26 Strong: Change of Plans

Don’t worry: I didn’t throw in the towel (the marathon is still happening) but the location has changed…

Sandy Beach

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Thanks to the serious generosity of Saucony and their efforts for the 26 Strong campaign, Morganne, me, and most of the other 26 Strong teams are heading to Hawaii in December to run the Honolulu Marathon! How cool/fun/awesome/lucky is that?!


I am soooo excited and so grateful for this opportunity but I have to be completely honest with you: changing our marathon date/location/situation freaked me out. I am a planner and I had the plan in my head: Las Vegas. November. Afternoon race. Parents coming. Training plan set. Weather. Travel. Okay let’s do this… wait, not anymore?!

There were lots of things that changed with Hawaii (thankfully we still kept our half-marathon date on October 19th in St. Louis – too much change = freak out) but I had to breakdown a lot of mental barriers I had in my head:

  • Longer travel time, warmer climate and time difference: how will my body adjust? What will I wear? What will I eat?
  • The race begins at 5am: That’s even early for me.
  • My family cannot attend: I will miss hugging them at the finish line.
  • New training plan: Running 20 miles outside in the Canadian winter is not my idea of fun
  • Saucony + 26 Strong teams = a nervous Amy. Having other people around makes me nervous. What if I have to walk? Will I feel like a failure? Well at least the scenery will be gorgeous.

But as Morganne and I discussed: everything happens for a reason – and I knew it was meant to be because with all the change came many positives:

  • Um it’s freaking Hawaii. Shut-up Amy and suck up the flight/time difference. I’ve never been and I’m definitely extending my trip to enjoy the beach and sights.
  • 5am start time will feel like 11am for me/my body. I just need to be smart about my sleeping/jet-lag.
  • I’m 23. It’ll be okay without my parents (I just love their support!) Maybe some hot-Hawaiin-sufer-dude will fall in love with me and be at the finish line to hug me.
  • Outdoor running means outdoor running gears means an excuse to go shopping…
  • Saucony + other teams = support not judgement. Relax, Amy.

Those were my thoughts. And then I thought of one of my favorite movies, which made any doubts disappear – because duh, I’m running a marathon not competing at Pipeline.

Saucony Blue Crush

Yeah… I don’t have photoshop but thank you Picmonkey.

Anyways, if all goes well, we will still be crossing the finish line, and still popping a bottle of champagne (or maybe an Island-inspired-drink), but instead of gambling I’m gonna hop on a surfboard (when I can feel my legs) with a coconut bra, grass skirt and then see a volcano. Yup, a pretty awesome change of plans if you ask me.

Hawaii… get ready for the Nutty Honey Runners! We are certainly getting ready for you…

Morganne Amy Collage

And I had to throw this pic in here too because it seems pretty official when you find your face in Women’s Running magazine… eek!

Women's Running Mag2

Training has official begun… let’s do this!


Questions of the day…

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Any travel recommendations? 



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28 thoughts on “26 Strong: Change of Plans

  1. Oh my goodness what an awesome location change!! That will be incredible! You need not worry – you have an awesome coach who will help guide you through!!
    “Maybe some hot-Hawaiin-sufer-dude will fall in love with me and be at the finish line to hug me” – EXACTLY :)

  2. Okay I think this is an AWESOME change too!! I suck when plans unexpectedly shift, but I’m trying to work on it, and I definitely think that you need to keep your mind fixated on all of the pros with this one because WOW, Hawaii?? Also, depending on how long you two are in St. Louis, maybe I can come visit and cheer for you at the half! It’s not too far from Chicago, and I haven’t eaten my favorite St. Louis pizza in years now!

  3. Awesome awesome awesome- also your plan of running into the arms of a surfer dude is perfect and highly preferable to losing your money at the card table. I can dig it! Good luck with training I’m sure you’ll crush it.

  4. I am flirting with the idea of entering the marathon this year too as I turn 30 a few days after! I used to live in Oahu and try to go back as often as I can. You will love it! There is a magic in the air. Happy training!

  5. Haha youre so funny! Have a great run, and don’t. Worry; no one can tell with those picmonkey skills :)

  6. Congratulations! I’m not an avid runner, but I could very well imagine running in Hawaii! Best of luck with your training, you’ll do great! :)

  7. That’s a fantastic change of plans! You’re going to love the experience. Hawaii is gorgeous and being around all these wonderful athletes is going to be so much fun!! I’ve never thought about running a marathon so I’m excited for when you post about it!!

  8. That’s pretty legit! I think that’s an upgrade with the location! Plus you don’t have to worry about stepping on snakes in Hawaii, so that’s a win enough right there!

  9. So exciting! I have never been to Hawaii, but someday! I know that things like family not being there will be hard (I have done races without family there, I totally get this), but you will be surrounded by so many amazing people…soak it all in love! Enjoy the process and the training- that’s where the race is made!

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