New Goals: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Guys, I had two vodka-sodas on Thursday night and I was wreckeddddd on Friday. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the half a jar of coconut butter I ate when I got home at 1am (who am I?) but my Friday was miserable. My head, stomach, body… hated me. I went to hot yoga after work which helped sweat the toxins out and I felt loads better. But it was a good reminder why I don’t miss this and how much my body loves real food and freaks out when I slap it in the face with liquid fun. I took the weekend to relax and re-charge – Jays game, workouts, good food and friends. Vodka and veggies people.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with a lot on the go. Same old, same old but I wasn’t handling it very well last week. When I feel overwhelmed I: a) cry b) run c) make a list d) talk about it. Then I feel better. And I set a few goals (food/fitness/life) to help alleviate some of these feelings and get back on track. Any normal person, would write their goals on a sticky note or in a diary, but we bloggers aren’t normal. We share our lives for the world to see. So that’s what I’m going to do.

1. Don’t let the little stuff bother me. Truth.

2. Compartmentalize. My dad used to tell me this before basketball games: put your essay due tomorrow, fight with the bf, bad grade in a little box and leave it outside of the court. I need to remember to do this in my everyday life: leave work at the office, leave frustrations at the door.

3. Cook with a new ingredient/food/spice every week. Yup, food variety. When I see a new-to-me veggie, meat, whatever… I’m going to buy it. Last week, was beets… my new-found love! I bought a purple cabbage this week.

4. Work on my double-unders and pull-ups for 5 minutes, 5-7 days per week. Double-unders = the skipping rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one. Pull-ups = overhand grip, chin over the bar. I know this is not going to happen overnight, but I am already getting better. I bought my own rope and my own band (for the pull-ups) and am determined to master these moves. I totally can: determination and practice.

5. Stand up for myself. When I’m right, I need to tell the person: I’m right. Don’t be a pushover.

6. Eat more before dinner/eat bigger meals. I am still snacking more at night than I want to be. I’m legit hungry, which means I am not getting enough food during the day. So I’m going to start making (and eating) a bigger breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7. Practice positive self talk. I want to be perfect, and when I’m not, I am hard on myself. I think we can all work on this – sometimes it’s crazy to realize how hard we are on ourselves. Love, love, love.

8. Find new running routes/running buddy. I am not going to lie – I haven’t been all that motivated to run lately… and I sorta need to because marathon training starts this week (stay tuned for a pretty exciting update on Wednesday). So I think a change in scenery and a friend to run with is necessary.

9. Swim. I suck at swimming but I want to tryyyyy and incorporate it for cross-training.
10. Un-plugging. Yes. Needs to happen. 

Okay 10 goals is a lot… so that’s that. Oh random aside: I’m obsessed with my latest nail polish discovery. It looks really similar to my nails in the past, but it’s lighter, more white, less pink and I think prettier. “Romper Room” by Essie… love. Put it on your nails, it will make you feel happy. K time for food.



Grilled chicken

, grilled sweet potato, broccoli, almonds and cashews

Chicken broccoli sweet potato and nuts

Beef burger with a fried egg, grilled asparagus and an avocado with salsa

Burger egg breakfast

Shredded chicken

, kale, beets and cashews

Chicken kale beets and cashews


Beef burger, hard boiled egg, grilled asparagus, sweet potato and an avocado

Burger sweet potato egg avo

Chicken sausages, broccoli, beets, peppers + a banana + cashews

Chicken sausages banana cashews lunch


, hard boiled egg, grilled asparagus, broccoli, sweet potato and an avocado

Meatballs lunch.jpg

Hard boiled eggs, peppers, mashed butternut squash, an avocado and trail mix

Egg avo squash trail mix lunch



Grilled chicken salad: spinach, beets, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, yellow peppers with olive oil dressing (courtesy of Mom – I will share the recipe soon!)

Chicken beet spinach seed salad


, brussels sprouts, kale and sweet potato

Meatballs kale and sweet potato.jpg

Ground beef, kale, brussels sprouts and salsa (plus an un-pictured sweet potato)

Beef kale brussels salsa


1/2 a burger with baby carrots

Burger and baby carrots

Hard-boiled egg with strawberries and blueberries

Egg and berries

Coconut butter. I discovered the amazing-ness of heating up Nikki’s Coconut Butter… it was flaky and not very appetizing before. Now it is like crack. Spoonful after spoonful crack… (Say crack again. Crack.) <– name that movie! As much as I love it, it hurts my stomach A LOT so I need to remember to put it in a bowl.

Nikki's Coconut Butter




I finally linked 3 chin-ups! Aka did them in a row. Yay!



Completed the workout as prescribed… another yay! It was a tough one but I was pretty happy with my 148 reps.







Ice Cube

I modified the kettlebell weight to be 12kg and did 25 “attempted” double unders. 223 reps.




We worked on our hand stand push-ups… getting there.

WOD was Jackie:


Rowing. Ugh. But I kinda surprised myself and finished the 1000m row in 5:04. Women’s thrusters were at 35 pounds and I did banded pull-ups to finish in 12:58.



Hot yoga.

Felt great afterwards, during… another story.



1 mile run + 5 rounds of 3, 6, 9 of: chin-ups, push-ups, air squats + 5 sprints



CrossFit: Olympic Lifting

I’ve been slacking on going to the “olympic lifting” technical class on Sundays but I went yesterday. I don’t love it. I usually get really frustrated that my form isn’t right and I’m not lifting as heavy as everyone else. We did a WOD with front squats and double-unders – I was so frustrated with myself… tears almost occurred.


And that was my week! How was yours?


Questions of the day…

Do you have any goals? How do you keep yourself accountable? 



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33 thoughts on “New Goals: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. Great goals! Just remember to stop, breath, smile, laugh and love what is around you – when I do that I always feel a million times better!

    Beets are the bomb! Especially in a salad with seeds – you have it spot on there! (I like it with tinned mackerel!)

    I would love to do Jackie rowing – we only have 2 rowers at our box so we have to do Jackie running – urgh! Lets swap! :-)

  2. You go Glen Coco! < had to keep the reference alive. Those sound like awesome goals and honestly a little over indulgence can sometimes be the best motivator and reminder why to love living a healthy lifestyle. Like you said, balance.

  3. Awesome goals! I totally need to work on some of these as well.
    My marathon training has been side-tracked by shin splints… grrrr. But I’m slowly getting back on track. Once I’m a reliable run partner again (i.e. not at risk of having to stop 2km in to keep my shins from sending my back to bed rest) I will happily be your running buddy :)

  4. Ooooh girl I’m trying to some of the same goals as you are- especially #1 and #7. It’s so hard to get down on yourself when you’re not doing something perfectly. I keep trying to ask myself what I would say to my best friend if she were in my situation and I would never tell her the things I say to myself. So I’m definitely practicing being kinder to myself and being my own best friend if that makes sense. You can do it! And ps double unders are the super super hard!

  5. Don’t be frustrated on the Oly Lifting! We all have bad days and there will ALWAYS be people who lift heavier than us. No negative talk! :-) Stay strong, you are making progress. It takes time! Nobody is perfect :-)

  6. Hi Amy !! So just a few questions ..

    How do you divide your healthy fats throughout the day? I noticed you eat nuts at almost every meal as well as avocados .. How many servings of nuts including but butters do you eat in a day? How do you manage to incorporate them into your meals ? How many grams of fat do you consume in one day

    Lastly , where do you purchase your coconut butter ? Haha I live in Mississauga and can’t find it anywhere :(

    Sorry for the tons of questions I asked but I really do love knowing how others manage their daily meals as well !!

    Have a wonderful day x

    1. Hi Dana, I have a fat almost every time I am eating. So if I eat a lean piece of protein I add nuts, an egg or avocado. I have no idea as to how many servings or grams I eat a day… a lot. As for incorporating them into meals, I always cook with a fat so that’s a good place to start. I order my coconut butter online or you can find it at Whole Foods or other health food stores.

      1. Thank you !! I’m new to following you and I don’t regret it and it’s so nice that you also live in toronto !! :)

  7. So many great goals! Some of them I need to keep in mind like not being a pushover and find some new running motivation. Your food looks amazing and it just reaffirmed that I’m coming back here for recipes when I start school in the fall again. Olympic lifts are really frustrating to me. It’s hard to get the moves down and most of the time I can only use the bar since my form needs more work. Which that’s all fine and dandy. I just have to be patient.

    1. Have you tried it warmed up?! It’s definitely flaky but gets creamy once warmed. Never tried Coconut Manna but I’ll be on the lookout

  8. Where did you purchase nikki’s coconut butter? Online? Because the shipping is ridiculous!

    Also, have you been to any blogging conference? You live in Toronto like I do but ive never seen a convention here ever in Canada.

    Unplugging sounds like something i should do! I am totsly addicted to my life online and it’s not good for my back or my eyes!

    1. I purchase it online but I get it shipped to friend’s in the U.S. and pick it up when they visit or I see them. Haven’t been to any blogging conferences – not sure there are many local ones.

  9. Everything looks so delicious!!! I agree with Amanda above about taking the time to make it pretty – something which I don’t often do! Your little nut tin cracks me up every time, as did the snack of burger and carrots (GREAT idea and something I “should” do more to promote real food snacks … but I’m just not there yet). Your goals sound great, but how about adding one more … realize how awesome you are every day. I’m serious. You’re amazing and it’s worth recognizing!

    1. Hi Caitlin, I buy sausages from my local butcher – the Healthy Butcher in Toronto. The meat is local, antibiotic, nitrate free… all that good stuff. I’ve tried AppleGate Farms in the past and quite like them!

  10. Hi Amy! I just made the baked oat cups today and posted them on instagram!
    I live in Toronto around the Victoria Park and Sheppard area, I’m not sure if you are in a similar area but I love swimming and can run 4-5k if you would like a buddy! I’m training for a mini triathlon currently. My email is :)

    1. Hi Deanna, So exciting you are training for a mini-triathlon! I don’t run too near to you and my distances are getting quite lengthy (12-35km) over the next few months but I need you to teach me your love for swimming :)

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