Learn to Love Leftovers: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Whenever a new month comes, I feel like everyone needs to be pinched. But yes. It’s June. And yes. It feels like May flew by. How was your weekend? I hope you had beautiful weather in your neck of the woods, we sure did.

Anyways, cooking. Yeah, I don’t even consider what I have been doing lately as cooking. It’s “preparing then throw it all together to make a meal.” Do all of my meals look the same? Kinda but I’m not bored and I do not have time to make something completely new each day – nor do I want to. But I did prep a few big batch meals this weekend: Juli’s pizza spaghetti pie and some lamb meatballs that turned out well. It’s pretty hard shopping for one because you can only buy so many ingredients otherwise they go bad – that’s what would happen to me in college.

I’m gonna let you in on two secrets. First: if you want to eat real food and don’t want to spend a billion hours in the kitchen, you gotta food prep. Okay that’s a terrible secret I know. If you figure out a way not to spend time in the kitchen chopping, cutting, pre-making some stuff ahead of time and maintain your sanity please let me know. Here’s the second secret: if you food prep, you will be eating similar meals and leftovers so embrace it. It’s inevitable. I hope I haven’t been sugar coating things but that’s the truth right there. Get creative and use your ingredients in different ways to make different combinations and change up the spices and flavors, but ultimately when I have 4 chicken breasts prepped – I’m going to be eating chicken for four meals. And organic chicken has been on sale lately… score!

Okay enough rambling, let’s get to some eats.


The usual before CrossFit: hard-boiled egg and cashews

Egg and cashews

Hard-boiled egg en route

Egg in the car.jpg

Egg and banana before yesterday’s run

Egg and banana


I am totally loving my post-workout smoothie

I have been having it everyday after my workout and it keeps me full for hours. It has also been helping to boost my food intake in the morning.

Post-Workout Smoothie.jpg

On the go post workout smoothie.jpg


After my pre and post workout snack, I have “breakfast” <– it’s in quotes because we know my breakfasts are far from your typical breakfasts. But they’re great and they work. If I’m not working out, my breakfast is usually just a bigger portion.

Grilled chicken

peppers, broccolini and sweet potato. Thank you food prep for a two minute breakfast. Sidenote: I eat this cold. 1. I enjoy it 2. I’ve been reading too many studies about the microwave (but I still use it sometimes)

Grilled chicken peppers sweet potato and broccolini .jpg

Ground beef, kale and salsa

Beef kale salsa.jpg

Smoked salmon, broccolini, blueberries (defrosted) and cashews

Smoked salmon brocc blueberries cashews.jpg

Grilled chicken 

, sweet potato and broccolini

Chicken sweet potato broccolini bowl.jpg

Chicken, sweet potato, green beans, avocado and salsa

Chicken green beans sweet potato salsa avo.jpg


Spinach salad with grilled chicken

, peppers, hemp seeds, avocado and balsamic (plus some almonds)

Chicken spinach avo salad.jpg

Spinach salad with bison burger, peppers, zucchini, avocado and balsamic

Bison Burger Salad.jpg

Spinach salad with grilled chicken 

, strawberries, avocado, hemp seeds (plus balsamic)

Spinach chicken avo straw salad.jpg


Bison burger on a sweet potato “bun” (thanks for the idea Morganne!), grilled zucchini and tomato. I’m getting good on the BBQ! Thanks Daddy :)

Bison burger on sweet potato bun.jpg

Lamb sausages, kale, apple and cauliflower (that I stole from my mom’s dinner) all sauteed in coconut oil

Lamb sausages kale apple cauli.jpg

Same thing but subtract the cauliflower, add sweet potato

Lamb apple sweet potato kale.jpg

Breakfast for dinner happens often. But I feel like this is okay since I have dinner for breakfast:

3 egg scramble with spinach and sweet potato – topped with salsa and avocado

Breakfast for dinner scramble.jpg

Smoked salmon and egg scramble with green beans, plus avocado and raspberries. This was delish.

Smoked salmon scramble.jpg


Apple and almonds

Apple and almonds.jpg

Office snacks:

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard boiled egg.jpg

Larabars… Canada needs more awesome flavors! I only have one “American flavor” left from my trip to Boston. I loveeeee banana bread and carrot cake

Banana bread Larabar.jpg

After dinner eats:

Almond stuffed dates x3

Almond stuffed date.jpg

Death by granola…

JK Gourmet

I actually felt like crap after demolishing like half a bag of this crack stuff after dinner. I was hungry when I started snacking, but then I was mindlessly putting my hand into the bag. So yeah, that bugged me.

Okay mini-rant over. More after dinner eats:

Nectarine and raspberries – loving all the spring fruit!

Nectarine and raspberries.jpg

More fudgy brownie birthday cake

from the freezer. It’s surprisingly taken me awhile to finish this cake.

Fudgy Brownie birthday cake slice.jpg

So CrossFit has been getting superrrrr busy in the mornings so they needed to do some schedule changing. I was a 6-am-er but now they have two early morning classes: 5:30am and 6:30am. It posed a real problem for me: when do I go? Then I figured it out: if I’m working, 5:30am; if I’m studying, 6:30am. Crisis averted. 5:30 is like really early. But I love working out in the morning. It totally sets the tone for my day. Whether it’s on my own for a run or seeing my amazing CrossFit loves, it’s just perfect. Speaking of CrossFit loves, there is totally a dating site for CrossFit people….



We did some mobility work and body weight strength training but I didn’t work very hard because I was distracted/chatting with the girls from the 5:30am class who were hanging around.

I got my act together for the WOD. It was called “Frodo Baggins”. Ridiculous name. Sorry to you Lord of the Rings fans.

Frodo Baggins

I had to scale most of it: I did the shoulder-to-overhead at 55lbs, front squat at 75lbs but I did the deadlift prescribed at 135lbs. Yay RX weight! I finished in 15:58. Those last set of toes-to-bar were killer. My toes did NOT want to reach the bar.


Park workout.

I planned on sleeping but I woke up so decided to walk over to the park by my house to get some sprints and strength in.

Here’s what I did:

5 rounds of: 1 hill sprint + 3 chin ups
5 rounds of: 1 sprint + 5 push ups
5 rounds of: 20 air squats + 5 pendulum swings (working on my kip)
Done. Walk home.

Monkey Bars.jpg

The hill by my house is kinda small but it’s a hill none-the-less. And I can finally do unassisted chin-ups! That’s the underhand grip way. I love exercising outside. Do you take your summer workouts outside? Do it. You can check out my playground workout here. It’s fun!




Back squat “Sally” warm up with an unloaded bar (35lbs). You back squat to the song “Bring Sally Up” by Moby. When the lyrics say “up”, you go up and when they say “down” you go down and stay down until the lyrics say “up” again and feel the burn! You can try it with squats, tricep dips, planks and push-ups. It’s a good one. But then the song gets stuck in your head all day.

Then we worked over-head squat. I maxed out at 75lbs like last time but I was happy with that. Over-head squatting is slightly terrifying. I almost fell over.


Samwise WOD

I needed to modify: I cannot do double unders very well (need to work on them really badly) so I did single skips x2. I used the 12kg kettlebell (26-ish lbs) for the swings but the 8kg kettlebell (17-ish lbs) for the alternating snatch. I finished in 19:24. My legs were dyingggg by the air squats and was doing them in sets of ten. Also, why are kettlebells in kg and everything else in lbs? One system people, one system.







We warmed up with Annie. I hate Annie but it’s a killer ab workout (this is for you Megan): 50 double unders, 50 situps, 40 double unders, 40 situps, 30 double unders, 30 situps, 20 double unders, 20 situps, 10 double unders, 10 situps. I need to figure out double unders – I did single skips x2. Finished in 8:15… not bad.

Then we did 3 rounds of strength work: 12 reps of incline bench, 25 kettlebell swings and 18 lunges.

The WOD was “Thor” – these names kill me


The first part of the workout was fine (I did the overhead squat at 55lbs). After those three rounds, well that’s another story. Ground to overhead is hard. You have to get the barbell up from the ground to over your head. You have to clean the bar (pull it up from the ground to your shoulders) and then you have to dip (aka jerk) to get it above your head. And you increase your weight for each set. My cleans are not great but I’m working on them.

For the 25 reps I did 65lbs. Done. For the 10 reps I did 75lbs. Done. Sean pushed me to put more weight on for the last 5: I tried to do 95lbs. Couldn’t do it. Then I tried 85lbs. Couldn’t do it. I was really discouraged (yes, tears) and everyone was encouraging me but it just didn’t happen. I did the last 5 at 75lbs too and finished in 19:10. I really pushed myself, kinda felt like I was gonna collapse, and then felt really upset, then calmed down then felt pretty great. CrossFit is weird like that.

I took this picture of the 5:30 class finishing Thor. It shows what CrossFit is to me: the power of a supportive team to find success – holding each other higher than we could ever do alone. CrossFit is where community and triumph go hand in hand.

CrossFit Metric Thor.jpg



Rest. I was so sore from Friday.



8 mile run.
I woke up kinda grumpy yesterday morning. I didn’t feel like running but I knew once I got going I’d be glad I did – and I was. Sometimes you gotta push yourself, sometimes you don’t. It was a beautiful morning (yay tank top weather) and I ended up doing a steady paced 8 miles.

8 miles

And that’s my life in food and fitness.


Questions of the day…

What’s up in your food and fitness life?  Do you embrace leftovers? 



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30 thoughts on “Learn to Love Leftovers: Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. I LOVE leftovers cold for lunch. So much more flavour especially in things like curry and chilli yum! I am so glad you have found what works for you keep rocking it :)
    5.30am – ouch… what time do you hit the sack to get up to workout that early?

  2. I do embrace leftovers! But… there’s rarely any left in my house. I seem to cook enough for one and then curse for not batching it. I’ll learn! Love your hardboiled egg appreciation – we should start a society ;)

  3. Hallelujah for tank top weather, right?? My new workout plan includes some playground work since I don’t have access to a gym and I need to prepare for my Spartan! I’ve been feeling good about food and fitness lately. I’m happy to be really pushing myself hard again even though it means I’m super sore until my body readjusts lol. I loved teaching group fitness, but it really restricted what I could do with my workouts (because I couldn’t be too sore to teach), so I’m enjoying that freedom. Ok in other news, we need to Skype sooooon. Alright xo happy Monday catching up on your other posts now!

  4. Oh my gosh — so much to say — I love your weekly recaps!
    1) A burger on a sweet potato!? That is a 100 times better than a bun!!
    2) I really want to make a big batch of your chocolate cake and keep it in the freezer. Did you cut it before putting it in the freezer and then just take out a slice as needed? Also, do you eat it right away or let it thaw for a bit?
    3) You should totally share some of your hilarious dating stories! Or we should go for a long run and you can tell me all about them haha
    4) In addition to going for a long run we should totally do a park workout! I miss how strong I was when I was little and could throw myself all over a jungle gym no problem!
    That is all haha. Have an awesome day!!

    1. I slice as needed but pre-slicing is a far better idea! When I take it out of the freezer I let it sit for 15ish minutes then slice. It needs to thaw for a little bit otherwise you might hurt your teeth :) and yes to the long run and/or park workout. I could do a long-ish run on Sunday morning if you’re free – text me! Happy Monday!

      1. Brilliant! I will totally do that! Every post you have with a picture of that cake makes my mouth water. A long run on Sunday would be so awesome except I think to get all my workouts and other work in this weekend I need to do my long run on Saturday! But hopefully next weekend!

  5. Oh yes, I absolutely love leftovers! They definitely make like so much easier, especially when I get home from work and I don’t have to cook! I seriously could eat the same thing 5 days in a row and be perfectly content!

  6. Yay! The 2 second (okay, maybe slightly longer) sweet potato bun! I hope you enjoyed it!
    Also – we are definitely long lost twins. Cold chicken = the best. You rocked your workouts and all of your eats look so incredibly delicious! I could eat all of them, seriously. Actually, I am going to bookmark them so I can copy you. ;) Cannot wait for this afternoon! #NuttyHoneyRunners Love you!

  7. All of your meals look delish! I totally am OK with eating cold chicken and vegetables. :) The only thing I really notice that’s missing is NUT BUTTER! ;) I wish I could get on board with raw almonds, but that’s the only nut I don’t enjoy eating raw.

    I love reading about your CF workouts! :)

  8. Sooo much going on here. ;)

    All of the food looks delicious!! You should come to Detroit and snag up all your favorite. Maybe convince my podcast cohost so smuggle some over for you when he comes to visit this weekend. ;)

    Your workouts look exhausting!! Killer WODs! And OHS take soo long to get comfortable with!! Nice work!

  9. I love having leftovers for lunch the next day! It can be challenging to make the right amount of food to feed my husband and I for dinner plus leftovers for lunch. Sometimes we end up eating more than planned at dinner and then there are no leftovers:( but I also hate making too much food and wasting it!

  10. It’s so interesting to see difference’s in Crossfit gyms. In our gym if you’re not at class right at the start you have burpees for each minute your late. We do the entire warm up together which doesn’t include mobility but I wish it did. We actually don’t really do any mobility which bugs the crap out of me. I can’t do toes to bar at all so at least you’re getting those in! AND delicious eats as always!

  11. So many things going on in this post, and I love every single one! First, I am so counting on you to share those horrible dating stories – my goodness girl, you have a list :). Second, thank you for the ab workout! Totally trying that tomorrow – can’t believe that was your warm up! I’ll do it before or after a run! Third, I totally hear you on the microwave, although it hasn’t stopped me from using it. It’s still in the fuzzy phase where I’m not sure if I believe the hype, but it does scare me a bit. Not enough to stop yet though! And finally … a big huge YES to leftovers!

    1. Good luck with the workout – you will do great! Even though YOU liked it, in general… too long of a post? Too much going on? (Be honest…) xo

  12. Girl – you just rock it! Love the food update + WOD/run update! Nice work on pushing yourself with those GTO – I know those always kill me when we have them in a WOD; I’m stuck at 85# right now, and I’m totally fine with it. And isn’t it funny how CrossFit can frustrate you, but you still end up coming back for more and pushing yourself? I’m still working on my DU – so hard to figure out, I definitely agree with that.

  13. Yes, food prep is totally eating leftovers…and if I had things my way aka in a perfect world I would NEVER eat leftovers…but I work and teach group fitness and I am rarely home, so eating out of tupperware and eating leftovers is the norm…oh well! Beats eating a lean cuisine :)

    1. I didn’t post the recipe so no worries :) They are pretty good but the recipe still needs some work. But all I did was mix 1 lb of lamb with 1/2 an onion (sauteed in coconut oil) and 1 tsp each of oregano and basil, a bit of salt and pepper. Then rolled them into balls and baked them at 350 for 20 mins – flipping halfway through.

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