From My Kitchen To Yours #2

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement on yesterday’s post! I have moments when I freak out (“what did I get myself into”?!) but most of the time I am super excited. Your support means the world! (No idea what I’m talking about? Check out the post here – I know I don’t usually post on Tuesdays but it was a unified “launch” date).

Moving on to our regularly scheduled programming… today is all about you!

I absolutely love seeing when you guys make a Little Honey Bee recipe. And since I don’t have a recipe for you this week (I’m sorry!) I thought it would be the perfect time to do another “From My Kitchen to Yours” post showcasing what you guys have been cooking. Your emails, tweets, messages, always make me so happy!

This wasn’t the most recent Honey Bee creation, but Amy had a bit of an obsession with my zucchini muffins 

 and totally called me out that I didn’t include her the first time around

Amy zucc muffin

There ya go Ame :) (even though I know you were kidding)

So many of you have made the chicken bites!

 I love this recipe – so simple and delicious.

Chicken bites

Nicole had them for dinner…

Chicken bites2

So did Holly

Holly Dinner

and Morganne and Mr. Nut Butter Runner enjoyed them too :)


Morganne also made my Cordoba cauliflower rice

 This looks like such a yummy dinner!

Morganne Cordoba Cauli rice

The salmon sweet potato cakes

 have been a real hit. I definitely need to make them again soon too!

Salmon sweet potato1

Salmon Cakes

I am so glad that Gina made my apple chicken burgers

. Ground chicken isn’t my fave but I love these burgers. This totally looks like my kind of meal!

Gina chicken burgers

Megan also made the burgers 

 for her family and they loved them too. Yay success!

Meg chicken burgers

And look at this gorgeous slice of fudgy brownie birthday cake


Birthday cake

I craved falafel (or a trip to Israel) after seeing this pic of my baked falafel

with a few changes – love the addition of the sesame seeds!

Traydadiva Falafel

As much as I love seeing when you guys make recipes, seeing that I “inspire” (woah, that’s weird to say) you to change your meals, or try something new, is something that feels truly special. Seeing YOU in YOUR journey to become the happiest and healthiest version of you is amazing.

Stephanie made this deliciously simple and nutritious lunch. And she’s also been a food prep queen!

Beauty and Bananas1

I got so excited when I saw this post from Lauren. Check out her awesome post-workout breakfast… that she said kept her full for hours :)

Lauren post run

Kelsey is seriously a rockstar. Not enough words to say how proud of I am of this girl!



I can’t forget to shout out Caroline – she is such a star too! She made a lunch inspired by one of my very typical office lunches…

Caroline Lunch

And then on the same day made my honey balsamic glazed salmon

 for dinner. How good does this plate look?!

Caroline Dinner

I had to translate this next post because my Spanish is terrible but I think it means: “avocado and eggs and playing with filters”… but the nicest part was in English.


And look at this amazing food prep by my friend J… she’s so awesome!

J Food Prep.jpg

I love seeing your kitchen creations, fitness fun and anything else so keep ’em coming. Thank you for making me smile and for being a part of the Little Honey Bee.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday – “talk” to you on Friday!


Questions of the day…

Has the Little Honey Bee spilled into your kitchen or your life?! Send me pics or tell me all about it in the comments! 


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17 thoughts on “From My Kitchen To Yours #2

  1. That breakfast of mine was 100% little honey be inspired and it was so good! You make people realise you can eat different foods at any time of the day. Sweet potato for breakfast – why the heck not? It is so wonderful to see you are inspiring so many people :)

  2. Hahaha you’re the best. Thanks for including me! I just made those muffins a couple of weeks ago after a long hiatus! I like Kim’s idea of you having your own hashtag. You’re already basically an Instagram star ;) Also, it was with good reason that you couldn’t translate that post from Spanish, because it’s not in Spanish! Looks like Portuguese to me, but I could be wrong! You’re right though – so nice of her to translate the most important part.

  3. I’ve made several of your recipes and tried to sub spaghetti squash a lot for pasta as a healthy move- love seeing your posts! I also snack on raw cashews now which is a lovely addition to my day :) I also loved your reminder to pair protein + fruit as a snack and have been working on that instead of just fruit!

  4. I make your black bean brownies all the time! My husband loves them too (which is a total win because he is super picky when he knows that I made a “healthier” version of dessert food). However, one time I thought I was cool and didn’t measure the ingredients (just eyeballed them). They did not come out nearly as good so you definitely figured out the perfect way to make them!

    1. Ah I totally had a brain cramp and forgot where I saw the black bean brownies! I’m sorry… but I’m so glad you and your husband like them. I still measure for all my recipes :)

  5. Thanks for featuring my meals! Literally every meal I make I run through “veggie protein carb fat something fun” in my head :) thanks for your inspiration Amy! It really has made a difference. Can’t wait to try more recipes! #TLHBmademedoit hahahaha that’s great

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