Sugar & Resting: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Why hello Monday, we meet again. How was your weekend? Mine was relaxing – spent some time poolside yesterday and enjoyed a delicious Father’s Day dinner! (Les made pasta from scratch… I died).

Today, I’m rambling a bit about sugar and rest (the title… duh). I’m also ditching the “pre-workout” and “post-workout” pics because they are basically the same every week… like really, how many hard boiled eggs and smoothies can you look at?! Writing these posts have made me realize that I need to add a little more food variety and creativity in my life – something we can all continue to work on!


Apple chicken burger

, sweet potato and broccoli AND an egg, cashews, apple

Chicken burger brocc sweet potato.jpg

Egg apple cashews.jpg

Hard boiled eggs and avocado mash (aka no-mayo-egg-salad) with sweet potato and an apple

Egg avo sweet potato and apple.jpg

Shredded chicken

, avocado, salsa and sweet potato

Chicken salsa avo sweet potato.jpg


Hard boiled eggs and avocado mash on spinach – with almonds and a banana. Random but it worked.

Egg avo salad lunch.jpg

Spinach, grilled chicken 

 and avocado salad (plus balsamic), apple, banana and almonds. I wish I could work from home everyday.


Although my office lunch is basically the same, minus the apple.


Grilled chicken 

, sweet potato, broccoli and roasted brussels sprouts

Chicken sweet potato veg.jpg


Apple chicken burger 

, broccoli, parsnips, avocado and salsa

Chicken burger brocc parsnips avo.jpg

Zucchini noodles

, tomato sauce
and easy baked meatballs – meatball recipe coming your way on Wednesday!

Meatballs and zucchini noodles.jpg

Tuna salad with avocado, apple, hemp seeds and dried cranberries

Tuna salad dinner.jpg

Turkey sausages (new and delicious find at The Healthy Butcher), zucchini, peppers and salsa

Turkey sausages dinner.jpg


I legit considered starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox because my sugar cravings have been kindaaaaa intense lately. I have been eating a lot more of “nature’s sugar” than I normally do. My skin has also been acting up – not happy about this at all. I’m wondering if all the fructose has something to do with it – or maybe it is the nuts. Nuts, dried fruit and fresh fruit are clearly my go-to after-dinner-snacks. Bowls and plates are my friends. Bags and handfuls are not. Anyways, I know I can figure this out without a “challenge” so I’m not doing it and long story short is that I’m going to do some experimenting and try to transition towards other nutrient rich foods for snacks. I want to see if the phytic acid (found in nuts and can inflame our systems) and fructose (found in fruit/dried fruit) has actually been having an impact on my skin. Stay tuned…

This handful started out as just a little nibble… but it quickly turned into five “little nibbles.” Whoops.

Cashews handful.jpg

Bowls. Are. Necessary.

This combo of yummy-ness: dried pineapple, banana chips, coconut pieces and brazil nuts. It came with a package of jerky I bought (took one bite of the jerky and spit it out…) but obvs ate all the nuts and dried fruit.

Nuts and dried fruit.jpg

Fudgy brownie cake

and raspberries (this was my last piece – thank goodness)

Cake and raspberries.jpg

I can’t forget about the delicious nectarines I’ve been chowing down on

Nectarine and raspberries.jpg

It’s pretty obvious that I love working out. I do it a lot, I blog about it (I wrote a whole post about why I love it), it’s arguably my favorite part of the day (other than breakfast) because it’s my me time. I hate “rest days.” They are boring. But I know, I know… “rest is part of the program.” Duh. I have come to better listen to my body and (as much as I hate it) I do rest when I’m tired. It’s annoying but it’s necessary. Last week, I skipped my Thursday run because I was tired. I also went to bed at 6pm but let’s not talk about that. Rest people, rest! As much as I wanted to run, I slept (a lot) and rested. I know that it will make me not only a stronger person but a better athlete. I need to continue to do this. Hold me to it. Oh and my yoga is still non-existent (fail) but I am reminding myself to foam roll – hurts so bad but feels so good.


CrossFit. Worked back squat 5 rep max (95 lbs for me) WOD:


I can’t do HSPU (handstand pushups) so I did wall walks and did the power cleans at 75lbs. Annoying. 8 rounds plus 5 reps.



Random workout.

1 mile run


5 rounds of:
7 second sprint
3 chin ups
10 air squats
5 push ups

1 minute plank
1 minute rest
1 minute plank



CrossFit. WOD:


Completed Rx. Finished all the rounds in 18 minutes but Sean sneakily added a 800m run and I wanted to finish fully (obvs). Finished fully in 22:20.





CrossFit. 1 mile warmup run + shoulder-to-overhead EMOM for 14 mins (1 strict, 1 push press, 1 split jerk). I maxed out at 65 lbs.



I did assisted pull-ups (with a band) and did the shoulder-to-overhead at 65lbs. This was a really tough workout. The pull-ups and push-ups exhaust your arms before the shoulder-to-overheads. I finished the rounds in 11:05 and tallied up 31 shoulder-to-overheads before the time cap.





8 mile run in new shoes and sweet new gear thanks to Saucony! Why is the first half of a run so hard? My knees felt a little sore and stiff but I was happy with this distance and pace. And to the creepy men who honk because they enjoy watching my butt jiggle while I run: stop. You made me jump out of my shorts with your horn. And your creepy.

8 mile run.jpg


P.S. Nail color is “Fiji” by Essie.

Questions of the day…

What have you been craving lately?

How many “rest days” do you take a week?


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41 thoughts on “Sugar & Resting: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. Ah rest days… I used to go for weeks without one at all. Now I have to say I do love them and take on average 1-2 a week and lately a few more because I’ve been sick and not sleeping well so in the past I would have pushed through but now I know I need to listen to my body. It was definitely not a quick mindset change though so I hear ya!

    Loving all your food inspiration! Your breakfasts are giving me lunch inspiration too ;) I’ve been getting more into snacking on raw nuts too. Fructose and me are seemingly not friends I’m still waiting on test results but it can definitely effect people more than some may think.

  2. I used to be the person who hated rest days. Really hated them.In fact I refused to take them. Any rest day that happened was unplanned and because I my “willpower” failed. Between shaking the disordered eating habits that drove that mentality and an experience with true overtraining last year that forced me to take weeks off set me back months, I finally got with it. I think a lot of “fitness” people perpetuate the anti-rest because they think more is better and that pushing beyond their limits makes stronger or more committed, or more badass, but it doesn’t. It’s just abusing your body, and it’s no better than under-eating or any other. This turned into one of those comments I feel like I could write a whole post on. I think I’ll copy and paste it so I can.

  3. I tend to take two rest days a week but this can change depending on how I feel. You will laugh at me.. On Saturday My Sister, who is training for a half asked if I wanted to join her on an 8 mile run. Seeing as I have not run more than 4 miles in MONTHS I was like oh sureeee…. She was sooooo quick – I dropped off at 10k and fell into a downward dog ha. Oh well – least I can still run ;)
    Eats look good girl – looking forward to seeing how you bring in some more creativity and different eats!

  4. Hey! You actually changed your Garmin to miles! Now it makes sense to me, so I’m pretty happy that you did it! I want to try your apple chicken burgers. After I made my rosemary chicken burgers last year, I decided to give ground chicken a chance…before I just thought it was dry and tasteless. I wonder why you have to do so much more to it than you do to turkey to make it taste good? Anyway, everything looks delicious, as usual!

    1. Thank you for noticing! I hope you try out the burgers… ground chicken is super lean (leaner than turkey) so definitely needs more flavor.

  5. OMG, you went to bed at 6pm?! You are ridiculous, and I love it. I usually only take 1 rest day per week, but I will listen to my body if it’s really screaming for more. I’m excited for you to experiment with your non-21DSD … you know I’m still pulling for you! And thanks for your support, too :)

  6. I usually stick to 1 rest day per week, unless I really need more. Even then I might do 1 rest day and 1 active rest day with some light yoga.
    I’ve been craving ice cream and frozen yogurt lately! I need to start making my own healthier versions and limit my splurges before it becomes a real problem:)

    1. I need to add an active-rest-yoga-day… love that idea! I cannot have coconut milk ice cream in my house – I’ll eat it all. Have you made frozen banana ice cream?!

  7. your eats look so tasty! i was the same way with my cashews this weekend. just one little handful…5 handfuls later. i had to make some cashew butter, or i knew i’d keep eating the bag! i hear you with the rest days. i hate them and always want to do something. i’ve been trying longer walks on rest days, so i am least moving instead of sitting all day!

  8. Oh I was so close to doing the 21 day sugar detox like you – damn natures sugar tasting so good! But I too decided that a) I don’t need to do a challenge and b) that so many amazing fruits are in season right now and I don’t want to miss on them – cherries, berries and peaches oh my! :-)

  9. Good girl, rest!! I take at least 2 restdays a week. I do mobility exercises on these days or go for a walk – but sometimes (like yesterday after the Crossfit Challenge) I just hang around and do nothing. And I love it. I had to get used to it for sure, but my body is in SO much better shape since I embrace my restdays.
    Oh and YOga – I am with you. I didn’t go to a class in about 3 weeks – ok, I was on vacation and my back is acting up, so there was no way. But still…..I have to go back to not to lose my gracefulness with all those weights :-)

  10. I am the same with fruit and nuts for snacking… I have to reign it in sometimes because it can get outta hand in the best way possible ;) I am only working out 3 days a week right now but have scheduled to go up to 5 in the next few months. I love making time for fitness, but I am also ‘active’ on my rest days by making sure I get 10K steps on my Fitbit and being outside, so I think it’s important not to push it too far.

  11. Can I just steal all your food? Haha, it looks great! Definitely delicious!
    I always eat nuts and fruits for snacks. Or a small Vega protein shake. I work out about 4-6 days a week…Rest days are usually some walking or shopping.
    Now, during half marathon season, I’m running like 6-10 days in a row, then I take a rest day and repeat.

  12. My sweet tooth has been pretty over-active too lately, as has my bad skin — can’t wait to read what you discover to help with these issues!

  13. I take 2 rest days to let my body recover and just as important so I can spend more time with friends, family, or getting things done! I copied one of your ideas tonight for dinner and I will say it was delish. I had 2 chicken sausages, sweet potato, and an apple cooked in a little coconut oil and my belly was happy. I will def be buying chicken sausages to keep in the freezer so I can have a easy quick meal whenever!

  14. First so glad you cleared up what the nail polish color was because I was totally going to ask! I actually think I have that one! Score! Second, I can’t do HSPU either and HATE wall walks. Have you tried hand stand push ups on a box yet? Hard but a variation that’s more like the HSPU. Last, we’ve been talking about doing the 21 day sugar detox too! Sugar cravings like mad lately!

  15. I take for sure one rest day and sometimes two depending on how busy my week or weekend is. Your bowl of shredded chicken, avocado, and sweet potato instantly made my stomach grumble with hunger. I’ll have to try that combination! Rest days are mentally hard, but I truly come to enjoy them after I get over it.

  16. Not saying this is the case with you at all, but a couple of years ago I developed a nut allergy (I’ve since had this confirmed by an allergist) and one of the symptoms for me was my face breaking out really badly! Hopefully you can figure out what is going on!

  17. You rock. I LOVE these posts. Makes me want to have you as a roommate. Can you say major meal prep?! Good WODs last week. Lots of good variety. =) Rest day for me tomorrow because a) I’m pooped b) need to figure out my student loans and c) have to work 11:30-8 (sad face!)

  18. Your food. Seriously. Drool. ;)

    I aim for two full rest days a week.. but one of them may be a yoga class if I get motivated enough to go. For me, rest days end up being complete and utter sedentary days.. which is no good either! But know it’s so important.

    And I try to get 8hrs of sleep a night, so kudos to the 6pm bedtime! ;)

  19. Love that nail color :) For me, if I have a sparkling water with lime or some dandelion tea after dinner instead of a sweet or nutty treat (because I love those things too!) it usually gets rid of the craving :) Just a thought!

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