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Hey, hey happy Monday and let’s take a moment to remember all those who served the United States on this Memorial Day. What else is up in your world?

I really enjoyed writing this post last week and sharing some of my eats – why do we bloggers call food “eats”? We are weird. I digress. It felt like What I Ate Wednesday again and you guys seemed to enjoy getting some new ideas so I thought I’d try to make this a regular thing… and throw in my workouts too. It’s my new and improved version of my weekly plan since it all already happened.

Basically, you can see what it would be like to be food and fitness friends with me for a week. Sound good? Hopefully you still like me. And fair warning: it’s a bit of a long one. Now that I am only blogging three times a week, I feel like I always have so much to tell ya! And I still want to share recipes, workouts and tips so yeah… I guess I like to talk type.

Oh I feel like I need to make note: this is NOT everything I ate all week. Seems obvious but someone, somewhere will make some comment so had to throw that out there.


I started the week off with a fun workout outside with Dhrun and Chippy. The gym was closed because of the Victoria Day holiday, but there was still a WOD so we went to a nearby high school football field to get it done.

Victoria Day WOD

It looked easier on paper but we made it happen. The push ups were a killer for me but I finished in 17:26 (Dhrun and Chippy both kicked my butt by about two minutes).

Amy Chippy Dhrun with Red Knight.jpg

We were all feeling pretty energized – something about a good workout that does that to ya. So we did a bunch of sprints afterwards. It took my back to the days of bball practices and suicides but I actually had a lot of fun. We did 5 sprints to the 50 yard line then did 3 sets of: sprint to the 30 yd line, back pedal to the 20, sprint to the 50.

Amy sprint at Northern.jpg

I had a productive study day and enjoyed my “I will never get sick of this meal” for lunch: chicken sausages, sweet potato and kale sautéed in coconut oil. With a side of chapter 5: vitamins.

Sausage sweet potato kale and books.jpg

I met Gabby for dinner at the Harvest Kitchen. It was so nice to catch up with Gabby – she’s awesome. I was craving a juicy burger and sweet potato fries for days and finally satisfied it: grass-fed beef burger on lettuce with tomato, pickles, bacon and onion with a mountain of sweet potato fries (and ketchup!) Sooo delicious. I will definitely be going back.

Burger and Sweet Potato Fries at Harvest Kitchen.jpg


I started the day with an 8km (5 mile) run. I think I am changing my Garmin to miles… converting it all the time is annoying and I find it easier to think in miles. Anyways, my legs felt a bit tired and heavy at the start of the run but I caught a second wind for some negative splits.

8km Run.jpg

I refueled with turkey, roasted brussels sprouts and Cordoba cauliflower “rice”

Om nom nom.

Turkey, brussels, Cordoba cauli rice.jpg

Dinner was grass-fed ground beef, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato and salsa – plus some of mom’s pea soup and some strawberries as I was standing around chatting in the kitchen.

Beef, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato bowl.jpg


I woke up bright dark and early for CrossFit. But it actually gets bright by like 5:30 so that’s nice. A house strength WOD was on the agenda: The Metric Tonne. These are usually my least favorite but it was fun.

The Metric Tonne

It’s a 15 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 1 deadlift, 1 backsquat and 1 jerk (from the rack). So you do each of those exercises 5 times over the course of the 15 mins trying to add weight to accumulate as many “tonnes” as possible. 1 lb = 1 point. Your score = the total amount of weight you lift.

The last time, I did the Metric Tonne, was on April 8th and I totaled 1535 tonnes. I PR’d my deadlift that day at 160 lbs. My heaviest back squat was 100lbs and heaviest split jerk as 70 lbs. We track our progress using Wodify, which I love.

I partnered up with Justine and we had to do a lot of weight changing but we both did great! I totaled 1660 tonnes and really improved on my back squat and split jerk. The heaviest I went on my back squat was 125lbs (25lb PR!) and my heaviest split jerk was 85lbs (15lb PR!) Yes progress.

After the workout Chippy had a bright idea to run a speedy mile so off we went. We ran it in about 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Phew. Then I got the best surprise from my “CrossFit dad” – he totally doesn’t know I call him that but it’s cause I think he looks out for me and he has gray hair. Anyways, I hassled him for winning the free smoothie from the Monday at-home workout challenge so he ended up buying Chippy, Dhrun and I smoothies too! Soooo nice. And delicious.

Muscle Up Smoothie.jpg

I got the “muscle up”: almond milk, banana, cocoa powder, chocolate protein and almond butter. So good. I have been experimenting with a post-workout shake/smoothie – stay tuned. I don’t love smoothies but now that the weather is warmer they are kinda nice. It also kept me wayyyy more full than my usual post-workout snack (egg and banana). I didn’t have my meal at the office right away.

CrossFit days are often my “hungriest.” Usually I have a pre/post-workout snack (egg+cashews and egg+banana) then two meals and some snacks at the office, then dinner, then dessert. I listen to my body when it says “I’m hungry” or “I want x, y or z.” I’m gonna admit that this frustrated me at first – I felt like I was eating.all.the.time and it was annoying. But when I tell ya that your body is smarter than you are, I mean it. And every day is different.

Dinner was a bison burger thanks to the grill master. This was my first time trying bison and I loved it! I bought two burgers from The Healthy Butcher (obvs) and had it on a grilled pineapple ring with tomato, pickles and avocado and green beans. So yummy. I had half of the second burger for “dessert” with some sweet potato.

Bison burger dinner.jpg


Rest day. Necessary. My legs were quite sore.

Breakfast was a scramble and fruit: ground beef, egg, cauliflower, spinach, salsa and blueberries and pineapple.

Beef egg scramble and fruit .jpg

Remember how I was going out to buy a Steve’s bar when I got hungry in the afternoon at the office? I think I solved the problem by bringing extra hard boiled eggs. I’m sure my co-workers love the smell.

Hard boiled egg.jpg

But it does the trick.


CrossFit in the morning. The warm-up kinda killed me: 11 burpee every minute for 5 minutes. Then we worked on strength: clean pulls and power cleans. Boring.

But the WOD was super fun! (I’m serious). I knew it would be a good one for me.

Mandu WOD

I was nervous/unsure of doing my deadlifts at 1.5x my body weight so I did them at 105lbs. It was challenging but not hard enough. I finished first (hah!) in 11:19. It felt good but too fast – should have gone heavier on the deadlifts but now I know.

Enjoyed another post-workout smoothie…

Post Workout Smoothie1.jpg

More on that on Wednesday.

Breakfast: chicken sausages, spinach, broccolini, sweet potato.

Sausage brocc spinach and sweet potato.jpg

Lunch: broccoli, grass-fed beef with salsa and Cordoba cauliflower “rice” 

Beef broccoli cordoba cauli rice.jpg

Out for dinner: cobb salad with chicken, tomatoes, egg, bacon and avocado. The salad was tinyyyy (for me) so when I got home I ate more. Story of my life.

Cobb Salad.jpg


2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 an avocado, salsa before CrossFit.

Eggs avo salsa.jpg

We worked back squat for out 6 rep max. My heaviest was 85lbs.

The WOD was a good one for me:


The weighted lunges gas your legs before trying to do as many rounds as possible of the burpee-toes-to-bar and box jumps. I got through 4 rounds plus 4 burpee-toes-to-bar (104 reps). I always get so excited when I do things “RX”, which means doing it at the prescribed weight/movements… aka I don’t need to scale anything.

On-the-go eats: post-workout smoothie, hard boiled egg, Larabar, chicken + broccoli + sweet potato

On the go eats.jpg

Dinner: mango, avocado and tomato salad, snow peas and grilled shrimp and scallops – Dad was nice enough to let me steal some of his seafood… it aint cheap and this girl aint spending the dough. It was so delicious.

Scallops shrimp mango salad and snow peas.jpg


Yoga in the morning. It’s been awhile and it felt really good. I was terribly stiff but it was necessary.

Breakfast bowl: grass-fed beef, carrots, zucchini, salsa with a drippy egg on top.

Beef zucc carrots salsa with drippy egg.jpg

Fudgy brownie birthday cake

 I still have 1/4 of the cake in the freezer. So delish.

Fudgy Brownie birthday cake slice.jpg

Phew. If you made it this far, awesome! Now, tell me about your week – favorite meal? Favorite workout?

Have a fabulous day!


Questions of the day…

Was that obnoxiously long and annoying or helpful? Silent readers… I’d love to hear from you :) I think next week I’ll format it food and then workouts – rather than a play-by-play.

What are some workouts you’re proud of lately? Come on… brag! 



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24 thoughts on “Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

  1. I love reading these posts too – gives me workout nutrition ideas :)
    That cake looks so good – looks all fudgy from being in the freezer!
    I had a really good workout yesterday – I killed my arms and it felt good!

  2. I just started reading “It starts with food” can’t wait to try the Whole 30! On Saturday I ran 12 miles- two loops of Central Park in NYC, it was awesome!! Question- do you fuel during a long run at all? Do you know of any mid-long run fuel that would be whole 30 approved?

    1. I totally forgot to reply to your comment on Instagram (sorry!) but I am super excited for you- I hope the Whole 30 gives you as much success as it gave me. Sounds like you had a great run on Saturday!! In the past, I have kept some “emergency fuel” for my half marathons/long runs but I never actually used it. Emergency fuel = 3 dates. But as I increase my distance, this is something that I am going to have to do and I haven’t figured it out yet. My ideas would be 1/2 a Larabar, some dates, nuts – those things are fairly easy to pack and will give you energy. I wish I could be of more help but as I experiment over the summer I will definitely blog about it.

  3. I love these posts! Saturday’s dinner looks heavenly :) I treated myself to some prawns the other day from the fishmonger’s and it was SO worth it.

    That really comforts me what you say about hunger on CrossFit days – I’ve only been going a month or so but sometimes I’m just like “really? you want to eat again? I just fed you!!” – typical!!

    1. That’s seriously how I feel allll the time. Haha it definitely takes getting used to but we just gotta listen to our body :)

  4. Silent reader here!! Stepping out from behind the iPhone. ;) but basically I love these posts. So so many of the blogs showcase recipes/eats for families. You give me ideas for what a girl my age would buy and cook in a week. I always run into the problem of either food rotting cause I can’t eat it fast enough or I end up eating the same leftovers for every meal. For three. Days. Straight. So if it wasn’t obvious yet, YES. Keep em comin! Love the inspiration! <3

    1. Yay thank you for breaking your silence :) When I was first shopping/cooking for myself, I wasted soooo much food. My eyes were often bigger than my stomach so I would want to buy everything without having a plan! It definitely gets easier.

  5. I really love these kinds of posts! It’s interesting to see what you eat and the different combos you make. I also like your pics cuz they always make me happy. I forget to picture my food… do you use a camera or your cell most of the time? When I remember I’m half way through my meal! Keep these posts coming lady! xoxo

  6. I would seriously eat all of those meals, they all looked so good. I have a sudden craving for sweet potato fries……

    I really liked the format you used. And excellent work on the workouts too :-)

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