmm grilled pineapple is the bomb! I agree that I liked grocery shopping more when it was an “experience” there’s a severe lack of non-walmart stores where I’m currently living and as such it’s become more of a hassle these days.

  13. Totally love grocery shopping. And if my boyfriend and I are in a good mood, we both really like it. It is super satisfying to come home and fill up a fridge with all that ‘good food’. =)

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