Catching Up: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Hi guys! I’m sorry for abandoning you unannounced on Friday. American friends, I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! I had a bit of a crazy week, caught a little cold and needed to step away for a little bit. Forgive me? But I have lots to tell ya today.

Firstly, who gets sick in the summer? Me apparently. Stress, lack of sleep, go, go go… I slowed down a bit, took some rest days, nourished my body and focused on my goals. And drank lots of tea. Because drinking tea in a heat wave is totally normal right?


Anyways, I’m feeling a lot better now and had a really nice weekend. Les and I went strawberry picking at this adorable organic farm. We ate a lottttt of berries, froze some, gave some away and dipped a bunch in chocolate (great call Les).

Chocolate covered strawberry

I caught up with friends, got a few good workouts in and checked a bunch of things off of my to do list. My parents also happened to be out of town so I could food prep and make a huge mess anytimeeeee I wanted. It also meant that I could sneak some bacon into the house…

Pancakes and bacon

Epic bacon salad

I live under my parent’s roof so I do my very best to respect their rules. One of mom’s rules: no pork in the house. I really hope she isn’t reading this post. Mom – I love you, don’t kill me. I’m not sure why I am advertising this but I guess it’s because I share what I eat on this blog and this is what I ate this weekend. So, yes: I’m Jewish but I clearly don’t follow all the “rules.”


Bacon wrapped date
Bacon wrapped date

When responsibly sourced (I buy all of my meat from The Healthy Butcher), I think that bacon can be a nutritious *treat* – and it’s obviously delicious.

I definitely got my bacon fix this weekend (well, until mom goes out of town again), so let’s get to my non-bacon-regular-boring-but-delicious eats from the past week – and throw in my workouts because I like recapping them.


Salmon sweet potato cakes

, hard boiled egg, broccoli, baby carrots and an avocado

Salmon cakes avo brocc breakfast.jpg

Chicken meatballs (I used my meatball recipe but used ground chicken… eh not the best), sweet potato, broccoli and an almond butter energy bite (recipe on Wednesday!)

Chicken meatball brocc sweet potato breakfast

Shredded chicken

, spinach, plantain and an energy bite

Chicken spinach plantain breakfast



Chicken sausages, spinach, sweet potato and pine-nuts plus an orange and cashews

Chicken sausages and orange lunch


, zucchini, sweet potato, salsa and avocado

Meatballs lunch

Chicken sausages, spinach, purple cabbage, sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and avocado

Chicken sausages cabbage lunch1

This lunch was delicious and deserves a messy close-up…

Chicken sausages cabbage lunch2


Beef and veggie skewers on the bbq – clodhammer steak, red onion, peppers, zucchini with cabbage slaw and a pickle (skewer recipe coming your way next week!)

Beef Skewer Dinner

Leftover skewers with a sweet potato

Beef skewer and sweet potato

3 egg and spinach scramble, salsa,  plantain, sweet potato, purple cabbage and blueberries

Eat the rainbow dinner


Almond butter energy bites (recipe on Wednesday!)

Almond Butter Energy Bite

Cabbage slaw – I used a pre-shredded mix and made a vinaigrette with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, salt and pepper… didn’t measure, sorry!


Salmon sweet potato cake 

Salmon Cake

Last week, was our official first week of marathon training. Unfortunately (but fortunately) I rested at beginning of the week in order to feel better. We have 5 months to train so I’m not worried.









We worked our overhead squat and then did Apollo:


Yup, pull-ups with a band. I got 247 reps, which I was happy with and I felt really energized and rested after two days off.



5 mile run.

5 miles

I felt really slow. Blah.




Murph. Fasten your seat belts.


I’ve done Murph before with a partner (aka splitting the work) but on Friday I did it on my own. I obviously used a band for my pull ups and ended up splitting the work into rounds. Not totally legit but I’m over it. I did 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 50 airsquats and then finished off the pull-ups and push-ups. My arms were dying. I finished in 44:37. I make up time on the runs. I ran the first mile in 6:37 and the second mile in 7:04. Happy 4th of July America!



8 mile run.

8 miles

I have no idea why I did my long run on Saturday – I should have done it on Sunday. I was sooo sore from Murph and my run was slowwww and a bit exhausting. But it got done. Lesson learned.

And thanks for the new watch Garmin! It’s the Forerunner 15 – I’ll review it soon.



At least I made a smarter decision yesterday – I went swimming! Yay for taking care of my body. Going swimming for me is like splashing in the pool so I consider that active rest… but I got in the water so I’m proud.

Amy feet by pool


Questions of the day…

What’s new with you?! Do eat bacon – thoughts? 



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32 thoughts on “Catching Up: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. Hmmm, I need to make pancakes soon, these look so good!
    And how is it that we are so alike – I was sick the week before and last week my body couldn’t recover from ANY workout. So much rest needed.

  2. All your food looks amazing and so colourful! I’m not a massive fan of bacon, but do love a touch of the salty taste every now and again. I think I’m going to try and recreate that bacon salad you’ve photographed above. Yum!

  3. Holy crap your mile run times are ridiculous! I would be struggling to run a 7 minute mile on it’s own, not to mention at the end of Murph! Wow good job! Glad you are feeling better and the food looks delicious, as always. And I hope you remembered to empty the trash and not leave the empty bacon package evidence where it could be discovered! =)

    1. I make up time in WODs with the cardio/running but I see other people bang out butterfly pull-ups and that’s what I want to do! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, definitely one of the amazing things about CrossFit. And yes we threw out the evidence!

  4. Bacon is so delicious, and I agree with Chris. If 9:00/mile is slow, then I’m downright senior citizen speed. Back to the bacon, I can’t keep it in the house either or I will eat it all. It is a treat for me, and I generally only eat it when I go out…on top of a burger. My kind of heaven :)

  5. Chocolate covered strawberries! Did you know that fruit is in season and i went strawberry picking?

  6. I love bacon! A real treat! And bacon wrapped dates are awesome :-)

    Murph is definitely one WOD I will be happy if I never do! It’s pure insanity! But I know with crossfit, it may be hell to do but that feeling of accomplishment afterwards cannot be beaten!

  7. SO glad Garmin sent you the watch!!! I have no idea if they told you, but when they emailed me, I told them you just signed up for the marathon and that you’d be perfect for a review!! :-)

    1. Omg could you be any more amazing?! They said they heard I was running a marathon but did not mention your awesomeness. THANK YOU!!!

    1. The thing with building muscle through CrossFit or other heavy lifting is that it actually can make you slower (because of the added mass/weight). So yes my “slow” is slower than I am used to running but I have also built up my leg muscles so I don’t tire as easily or risk injury. Basically, take the pros with the cons. In regards to speed, the best way to build it is through tempo runs or sprint workouts. I like to go to a track and do a sprint and jog workout. We are doing this once a week as part of our marathon training so I will try to post a speed workout soon.

      1. Thanks Amy! That makes a lot of sense. I definitely skimp on the tempo runs but that’s one of my goals for fall training. Looking forward to hearing all about your training.

  8. Reading this makes me realize that a) I need to run more and faster and b) I need to eat more bacon. Can’t wait for the energy ball recipe!

    1. I only approve your second realization re: bacon. I never want my workout recaps to make you feel that you need to do more or be faster. Run at the speed that feels fast for you and the amount of time that feels right for you. I used to run faster miles so that’s why this feels “slow” in relation to me and my body. Otherwise… eat some bacon for me :)

  9. My husband LOVES bacon so we get it occasionally and it’s always a yummy treat. You are reminding me that chicken sausage makes a great easy lunch or meal- need to pick some up. Great workouts, too!

  10. Your food always looks so delicious! Looking forward to that recipe on Wednesday. And glad you’re feeling better!
    I just started a blog myself, and yours is one that inspired me to get started. Thanks for all you do for this community :) Looking forward to being a more vocal reader from now on!

  11. I am reading this late and didn’t know you were sick! I’ll tell you the answer to who gets sick in the summer – ME too! I haven’t been sick in probably a year but I came down with whatever junk my whole family had in Hilton Head. I am already feeling a bit better after 1 day of taking it easy (skipping Wednesday – my favorite day of the week of bootcamp – boo), and I hope you are too! That close up meal looks amazing, and the bacon thing made me laugh (but I hope your mom isn’t mad!). I actually don’t like bacon. I try!! It smells so good when I make it for Kevin on occasion, but something about those chewy bits just makes me shudder :).

  12. I think I’m at a point of needing all the rest. When my WODs don’t sound as enjoyable, I think that is probably a sign. Plus, my sleep has been awful the past two-ish weeks (I blame moving), so that is probably contributing to the ‘blah’ feeling. All of the meals, as usual, look amazing! Bacon is a true staple in our house!

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