Beach WOD & Marathon Training: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Hi guys! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. In typical Monday fashion, I have lots to tell ya!

Firstly, let me tell you about CrossFit. Well actually this two minute video is going to tell you.



Did you watch it? I really hope you did. That’s what CrossFit is for me. As I’ve saidI don’t care if you don’t CrossFit. Find something you love to do and do it. Find your healthy and happy. Find your community. Find your happy place. Find your support system. Okay get the idea? Good. Mini-rant #3873847124783 about CrossFit over.

So anyways, as per the title of this post, I headed a few hours north of Toronto this weekend with the CrossFit Metric crew for Beach WOD – a CrossFit competition, yup you guessed it, on the beach.

After navigating through lots of Friday traffic, we got to the house we rented at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, claimed our rooms and got to cooking. A bunch of athletes after a few hours in the car = a hungry bunch. It was definitely a perk to spend the weekend with like-minded eaters. We all packed our own food (except I shared the cookies – thank for making them Les!). This is what I brought:

Food for Beach WOD

Bananas, baby carrots, grilled chicken

, bison burgers, beef burgers, chocolate chip cookies
, broccoli, avocados, hard boiled eggs
, sweet potato
, Larabars, a Chia Bar and a PocketFuel. Perfection.

We ate, hung out and got some sleep before Saturday’s competition… and my long run – I wasn’t competing, just being a good cheerleader and hanging with everyone! Oh and getting a tan.

Obstacle Course

Clean Complex

I should have brought my running shoes to the beach because the first WOD (which was the unannounced WOD) was a 5K run… darn!

5k Run

After the run, there were three WODs (workouts). One called “Bounce Balls Deep” with toes to bar, pull ups, dumb-bell snatches, an ox pull and burpees in the water.

Sean Pull Up

Chippy Ox Walk

Another WOD was an obstacle course with an under, over, balance beam and a rope climb.

Chippy rope climb

And finally a clean complex with double-unders then shoulder to overhead.

Sean killing it!

Sean Clean Complex

The day was gorgeous (maybe tooooo much sun) and watching all of the athletes was absolutely amazing. I totally wish I competed (there was an amateur division) so I definitely will be competing next year!

Amy Beach WOD

Sarah and I were really good cheerleaders and photographers… if I do say so myself! Oversized headbands = instantly good hair.

Sarah and Amy

My friends are kinda ripped…

Amy Michelle's Julian Sean Val

Amy and Chippy

Sarah Chippy Amy Val

It was a fabulously exhausting day. But it was the best kind of tired: laughing, sun, sweating, eating.

Now that’s love…

Julian Michelle Piggyback

Yesterday morning no-one felt like cooking… okay correction: no-one felt like cleaning so we went out for breakfast. I had a 3 egg veggie omelette with greens, hashbrowns and lots of ketchup. Oddly enough I like sweet potatoes better than regular potatoes but I looooove ketchup. Yes ketchup has sugar (for the person who called me out on Facebook). I eat it like never.


So that was the weekend. Oh and on the subject of food, here are some more good eats from last week… I think it’s safe to say I am slightlyyyyy obsessed with the BBQ. Don’t worry, I’ll share the love with a grillin’ recipe on Wednesday.


Chicken sausages, kale, zucchini and sweet potato (after my post-workout smoothie of course)

Chicken sausage zucc kale sweet potato

Beef, brussels sprouts, kale and salsa bowl with almond milk, banana and protein powder smoothie

Beef bowl and smoothie


Leftover beef and veggie skewers (recipe on Wednesday!), grilled sweet potato, coleslaw, 1/2 an avocado and a pickle. Delish.

Beef skewer slaw avo sweet potato

Beef burger, hard boiled egg, broccoli, peppers, beets and an avocado

Beef burger lunch


Beef burger with grilled zucchini, sweet potato, coleslaw and avocado-salsa mash

Beef burger coleslaw and grilled veggies

Grilled chicken

, zucchini, sweet potato and pineapple – plus avocado… because, always avocado. And always grill.

Grilled chicken dinner

Beef burger with coleslaw, grilled zucchini, sweet potato and a nectarine

Grill dinner


Apple and grain-free granola [fruit, nut and seed granola recipe] 

Apple and granola

Square of dark chocolate… this has been really perfect after dinner! My new go-to for my ever annoying sweet tooth.

Chocolate square

Let’s talk marathon training. Last week, was a heavy week of workouts. I’m sad to say that come August, I am cutting back to CrossFit 2x per week in order to best focus on marathon training. Ugh this makes me sad. But with 3 days per week of running, I’m tired. Check out this post from Amanda (another Saucony coach and Honolulu runner) about the plan Morganne and I are using. Keep reading and I’ll explain each day.



What do you get when you merge Fran and Annie? Death by WOD… aka Frannie.


Oh my.

I was determined to do double-unders no matter how long it took me so I did them. But I scaled the thrusters to 45lbs and obvs did my pull-ups with a band. It. Was. Hard.

Sean pushed the time cap to 21 minutes (it took us longer than he thought) so I finished in 19:49. Then collapsed.



Speed work + double-unders and pull-ups practice.

Sprints double unders pull ups

Tuesdays are designated as speed work days as part of our marathon training. Remember how I said I was feeling “slow”? Well incorporating sprints and tempo runs is an awesome way to work on this. I love that I am more muscular and can lift heavy-ish things, but the added mass has contributed to my slower pace.

I warmed up on the bike (we have one in our basement) and then did 3 x 1600 meter “sprints” with 800 meter “jogs” in-between each sprint. I actually did this around my block… it was a good make-shift track.

3.6 miles speed work

Then headed to the park to work on my double-unders and pull-ups. I did 5 rounds of: 15 double-unders + 10 pull-ups.




It was a heavy day with two WODs. First, a strength WOD:

Strength WOD

The complex was a good one and it was also good double-unders practice. My heaviest was 75lbs… and I was happy with that.


Rise and Shine

Death. By. Double. Unders. UGH.

I got through 1 round and then 19 RKBs swings and then 1 round and 28 KB clean and jerks. Total: 2 rounds, 47 reps. Yay Rx :)



5 miles.

5 miles

Thursdays are tempo run days. It’s a one mile warm-up then run at tempo pace and a one mile cool down. 





I stupidly did strict chin-ups for the first round and then started failing so I (of course) switched to banded pull-ups. Ugh it sucked and took forever. I got 5 shoulder-to-OH at 75 lbs. I’ve had better days.



(almost) 10 miles.

10 miles

I woke up superrrrr early before Beach WOD (read: 4:30am ON A SATURDAY) to get my weekend long run in. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I kinda miscalculated the distance so fell short 0.2 of a mile but no big deal. It got done.




Of course, our days are flexible. If I can’t do speed-work on Tuesday, I move it to Wednesday. Maybe I’m tired Saturday and do the long run on Sunday. It’s all about adjusting but still putting the work in, getting the miles up and of course listening to our bodies and resting when we need to.

And that is what has been going on with me!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday.


Questions of the day…

Have you ever watched a CrossFit competition? How do you schedule your workouts or training?  



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33 thoughts on “Beach WOD & Marathon Training: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I’m doing the same 3x a week running plan for my 2nd marathon in November. I’m very injury prone, but it’s also great to have the flexibility to incorporate other kinds of workouts. And please don’t worry about the ketchup haters. You are SO GOOD all the time with your food. And you really can’t do restaurant hashbrowns without ketchup. It makes no sense :)

  2. Wow! I didn’t know they had that kind of CrossFit workout in Toronto! Will you be participating to next time?

  3. Your grilin’ eats look AMAZINGGGG!!! Jealous. Quite frankly I am sick of people writing articles bashing cross fit and I am sick of reading articles defending cross fit (no offense). People need to do what they love, worry about themselves, and mind their own business!

  4. Frannie!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I hope my coach never spots that one!

    Love watching crossfit competitions! So much fun! Until you realise you want to be out there doing it yourself and can’t! Although starting with a 5k run, I would hate that!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the workouts your gym does. Sometimes I get an itch to try another gym just to see if I like the workouts more but I always hear from others outside my gym that we have really good programing so I stick with it. Plus it’s seriously a minute away from our house :-)

    1. You will be soon enough! Hope things have been well with you… a la Instagram, seems like it :) Let me know if you want to chat any more about school stuff too

  6. Way to go for getting in that early run!!! I liked the CrossFit video … even though I don’t do it, I appreciate the focus on making your body as healthy as possible, the community, and the spirit! Those grill marks – YUM. And dark chocolate – definitely my go-to. And ketchup … yeah, I eat it all the time :). At least I buy the no-HFCS version!!

  7. Hey, I don’t care if you don’t CrossFit either! =)

    You take really good photos.

    The competition looked really fun! I’ve been to one and was fortunate that Rich Froning was competing in it!

    Also, Frannie seriously looks like the worst WOD ever! That appears to maybe rival 14.5. Yuck. And when I saw the time cap I laughed to myself thinking no way… good thing your coach extended it as well. Well… “good thing” is debatable. Haha.

  8. I’m with Chris, I am absolutely terrified of Frannie! Holy heck, that’s a wod and a half. I haven’t been to a CF competition, but I will be competing in my first in about four short weeks. I’m a nervous wreck – to say the least! :) And, thanks for sharing the CF video, such a great reminder of the camaraderie and spirit of the sport!

    1. Ahhh that is so exciting Shelly! I am always super nervous before races (and I was before big games too) but my coach would always remind me that I was having FEAR… Future Events Appearing Real. That would help relieve (some) of my stresses. Can’t wait to hear about your comp!

  9. Loved that crossfit video!! I don’t do crossfit, but I feel like that video describes yoga for me and the reason I will be doing yoga teacher training starting in October!! Also love the chocolate bar. I was eating the same thing after dinner last week. I find that one square of the dark chocolate is just enough to get my sweet tooth under control. This week though I am trying to drink tea after dinner instead of looking for chocolate.

    1. Exactly Alicia! It really describes anything. So exciting about your teacher training. I have also been trying to have tea after dinner – sometimes with chocolate :)

  10. Looks so fun! :) I love ketchup too, but rarely eat it because of the sugar…just makes it that much more special when I do eat it! Good job on your running! Those tempo and speed runs will make a huge difference for ya!

  11. You are totally killing your CrossFit WODs – I LOVE IT. We are pretty similar in our standing too, which is fun to see! Haven’t done a comp yet. I was going to last weekend, but other stuff came up so I had to back out. Next time though! The beach comp looks like so much fun. =) Your food = made my stomach growl and became inspiration for my week ahead.

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