Dining Out, Fruit & CrossFit: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Happy Monday! Sorry, that’s totally an oxymoron. I hope you had a fab weekend!

Congrats to Nicole D. on winning the yoga mat and Spynga classes! Yay! Please email me at littlehoneybeeblog@gmail.com to claim your prize. Now onto today:

I am trying to make these recap posts shorter. I want to give you meal ideas and workout ideas not ramble forever…. just in the beginning, like now. But if you hate these posts, be sure to check back tomorrow because I have an exciting announcement! 

Anways… last week, I was eating out more than normal. On average, I am cooking 90% of the time. I’m busy so you know how I roll: food prep, throw things together, done. My meals are so ridiculously easy/simple/mindless but that’s how I like it.

Mmmm liver
Mmmm liver

Going out to eat is not a regular thing in my life. Namely, I’m cheap. And dining out is expensive. True story. I’m also not a huge “foodie”. Other than the fact that I love brunch (and watching triple D) I don’t really care about the latest restaurant that just opened up. Sure I enjoy trying new places and eating good food but the company rather than the food is my priority. Saying this, I obviously think eating out and maintaining my lifestyle is very possible – I’m not a food snob anymore and I eat out all the time when I travel. Anyways, this past week I was eating out more than usual and not in the Little Honey Bee kitchen my parent’s kitchen 24/7. It was expensive fun. I made a game plan, asked questions and made reasonable substitutions. I was quiet about it and sometimes ate stuff I didn’t want to eat but sucked it up.


Hard-boiled eggs… as per usual… but I ran out of cashews (must be because of those cookies)

Hard boiled egg.jpg

Egg in the car.jpg


I am still downing my post-workout smoothie 

 after my workouts – loving it!

Post workout smoothie.jpg


Grilled chicken 

, sweet potato and broccoli

Chicken brocc and sweet potato .jpg

2 eggs, smoked salmon and spinach scramble with avocado

Egg salmon spinach scramble with avocado.jpg

Shredded chicken

, spinach, sweet potato, spaghetti squash and dried cranberries

Chicken spinach squash cran.jpg


Out for lunch at Auntie & Uncles (really cute spot!) omelette with asparagus and tomato, greens and fruit – I asked for the omelette without cheese and fruit instead of bread.

Auntie and Uncles Lunch.jpg

Juli’s pizza spaghetti pie (I use grass-fed ground beef and added spinach), roasted brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli, banana and almonds (I had the almonds mid-morning)

I legit ate this all week for lunch at the office…

Spag squash pizza lunch .jpg

3 scrambled eggs, salsa, avocado and a sweet potato… aka all of my favorite things on one plate.

Eggs salsa avo sweet potato.jpg


Lamb meatballs, zucchini noodles and tomato sauce [recipes] and pine nuts – with some sliced bell peppers on the side

Lamb meatballs and zoodles.jpg

Lamb meatballs, brussels, broccoli, sweet potato and salsa

Lamb sausages brocc brussels sweet potato.jpg

Out for dinner at Rancho Relaxo: avocado salad and chicken – I ordered the avocado salad and asked them to add a double portion of chicken. I really dislike Mexican and it dislikes me. The chicken was sketchy and I was still a bit hungry – but the company was great.

Rancho Relaxo.jpg

Juli’s pizza spaghetti pie with roasted parsnips (olive oil, oven, 350F, 20 mins) and steamed broccoli

Spagsquash pizza dinner.jpg

Out for dinner at the Harvest Kitchen – I got the same thing as last time because it was so good: grass-fed beef burger (minus the bun and cheese) with bacon, tomato, pickles and add sweet potato fries.

Harvest Kitchen dinner.jpg


I am doing a much better job of putting my dessert/after dinner eats on a plate or in a bowl and eating more before dinner so I’m not actually hungry. Happy tummy, happy Amy. Success. And a big shout out to Megan too :)

I have been loving fruit after dinner – it’s nature’s candy after all. And summer weather = eat. all. the. fruit. I mentioned in the video a few weeks ago that it’s a good idea to pair your fruity snack with a protein or fat to balance out the sugar and decrease the insulin spike. Yup I know this but don’t always do it because sometimes fruit is just so delicious on its’ own that nutrition “rules” need to be thrown out the window. On the contrary, many believe that fruit is best eaten on its’ own for better digestion. So, as always, do what works for you. 

Well these raspberries definitely worked for me… holy amaze-ball deliciousness.


Almonds and dried cranberries

Almonds and dried cranberries.jpg

Apple and raspberries

Apple and raspberries.jpg

Banana with almond butter

Banana and almond butter.jpg

Frozen fruit while studying in the sun

Frozen fruit study snack.jpg

And continuing with the fruit theme… a fruity drink while at the Jays game. I love sangria.

Sangria at Jays.jpg

CrossFit gets hated on. It’s silly. Chris said it best here and I couldn’t agree more: I don’t care if you don’t CrossFit. Find what you love to do and do it. Simple as that. I didn’t start CrossFit-ing to hop on the bandwagon or be a part of a fad. I know it’s popular but I started because I wanted to get stronger and make friends. And yes, I love it now.

I love reading about Cori‘s running and life adventures. And guess what? She just started going to CrossFit – running-CrossFit-ers-unite! Cori also said it best:

I believe in people making choices that are right for them.

Heck yes.

If you’re interested, check out this blog post by CrossFit athlete Talayna Fortunato. I didn’t know her story until I read her post: “CrossFit Transforms More Than The Physical.” Her words are truly inspiring.  




We worked to find our deadlift max. I love deadlifting. I’m good at it. I PR’d by 15lbs and hit 175lbs – quite happy about that. I posted the video on Facebook and Instagram if you care to check it out. Sidenote: no-one likes Insta videos. I’ve come to realize this.


Mordor WOD

I completed it Rx (aka as prescribed aka the best feeling) and finished in 9:50. It was a successful workout: Rx, no tears and no chipped nails. The trifecta in my books.






Random outdoor workout.

I totally made it up on the fly but it was a good one – let me know if you try it!

Run and 21-15-9 Workout

I did it in 33:52 (9 minute miles). Toes-to-bar in the park = sand in the face. So. Many. Chin-ups. (I jumped into most of them)

Remember that “21-15-9” is a sequence where you complete 21 reps of each exercise, followed by 15 reps of each, finishing off with 9 reps of each. Take breaks when you need :)




For time:

1 km run, 30 thrusters, 20 bar over burpees, 10 over-head squats

I did the thrusters at 60lbs and 5 of the OH squats at 60lbs but dropped weight (to 55lbs) for the last 5. Safety first. Finished in 14:02.




Found our max front squat – from the floor aka you need to clean it up to rack it on your shoulders then sqaut. 85lbs was pretty. 90lbs got up but was ugly. For cleans I find it really helpful to remember: Pull. Get under it. Feet out.



It was a nasty one. I did chin ups instead of pull ups but the rest Rx. Finished (with a lot of support) in 22:47. Then fell over. Not actually. But almost.




Practiced handstands (they slightly terrify me), toes to bar and ran a mile.

WOD: 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible of) 9 box jumps, 15 American kettlebell swings, 21 wallballs. I used a 12kg kettlebell. Got through 3 rounds plus 3 wallballs =156 reps.



1.5 mile run + 3 hill sprints (it was a big hill) + 1.5 mile run

Shadow selfie

Plus a 5km walk with Mummy and Les (The Gutsy Walk in support the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of Canada).


And there ya have it. Shorter, I think. And better? I hope.

Pssssst…. did I mention that you should stop by tomorrow because I’m breaking my blogging schedule for an exciting announcement? Do it.  


Questions of the day…

Neon pink nails – yay or nay?  The color is China Glaze’s Pool Party if you like it.

What’s new with you? 



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31 thoughts on “Dining Out, Fruit & CrossFit: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. As always now you’ve made me rather hungry! I must say I’m not as in love with eating out as I used to be (I was OBSESSED) mainly because I can often do a better job at home at a fraction of the cost! Will stay tuned for this update ;)

  2. Omg I love that you asked about the nails because as soon as I saw your first picture I was like OMG OBSESSED! Ok calm down Kim it’s not even 6am. In other news, i”m jealous of your raspberries. They are my fav and I would be eating them by the pound if John and I weren’t budgeting. Who knew several months over zero income would be so hard? Oh wait… Anyyyyyyway I can’t wait for your big announcement! I’ll do my best to be patient and not harass you about it all day. :)

  3. Seems like a pretty awesome week to me! I am a biiiit of a foodie and love eating out – that is one of the joys of Buenos Aires in that it is actually super cheap to do so, so I never feel bad… Going home is going to be a bit of a shock to the system! Excited for your announcement :)

  4. Your love for HB eggs inspired me to make some this week for my salads. I am not traditionally a HB egg fan (mostly due to the smell) but I’m trying!

  5. I love the neon nails, sooo summery and pretty!!

    Good job on your Crossfit progress!
    We have to do Burpees over bar about 2761378261832times at the competition on Saturday. Same with wallballs, push ups, boxjumps, deadlifts……you get the idea. FALL OVER :-)

  6. Love the pink nails! :) AND I totally agree with you…when it comes to movement, fitness, and being healthy it’s all about sustainability and making it a lifestyle, so do what you LOVE and can commit to! Have a great week!

    1. You got the sneak peak of the announcement in my email :) so funny you mentioned a runner shirt… I wore my Nike “Just Run” tee this morning

  7. Regarding yours and Cori’s comments above I’ve almost worn running shirts a few times but felt weird! Ha! Then i thought I was weird for feeling weird but still didn’t wear them. Silly right?? I agree. Do what you love to do and leave other people and their choices alone people! Like you I didn’t expect to get bitten by the crossfit bug but I did and I love it!

  8. Love the post – I think it was the perfect balance! Lots of info, but an easy read. And thanks for the shout out – you’ve been helping me a lot, too!! Great team. Speaking of which … excited for your announcement tomorrow, even though I already know what it is :). You’re amazing!! Love the nails! And I do fruit alone sometimes, too, c’est la vie … but I really don’t like frozen fruit aside from frozen grapes. I can’t imagine biting into that huge peach slice you have – my teeth would hurt!

  9. I love your nail color! And those meals look awesome. I’ve been eating lots of fruit lately, too. You’re right about doing what works for you. I’ve never tried cross fit just because I already pay a gym membership and for yoga classes and can’t really afford to pay for anything else right now…but who knows, maybe one day I will have the opportunity and will wish I had tried it sooner!

  10. “didn’t break a nail” hahaha love it, and LOVE your nails! So much eating out, hmmmm are you not telling me about dates?!?! We worked on our front squats today, holy weight = holy hunger today! Thank tha lord we didn’t have to clean for the front squats. Ugh, seriously, can I hire you to be my chef? I wish I had the time and motivation to make bomb dot com meals like you!

    1. And we did back squats today… holy hunger is right! Sadly no dates… just friend dates, which are still awesome so not complaining

  11. Oh that burger! Yummy! And sweet potato fries, you don’t find them in restaurants here!

    I cannot believe how many crossfit hating articles I am seeing – if you don’t like it, fair enough but don’t go hating on others when they do! …calm…!!!

    Well at least people can’t say I am ‘jumping on the bandwagon of a fad’ in the UK, most folks ain’t got a clue what CrossFit is! :-)

    But we know the secret awesomeness!! ;-)

  12. Your first photo didn’t have neon nail polish so I’m calling shenanigans on the whole thing. Also, thanks for linking to me. I guess those two things cancel each other out and we can still be friends.

  13. All of your eats are making me hungry!! I love your variety & they always look so pretty!! I’m such a sloppy creature of habit… I tend to eat a lot of the same things, but that’s kinda how I like it. Happy Monday!! :)

  14. Thanks for linking to the pizza spaghetti pie- definitely going to try it with your substitutions since I’ve been seeing it around for so long! And that burger looks amazeballs. I think you did a great job of balancing eating out with your normal healthy routine.

  15. In LOVE with the neon. I really should find some time to paint my nails…it has been awhile! I love this posts, and honestly, don’t even care about the length. It is fun to see the update!

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