What’s Up: Recent Eats, Workouts & Other Stuff

Is life ever not busy? I don’t think so. I feel like I have a tendency to blab about how busy I am, which kinda bugs me because everyone is busy so I realize I am in no way special. But, I have a blog so I can blab. Hah.

Anyways… how was your weekend? It’s a long weekend here in the good ole Canadian north but I don’t work Mondays so it’s a regular Monday-study-day for me. Mondays and Fridays are my study days – I work Tuesday-Thursday and coach Saturday afternoon. But I have been seriously falling behind in school. When I finally sit down to study, I feel so tired and often do not focus for as long as I like. Fail. Still working on figuring out this balance.

So the last thing I want to do when I feel tired and busy is cook. Anyone else? Sure I like to cook and eat delicious, nutritious food but I do NOT get very creative. I stick to what I know and recipe-repeat (if I follow a recipe at all). But that doesn’t mean that my meals suck. They are just simple and easy. I set an hour or so aside to food prep so I have ingredients ready for the week and then I create my meals based on combining what’s in the fridge.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately… Do you follow me on Instagram? You should. I post all this shizz there.


My breakfasts have really changed over the past couple of months. I feel so much more satisfied, full and nourished with eggs or meat in the morning… it’s crazy! John Mack hash tagged on one of my photos “rethink breakfast”. It is so true. I never thought I would crave these things, but I do. If you want a mini-rant, check out this post on Insta.

3 egg scramble with kale, salsa and avocado + a banana with almond butter and coconut flakes

Egg and banana breakfast

2 eggs, chicken sausage and a zucchini scramble

Egg sausage zucchini

Grass-fed ground beef, kale, broccoli and salsa

Beef breakfast bowl

Shredded chicken 

, sweet potato and zucchini (all sautéed in coconut oil)

Chicken sweet potato zucchini


Salads are super easy to take to the office so I take them to work often.

My go-to lunch: spinach, shredded chicken

, an avocado and balsamic. I’ll have this with a banana or Larabar or some nuts.

Lunch salad

This salad was a little more fun: spinach, grilled chicken

, yellow pepper, avocado and hemp seeds. (plus a banana)

Lunch salad

Broccoli, sweet potato, yellow pepper, grass-fed ground beef, salsa (plus a Larabar)

Lunch tupperware

I was home studying on Friday… I had an egg, some grass-fed ground beef, salsa, yellow peppers, cucumber and avocado – not enough ground beef for lunch though…

Egg beef lunch bowl

…so I ended up having a banana and nuts a little while later.

Banana and nuts


I’ve had random dinners lately and have been slacking on the photo front. Oops.

This was from our Mother’s Day dinner: chicken, zucchini, pepper, pineapple and avocado. YUM. I love grilling season… because my dad is the best at it.

Mother's day dinner

I never get sick of this bowl of deliciousness: chicken sausages (from the Healthy Butcher), brussels, spinach, apple all sautéed in coconut oil. Sometimes I switch up the spinach for kale or add sweet potato too.

Chicken sausage brussels apple

I used to think sausages were so nasty. But the one’s I buy from the Healthy Butcher are the bomb dot com and contain only good ingredients. They are amazing to have on hand for quick meals. Lamb sausages, kale and apple in coconut oil.

Lamb apple kale


I really need to keep some emergency snacks at the office. My lunch usually take me to dinner, but when they don’t I walk to Live and spend $5.60 on a Steve’s Paleo Krunch bar. Yes I do. The price is outrageous but the taste is delicious. It’s a seldom purchase though.

Paleo Krunch bar

After dinner eats:

Fudgy brownie birthday cake

from the freezer. Soooo good half-frozen.

Fudgy Brownie Birthday Cake piece

So much granola. This granola is addicting. I must resist.

JK Gourmet

And look what Les got me to celebrate The Little Honey Bee turning one! A red velvet cupcake (vegan, gluten free) from Bunner’s. It was actually amazing. I demolished it and then looked at their menu – cinnamon buns! She’s the best.

Blog-a-versary Cupcake

See? It’s really not boring and I’ve said it time and time again: food prep doesn’t mean you are eating the same thing over and over and over again. Fact. Check out this post from Marisa for delicious ideas for your shredded chicken… and if you don’t have a crockpot, use my recipe here.

But I wasn’t a complete lazy-bum in the kitchen. I did make you something delicious…

Cordoba Cauliflower Rice2

Coming your way on Wednesday :)

So what else has been going on? Well, turns out I do not have a green thumb. I really was sad but I think I was a bit too ambitious for my first gardening endeavour. I tried to start the garden from the seed, which is apparently hard. So I think I am going to buy a few plants this weekend instead. Not sure if I am going to buy veggies or herbs or both.

Dead Garden

Wanna know another fail? My natural body-care routine. I am still totally natural for my skin (apple cider vinegar and magical oil for the win!) but I totally stopped doing the “no-poo” shampoo method. My hair looked like an actual grease ball. I couldn’t handle it and it was definitely driving my mom nuts. So I have been using conventional shampoo and conditioner (gasp!) and a bar of soap. I know, I know… I need to just go buy some quality products, I just haven’t yet. Do you have any faves? That won’t cost me an arm and a leg because I smashed my car into a dumpster and that’s gonna be a hefty bill…

Gosh, I have been racking up the loser points lately. Haha I’m kidding. I still think I’m cool… especially when I’m dressed like a cow-girl.

Western Day

CrossFit dress-up days are the best. This pic is actually from two weeks ago but it was too much of a gem not to post. Let me tell ya: wall balls in skin tight jean shorts are not easy and they hurt. I had bruises in a weird area because the shorts were riding up in all the wrong places when I was squatting. Yes I need a new pair of jean shorts along with my colored jeans… my clothes shopping list is slowly increasing.

In fitness news… I went spinning at Spynga for the first time in foreverrrrr last week. They asked me to come try out one of their new classes – the “1000 Calorie Burn”. The name of the class bugged me at first (oh calories…) but the premise was really quite interesting: the class went on as long as it took for a designated rider (his name was Jamie) to burn 1000 calories (not sure what device they used). We spun for a little more than 70 minutes and I was exhausted by the end. Calories or not, it was a great workout. But I do hope that Jamie ate a good post-workout meal.

I had forgotten how great a workout spinning was. When I hurt my knee, I was spinning at Spynga 3 times a week. Spinning is awesome because it eliminates the pounding on your legs and the music is always my fave – I love when people start jamming out to Janet Jackson during the class. Toronto friends: the people at Spynga are seriously amazing; the instructors are knowledgable and super high energy. I definitely need to get my butt on the bike more often for some cross-training.

Spynga 1000 cal

Otherwise I’ve been CrossFit-ing and running. I need some yoga back in my life but the class times have been sucking for my schedule. That’s a terrible excuse… I could easily do yoga at home too.

I’m pretty proud of my new overhead squat PR. I’m not a huge fan of overhead squats (holding that weight above my head like that slightlyyyyy terrifies me) and 14.2 was a real struggle for me but I hit 75 lbs on Friday morning! It’s pretty fun to see yourself progress and it certainly makes me happy and care a little less about my jeans not fitting – cause I need those legs to squat.



And then yesterday I felt as weak as a bird with my power snatch. Oh lifting, how you have amazing days and then not such amazing days.

So that’s what’s up in my life. Well most of it anyways. I mean, I could blab about all of my awful dates as of late but I don’t. I’m a big girl and choose what to share and what not to. And some things are best left up to the imagination anyway.


Questions of the day…

What’s up in your life? 



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43 thoughts on “What’s Up: Recent Eats, Workouts & Other Stuff

  1. Snap on the ‘life is so busy… Always!’ I just tell myself it’s better to be busy than bored ;) Also on the no-poo thing: I’ve been using castille soap and acv for a while and I guess it’s not strictly no-poo, but it seems to clean my hair without adding tons of chemicals. Might work? Super cheap too! (So more monies for Steves snacks!)

  2. I ALWAYS kill plants, without fail. We have an apartment so I should have some forgiveness since it is not great conditions for growing plants – although not watering them makes it tough for them to fight on ;)

    I am looking forward to that new recipe, it looks like a good one!

    1. I second this! the coconut smoothing creme is miraculous on my thick curly blonde (read:extra dry) mop. i only wash 2-3 days a week (more in the summer) even with workouts and it’s fine. also, lush is great too! I use their dry shampoo and deep conditioners

  3. I am yet to find a decent natural shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t cost the earth – keep me posted!
    You are so right in that being healthy when you are busy is not boring – just keep it simple and delicious!
    Squatting 75 pounds – you are AWESOME. I have to admit I have never been to a spinning class – they look terrifying haha! And Lesley is so cute getting you that cake :)

  4. I only cowash (meaning that I use a clarifying conditioner instead of a shampoo), but I use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle. It’s relatively natural (ish) and I loooove it. I know you don’t have a TJ’s there, but for any Americans reading, it really is a great product!

  5. Phew that was a serious update, although I do wish you had shared some date deets. ;) I’m sorry to hear about your garden and so proud of you for how STRONG you are getting! I have barely been squeezing in workout the past couple of weeks so this is me living through you! Time to go work my way through the posts I’ve missed!

  6. I second the Trader Joe’s tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner! Whole Foods has a version of it as well.

    Thanks for linking to my shredded chicken- can you just come over and make my breakfasts? I need to carve out the time but it’s hard when I don’t have a microwave until I get to work. I do such a good job prepping snacks and lunch and more snacks to keep me going through the day, but breakfasts usually just end up being oatmeal since I wait until I get to work. Still working on that! xoxo have a great week!

    1. I definitely need to make a trip to Whole Foods! I am all about the cold food… no microwave needed :) you’re doing awesome though! xo

  7. As always, your food looks delish! I am so sorry to hear about your car! :( That’s the worst; I always hate when unexpected bills come up. Hopefully it’s not too much to fix it. My life has been super busy too trying to get everything ready to move next weekend. I am ready for summertime, where it should slow down a bit. :)

  8. I could seriously look at your food all day! It’s so neat and nutritious. Cute polka dot shoes btw… I see em!! You have been a busy bee, I’m proud of you still keeping up with the blog. I’m still struggling to make all that jazz work together!! Total learning process.

    Don’t worry about your green thumb!! When you have a smidge more time I’m sure you’d have a gorgeous garden…I steal from my parents garden…shhhhhhhh! :)

    Have a great day lady and congrats again on your one year!

    1. I love those flats! (TopShop) Definitely a learning process. I think having 3 day a week blogging schedule really helps and allows me to prioritize my time.

  9. I have such a weird affinity for ground beef and seeing it in this post really makes me want some for dinner, haha! What a strange thing to have an affinity for. I don’t call myself nutty for no reason, though. Glad to hear all is going well for you!

  10. I have been using intelligent nutrients shampoo and conditioner since winnin it in a giveaway, I really like it! I also love the look of all your meals. I’m going to have to try getting more creative with healthier meals.

  11. Girl, you have got me craving a big ol’ bowl of meat and veggies! Must be time for lunch, haha. That spin class sounds brutal – I love spinning as a kickass workout, but sometimes even that was too much for my granny knees. Oh well, just means I have more time for lifting, right?

  12. Shopping?! Count me in :) I too get lazy when it comes to cooking on my busy days. I had take out so much last week, I can’t even think about it… I should food prep more but I seriously get so bored with the same ingredients. I’m obviously doing it wrong!

    1. I knew you’d be in for this shopping trip! And I was planning on coming to Chicago this weekend but it didn’t pan out. I will be there soon though :) Well, your ingredients will definitely be the same sometimes but I think the changing up the combos and flavors make for completely different meals.

  13. One of my favorite breakfast, or lunch, or dinner really whenever is 2 eggs and sweet potato and a banana sautéed in coconut oil topped with sunbather-yum! I don’t know about beef for breakfast yet maybe I will try I still love my oats but they have zucchini and 1/2 egg whites so are very protein filled!

  14. Isn’t is amazing how meals can come together so easily when they are simple, yet still nourishing? All of your eats look fantastic (as always) and I cannot wait for that recipe Wednesday! Do I get bonus points for having an idea what it entails? Hehe Love you!

  15. All your eats look so good! Congrats on the OH squat PR. I’m so horrible at keeping track of the amount of weight I lift and when I PR. I need to start tracking it so I can actually see my progress.

    1. Thanks! We use this app/website called Wodify to track our progress. I find it really helpful and especially fun to see how far I’ve come.

  16. Lots of thoughts. Your PR is awesome! Your meals look delicious and inspire me to #rethinkbreakfast. I could go with all of them besides the beef. Still just can’t do beef for breakfast! But I’m bookmarking this post to try some of your combos when I get back to reality. I can’t wait for your cauli rice recipe tomorrow. And … I use conventional shampoo, conditioner, and soap, too. I definitely don’t want to do the no-poo thing but I could at least spring for some more natural products, especially when I have converted so many other products (household cleaning, etc.). Change takes time, but thanks for urging me on :)

  17. I had a questions since you are studying nutrition and have such delish meals. I was not previous eating a post workout but have changed my schedule around since it would be beneficial to my body. I am now having a hard boiled egg and piece of fruit for my pre-workout and then coming home and having dinner right after. I already had breakfast, lunch, and my pre-workout snack so I am hungry and ready for dinner. I usually plan to workout 1-2 hours after a meal and have a snack post workout or have a pre workout snack and then a meal after my workout. Is that a healthy way to do it instead of having a pre and post workout snack?

    1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for your question but I am so sorry as I have to ask you to clarify as I am a bit confused. Can you let me know what time you workout? In general, I would say to have a pre-workout snack (I am posting about pre-workout nutrition on Friday), then have your workout, then have a post-workout snack in addition to 3 meals a day – plus whatever other snacks you might feel you need if you feel you are hungry. I hope this makes sense but ultimately: do what works for you and feels best for you and your body. Sometimes if I am coming home right after a workout, I add the amount of food I would have eaten for my post workout snack to the meal I am eating to ensure I am replenishing and giving my body what it needs to recover. Did you see my post on post-workout nutrition? Here’s the link: https://thelittlehoneybee.com/2014/04/09/post-workout-nutrition-what-do-we-need-and-why/
      Feel free to email me if you want to chat further :)

      1. Thanks I might just! I guess I am coming home and having a pretty large dinner not counting but 600+ calories instead of post workout snack and then dinner later. It is between 6-7 at night dinner time and I am hungry then. But I will say that is a norm for me I due to my teaching schedule but also on weekend I plan my workouts often so when I am finished it is meal time. I like to eat large meals and am always hungry after I workout. But I am currently trying out the best ways to nourish my body and am hoping to learn and grow from it.

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